Why Is My Blog Not Getting Enough Traffic?

The traffic to my blog has not started to pick up as I planned. I need to analyse my posts and the keywords and phrases that I am targeting. There is a lot of competition in the niche I have picked.

I will need to examine the reason behind the slow flow of traffic to my blog. I will address the issues and get the traffic flowing again.

I Will Not Let This Shatter My Dreams

I have been blogging since the 25th of January 2022. I’m writing this post on the 4th of March 2022, it’s been 38 days.

I had applied for google’s adsense program to monetize my blog content with advertising. The blog has been rejected due to low traffic.

After being rejected by adsense, I signed up for Ezoic to help me get my blog content monetized. I have also been rejected by Ezoic. They stated that the blog is getting traffic from bots, this has really confused me as the traffic coming into the site is low and accounted for.

I have been using the Ezoic nameservers as suggested, I have also followed the instructions to speed up my blog. I don’t really know where the problems resides.

Ezoic have suggested that I can apply again after 6 months. I will continue blogging and work on improving the traffic coming into the blog.

I have now applied for another review for acceptance into adsense. I am still awaiting the decision from google. I am still hopeful that my blog will be accepted for monetization via advertising.

In the past, I would have been really disappointed by these rejections, but my mindset is totally different now. I will do whatever it takes to get my blog monetized. These rejections are just minor tests to see how much belief I have in myself and my dreams.

I Will Analyse The Results

After these rejections I have started to analyse my blog posts to see why they are not ranking on google search. I have started looking at the keywords and key phrases that I am trying to get ranked for in detail.

I have put in a lot of time and effort writing these blog posts, but the results have not turned out as I expected. This goes to show me that there is a flaw in my plan of action.

I will find the solution that will enable me to get ranked highly on google and drive traffic to my blog. I will not let these results force me to give up. I will inspect the results and the blog post carefully to find the flaws.

Most blogs take a minimum of 6 months to drive enough traffic to qualify for monetized by adsense. Maybe I am jumping the gun slightly, I have only been blogging for just over a month.

I Will Refine My Action Plan

I will need to modify my plan of action to enable me to get the results that I want. My old plan of action is not getting me the desired amount of traffic that I need to monetize my blog.

If I continue to follow this plan of action, I will continue to get the same results. I will be wasting my time and effort writing blog post that will not bring in enough traffic for monetization.

The old action plan will need to be replaced or modified to enable me to drive enough traffic to the blog for adsense monetization.

I will experience the result of my plans not working out many times. This will not put me off from getting the results that I need to bring my dream to life.

I will refine my plans as many times as required to produce the desired results. There is no going back, I have burnt all the bridges and accepted the challenge.

I Will Seek Expert Knowledge

I am just starting out on my blogging journey. I know that I will make many mistakes, it will not all go according to plan.

I will need to seek knowledge from others who have been able to monetize their blogs. I will need to learn how they have structured their blog posts to get them ranked for specific keywords and key phrases.

I know many bloggers are earning a substantial monthly income from revenue generated from adverts on their blogs. I will find out what they have done and the steps they have taken to get their blogs monetized using advertising revenue.

If other people have don it, I know that I can do it too. It is all to do with finding the right knowledge and applying to get the desired results.

All the knowledge that I need to get my blog monetized is out there. I need to connect with other bloggers that have done what I want to do.

The path to blog monetization has already been created, I need to find the path and follow it.

I Will Not Give Up!

Giving up on my dream of earning a passive income from blogging is out of the question. There is no going back on the path I have chosen to take. I know I will eventually get my blog monetized, there will be many challenges on the way.

If your dream is big enough, giving up is no longer an option. I have been struggling for the past two years, I have been through a lot of pain, both physical and emotional.

The pandemic and other issues have really messed with my emotions and driven me to the worst situation I have been in my life!

I have some how managed to find a life line in the form of blogging, as I started to read a large amount of material on mind science and success programming. I have developed the mindset and tenacity to enable me to climb out of this life of misery.

I am now going to concentrate on transforming my dream of passive income into reality. I know it is going to be tough as there will be many challenges on this path.

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