Your Self-Image Determines Your Success And Failure

If you cannot see yourself earning $5,000 monthly using the internet and you don’t have a strong belief in your ability to do it, you will never be able to accomplish it.

It does not matter how much marketing action your take and how may marketing tools you employ, you cannot reach an income target that is not consistent with the self-image you have of yourself.

Your self-image will keep at the level you have developed it to. You will never be able to earn more than the amount you have programmed into your self-image.

If you cannot see yourself earning $5,000 monthly in your minds (visualization), you will never able to do it in reality. Your self-image will also create the level of belief you have in accomplishing any goal or achieving any income target.

This may look like a lost cause, but we all have the ability to transform our self-image. You may be trying really hard to reach your desired income goal, but there is something that is always bringing you back to a certain level. This something is your self-image, it is responsible for the level of success you reach.

How Do You Transform Your Self-Image?

You can change your self-image my using visualization and mental rehearsal. I have started to work on my self-image by following some techniques outlined in Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

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These techniques require you to visualize yourself as already in possession of the things or personality traits you want to develop. In the case of earning money online, you need to see yourself earning the income you desire and really feel the emotions that go with this image of yourself. By repeating this visualization and also experiencing the feeling that goes with the vision, your self-image can be re-programmed.

I have started to do this now and suggest that you look into it. My experience with this will be different from your own, as it all depends on the level of belief you have in the process. I have decided to give it my all, I have a strong belief that it will work and my self-image will be transformed.

You cannot become more than your self-image, no matter how much effort you put in you will remain consistent with the that you hold in your mind of yourself (self-image).

Setting goals is all good, but you need to work on transforming your self-image to enable you to accomplish your goals. Success is a result of the combination of self-image, belief, determination and consistent effort.

Focused visualization and clear thinking is harder than physical effort. You need to know exactly what you want and the person you want to become. It will take some time to determine exactly what you desire in life. Once you have established what you truly want, you will need to work on your self-image.

Transforming your self-image takes focused and consistent effort. It is hard work, but if you truly want change, you will find the motivation to enable you to put in the time and effort.

It is possible to transform your self-image and your lifestyle within 12 months. Many people want a better life, but only a select few are willing to put in the mental and physical effort required to do so. The mental effort is the part, it stops most people in making progress.

If you are willing to put in the effort and embark on this life transforming journey, you will feel excitement and joy along the way, as you conquer your fears and overcome the obstacles placed in your path.

I can guarantee that there will be obstacles on the way, you will come across many challenges. If you are willing to accept these challenges, you will feel a sense of euphoria as you overcome every challenge. You will look forward to the challenges.

Life is so dull and mundane without these challenges and difficulties. Accept that there will be many challenges in life and transform yourself to be able to overcome them.

I have accepted the mission of going from earning $0 to $5,000 monthly. I know that there will be many challenges on the way, but I am determined to reach my goal. My self-image is transforming daily towards the person who is skilled and capable of earning $5,000 monthly online.

Earning $5,000 monthly using the internet may not seem like much to some people, but it will be a life changing amount for me, once it becomes passive. I am willing to put in the time and effort required to reach this target. I have a strong belief in my ability to do this, as I have done it in the past.

Way back in 2003, I was earning over $5,000 monthly from my internet marketing activities. This was in the early days of the internet. I know that there is much more competition now and the marketing methods and tools may have changed, but the fundamental concepts have not changed.

The marketing methods and tools can be mastered, it’s just a matter of putting in the time and effort. The market size has expanded massively, there are many more people using the internet now, compared to the number back in 2003.

Some Of You May Be Wondering Why I Stopped My Internet Marketing Ventures After 2003?

The short answer to this is that, I was involved in a major road traffic accident along with my family. This affected me really badly, it placed me into long-term depression and destroyed my self-image.

I tried to overcome this depression and negative outlook in life by starting many traditional business ventures. They failed one after the another, in the past I blamed others and business partners for the failures. I have now accepted the failures as mine, as I made the decision to go into partnership and work with these people.

During the pandemic, I had fallen into another negative spiral of misfortune. I made a promise to myself on the 25th of January 2022, that I will break free from this mediocre lifestyle and purse my dreams once again. I know some people will support me on this dream and some will try and watch me fail.

This blog is not only reporting my monthly online income updates and activities, it is also documenting my mindset and self-image transformation.

In the beginning the posts on this blog may seem a little baseless, without any real substance. If you continue reading the updates, you will see the transformation taking place. You too can be part of this journey, as a supporter or as a participant in the journey itself.

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