When Is My Blog Going To Make Money?

I will address the above question using some terms that I have coined up after carrying out research into blogging and blog monetization.

The Conception Period

This is the time that you come up with the idea for your blog. You carry out research into various niches that you are thinking of blogging about.

The results from your research will enable you to select a niche that is profitable for you to base your blog on. You may need to drill down a little, if the niche you have chosen is really big.

Once you have established the niche that you are going to blog about, you will need to register a domain name and get your blog hosted.

The conception period involves taking your blog from and idea to actually making it live on the internet. Your blog should be ready and customized using your desired theme and plugins.

The next stage is where you populate your blog with relevant posts.

The Gestation Period

This is when you do the hard work of actually writing your blog posts. You will need to carry out keyword research to establish the ones you want your posts to rank for on google.

It is essential to consistently blog on a regular basis to build up the content. You need to have over 100 well written blogs posts that have been optimized for search engines to start getting traffic flowing to your blog.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is 90% to do with getting ranked for keywords and key phrases on google. Most of your visitors will be coming from searches carried out on google.

It will take around 9 months for your initial blog posts to get ranked on google. Traffic will start to trickle in slowly during the first 9 months. After 9 months the traffic to your blog should start to increase exponentially.

The number of visitors coming into your site daily will depend on the niche you have chosen and how well your blog posts are written.

Your initial posts should be over 1,000 words in length. Post below this length tend to bring in less traffic as they are ranked lower on google.

During the first 9 months you will be working really hard, without seeing substantial results. Don’t get put off by this, it is all part of the process. Your hard work will not go to waste, this is necessary to take your blog to the next stage.

The gestation period from the blog is similar to that of a baby. The baby develops inside the mothers womb. The baby is not visible to the outside world, but we know he is developing.

The Nurturing Period

Once your blog is getting a steady flow of visitors, you can start analyzing the traffic to see where it is coming from and the keywords and key phrases responsible for bringing in the visitors.

Your goal at this stage should be to work out which posts are getting the most visitors. Also work out which keywords and phrases your posts are ranking for.

You can get all this information from google analytics or any other analytics software that you are using to monitor your blog traffic.

Find out what is working and do more of it to drive in more visitors to your blog. You should also look at the posts that are not performing that well to work out what you need to change.

Use your analytics program to find out which countries your traffic is coming from and also other stats to help you better structure your blog posts.

At this stage you should have over 100 blog posts. This should enable you to place internal links within your blog posts to rank higher and also to keep readers on your blog.

This nurturing period of your blog is where you optimize your blog posts to maximize the traffic coming into it. Once this period has elapsed, your blog should be over 12 months old.

The Monetization Period

When your blog is getting a minimum of 100 unique visitors daily, you will be in a position to monetize it using advertising programs like Adsense or Ezoic.

You can start placing affiliate links within your blog posts during the nurturing period. During the monetization period you can start looking at more specific affiliate programs.

Now that your blog has over 100 posts and getting over 100 unique visitors daily, most affiliate programs will accept you.

If you have followed the steps in detail leading up to the monetization period, you blog would most likely be getting over 1,000 unique visitors daily.

From the 12th month onward, your blog should be picking up more traffic and the earnings should be increasing as a result.

After 24 months your blog should be generating a substantial monthly income for you. You should be earning a steady income from affiliate programs that you are promoting and also earning advertising revenue from the blog.

It is possible to earn a monthly passive income of over $5,000 from your blog after only 24 months. It will not be easy, but it is absolutely possible.

24 months of hard work to build up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 is truly amazing. Many bloggers have achieved this target and a select few have surpassed it.

The Maintenance Period

Once your blog is earning you a steady monthly income, you will need to carry on maintaining it. You may not need to write posts as frequently as before.

During the gestation period you may have been writing a blog post everyday or every other day. During the nurturing and monetization periods you may have reduced it down to 3 to 4 posts per week.

During the maintenance period, you can cut this down to 1 or 2 post per week. The posting frequency will depend largely on the niche you have selected.

Let’s take for example that you have chosen mobile phones as your niche…

You may need to write a blog post every time a new mobile phone is released or software upgrades are available.

Your blog should be well established by this time and generating a steady flow of traffic and revenue. Just keep an eye on the traffic and the earnings. If it is dropping, you will need to analyse it to find the cause and correct it.

If you put in the effort to maintain your blog, it will continue earning you a monthly passive income for a long time. You can also start thinking about creating your own products, as you will have more free time in your hands.

If you neglect your blog, the traffic will start to fade way along with the income. It is well worth putting in the effort to keep your monthly income coming in.

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