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I am making the traffic statistics for my blog available for everyone to see. I am using online traffic tackers to enable everyone to see how many people are visiting this blog and where they are coming from. These stats may not be 100% accurate, but they will give you an indication of the volume of traffic to this blog.

I am using Google Analytics to also monitor the traffic for my own personal use. I am using the public trackers to make the starts available 24/7 to the visitors to this blog.

Many blogs and websites exaggerate their traffic stats to draw in advertisers. I have no intention of doing this, what you see is what is happening on this blog.

I’m going to work with Google’s AdSense program to deliver targeted ads to this blog. This will be implemented once the blog is attracting over 100 unique visitors daily.

Currently the visitors to this blog are coming from links that I have placed on my Social Media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and TikTok. I am also looking to start a YouTube Channel, this will be created once I have some time on my hands.

I am currently working 12 hours night-shifts as a corporate security officer, working 7 nights in a row and have 3 or 4 days off. This shift patter (7 on, 3 off, 7 on and 4 off) is really messed up, it leaves you with little spare-time to do anything. You just go to work, come home eat, sleep and go back to work!

I started to look for a way to get out of this time and mind draining job. The job is easy, but the hours are dreadful, I cannot continue on this shift-pattern much longer. I look at various solutions for a ways out, but the pandemic has narrowed done my options significantly.

I do not want to start another conventional business, as I have had some misfortune with this route in the past. After evaluating multiple options, I have decide to make a way out as I could not find a way out!

I will continue working and will sacrifice all my spare-time in building up my own online business using affiliate marketing, print on demand and advertising revenue from blogging and YouTube.

I am working on the plan as it unfolds, this blog is the initial stage in this plan. I would appreciate your support at the initial stage. You can help by sharing this blog link with others to drive 100 unique visitors to this blog daily.

Let’s see if we can get a viral surge of visitors to the blog. You can help by sharing the posts and blog link using the Social Sharing buttons below the posts. You can also WhatsApp the link to people you know, this will work really well as most people are likely to follow the link and also share the message with others.

During the first 4 to 6 weeks, I am relying on traffic from people sharing the posts and the link to this blog. Later on, the majority of the traffic should start coming from Search Engines as the posts start to get indexed and displayed in search results.

You can visit the blog daily to see how many visitors it is attracting. Your visit to the blog will increase the visitor count, and will encourage others to continue visiting this blog. This may help to increase the visitor count and also retain visitors.

I am thinking of various ways of driving targeted visitors to the blog. Some people will be interested in my journey from earning $0 to $5,000 monthly online. Some visitors may also decide to join some of the programs and tools that I will be recommending.

I have no doubt that I will reach 100 unique visitors to this blog soon, on the way to earning $5,000 monthly using the internet, I will also meet many people to master mind with and exchange ideas during this fascinating journey.

This is going to be a journey that will attract like minded entrepreneurs and many people who are willing to support me. There will also be a few people who will try and discourage and ridicule me, that’s all part of the journey and life in general.

I know what to expect and who to listen to. My dream is not their dream and my life path is not their chosen life path. Some of you may have a similar dream, you are welcome to join me on this journey.

When you do something unconventional, you will face discouragement and ridicule from people who have no idea of what you are doing. I know that there is a massive opportunity to create financial freedom using the internet.

The best thing about this path is that I will not need to quit my job immediately or invest my life savings. I will build it up gradually and quit my current employment once I am earning more than may currently monthly income from my job.

This may take 12 months, 24 months, 36 months…. I will not be out of pocket as I will be working on this in my spare-time using little investment in capital. I know that I will have to cut out watching Netflix and watching random stuff on TV or the Internet.

If I can focus on this for 12 to 24 months, I know that I will be able to reach my initial goal of earning $5,000 monthly using the internet. Once this income becomes passive, the door to greater riches will open up.

You need to think big, but also remain focused on a short-term goal. The short-term goal is to create a monthly passive income that will enable me to quit my current employment.

I am not going to discuss my goals with people who are content with what they are doing. My plan of action is detailed on this blog, if anyone is interested they are welcome to join me.

The choices made in life in the past has placed people in different circumstances in the present. Some people’s choices have enabled them to become multi-millionaires with multiple passive income sources. Others have made bad choices ending up wasting all their life savings.

The past is gone, the future is about to be created. I have made a lot of bad choices in the past, but it is all about to change now. If anyone reading this blog is interested in joining me on a similar journey that awaits, connect with me and let’s create a better future together.

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