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Working On The Million Dollar Blog List

The Million Dollar Blog List is based the following: Alex Tew, a student from Wiltshire, England, conceived the Million Dollar Homepage in 2005 to fund his university education. The homepage is composed of one million pixels organized in a 1000 × 1000 pixel grid. Each pixel was sold for $1 in blocks of 10 × 10 pixels. Buyers provided small images, a URL for linkage, and a slogan for hover-over display. The goal was to sell all pixels, yielding a million-dollar income.

I am looking to do something similar by listing blogs to earn an income of $1,000,000 USD. I have been think about how to go about setting this up.

The Domain Name

I need to register a domain name that reflects what I plan on doing. I came up with two options: and

I have decide to go with as it is shorter and similar to

I will register the domain name on 15th of February 2024.

I will setup a blog using WordPress, as I will be listing other blogs!

How Much Do I Charge For The Listings?

My goal is to earn an income of $1,000,000 USD, I need to work out how many blogs to list and at what price to reach my goal.

If I charged $10 per listing, I would need to list $1,000,000 / $10 = 100,000 blogs.

If I charged $100 per listing, I would need to list $1,000,000 / $100 = 10,000 blogs.

It is too much work for one person to list 100,000 blogs. Listing 10,000 blogs is a lot of work, but can be managed by one person.

10,000 / 365 = 27.40

I would have to list over 27 blogs daily to get to 1,000,000 blogs in 12 months.

10,000 / 730 = 13.70

I would have to list over 13 blogs daily to get to 1,000,000 blogs in 24 months.

I would need to work on this full-time to do it in 12 months. I would be able to do it working on it part-time for 24 months. It all depends on how many listings are requested daily.

I know there will not be many listings requested at the initial stage, The requests will start to increase as the listing start to build up.

Charging $100 per listing is a fair price, as the listing will stay on for 10 years after all the 10,000 listings are filled up. This works out to $10 per year on a listing. Your listing may be there for 12 years or more, it all depends on how fast the 10,000 listings get filled.

After 10 years, I will evaluate the situation and make plans on the next step to take. It lot can change in 10 years!

Your listing will drive traffic to your blog. The traffic will increase as the listings start to build up. You will also benefit from the backlink to your blog.

The Listing Format

I will list each blog on a separate post. This will allow me to use tags and categories. There will be 10,000 listings in total. The visitor to will be able to click through each of the listings. They will also be able to leave comments related to the listing.

There will be a screenshot of the blog, followed by a short description and a link to the blog.

Blog Listing Acceptance

Blogs that promote hate, politics, illegal activities, discrimination… and content that others will find offensive will not be listed.

Your blog must me a premium blog that is self hosted. No free blogging URLs will be accepted. Your blog must be live with a minimum of 10 posts. No capture pages, only blogs with posts that offer real value to the reader.

You will need to send in the URL and Description to be used for your blog. If it is accepted, you will need to make a payment of $100 via PayPal and the listing will get processed.

I will get your current blog screenshot and let you know when the listing is live.

How Much Traffic Can You Expect To Your Blog?

I cannot make any promises on the amount of visitors you will get to your blog as a result of your listing. The traffic should increase as the listing start to build up.

I will be promoting the site and place a public tracker on it, so that you can see roughly how many people visit

You can also help my recommending to other bloggers that you know.

I hope to get 10,000 blogs listed within 24 months.

I know it is difficult to get traffic to your blog. Let’s make a good source of traffic for everyone that lists their blog on it.

Is $100 Per Listing Expensive?

It all depends on what you want to achieve with your blog. I think $100 for a listing that will stay on for a minimum of 10 years is a bargain.

Even if your blog is listed for a minimum of 10 years, you will be paying $10 per year.

Most people would not think twice to spend $100 in a restaurant or on a night out, but have to think twice before spending it on their business.

If your blog serves as your business, it is well worth spending $100 on a listing that will be one amongst a limited list of blogs. Your blog will be in front of many visitors to and also in front of the 10,000 others that have taken out a listing.

I know there will not be 10,000 listings to start off with, but they will gradually build up.

Another benefit that will come from your listing is that you will be able to network with other like minded entrepreneurs. If they are willing to pay $100 for the listing, they will posses that same mindset as you.

Paying $100 one-time towards marketing your blog and business is relatively inexpensive. As I mentioned before, it all depends on what your are blogging about and how much you value traffic to your blog.

I’m going to get on with registering and working on the structure of the listings. I will list this blog so that you can see what the listing will look like (I will pay myself $100). There will be 999,999 listing left and I will have to earn another $999,900 USD to reach my goal of $1,000,000 USD.

I Need Your Support To Make This A Success

I request the support from all my fellow bloggers to make this venture into a success. We will all benefit from the traffic and exposure this will produce for our blogs.

If you are interested in getting you blog listed email me at: , send me your blog URL and a short description.

I know there is a lot of work involved in getting this up and running, with your support I will do my best to make this a success. Let’s see how long it takes to reach 10,000 listings.

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