What Is Stopping You From Starting Your Own Business?

In this blog post I will be looking at some of the most common things stopping people from starting their own business. I put forward my solutions and how you can apply them to achieve your business goals.

Money To Fund Your Venture

At first everyone seems to think that the lack of money is stopping them from starting the business they dream about.

Many people want to start their own business, but don’t really know what they want to do. If you know that you want to start your own business, you are already exploring the entrepreneurial path.

For you to pursue your dream of starting your own business, you will need to know exactly which business you want to get involved in.

Start a business that you will enjoy, as the process of establishing it can take a lot of time and effort. If you don’t enjoy what you will be doing, you will most likely give up before you see any profits.

If your business idea is rock solid and you are able to create a detailed business plan, you will be able to find investors to back you. There is no lack of money in the world. There are many people with vast amounts of wealth that can be used as venture capital.

Knowledge And Skills

Don’t let the lack of your current knowledge and skills put you off from taking action on your business dreams.

If you are really passionate about the business that you want to start, you can pick up the knowledge and skills that are required.

There are many courses and training available both online and in traditional training establishments. It is a matter of knowing what you want to do and seeking out the knowledge and skills you need.

My dream business is to create a monthly passive income from blogging. I am really passionate about this and picking up the knowledge and skills require to make this a reality.

I know that it is going to take me approximately 24 months to build-up a substantial monthly passive income from blogging. I am willing to put in the time and effort required to make this business model work for me.

I am spending a lot of time researching information, skills and tools that I need to become a successful blogger, earning a passive income online.

Sometime I have to sacrifice my sleep to pursue my dream. I have cut down on a lot of things that were wasting my time. I value my time more now, I am not going to waste it on things that don’t contribute to advancing my business goals.

Belief In Yourself

Success in any field requires you to believe in your ability to accomplish it and become successful, way before you reach any level of success!

You have to see yourself as already a success in your chosen field. It is hard to imagine yourself as already being successful, when in reality you have not currently achieved any success. The ability to see it before it happens is the master key to success.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one is going to believe in your. It all start with self-belief. Once you start to believe in yourself, you start to vibrate at a different frequency and this is picked up by others around you.

You will never become successful until you start to believe in yourself. Don’t bother trying to start a business until you start believing in yourself. You need to believe 100% that you will be able to become successful in the business you are starting.

Only a small number of people in the world truly believe in themselves. These are the people responsible for establishing successful businesses that employ the vast majority.

How much self-belief do you think the likes of people like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma have?

I don’t think they ever doubt the visions of success they have. They face many challenges along the way, but their self-belief always remains in tact.

The multi-millionaires and billionaires of this world think differently from the masses and believe in themselves on a level that surpasses the masses.

Connections Within The Industry

In order for you to become successful in any industry, you will need to connect with other successful people in that industry.

Start connecting with people who have already done what you want to accomplish. I know it is hard to connect with industry leaders at the beginning, but you can start by connecting with people who are at the same level as you.

Once you have connected with a few people within your niche at a similar level as you, the opportunity to connect with others on a level slightly higher than you will open up for you.

As your network and reputation starts to build-up within your chosen industry, you will start to attract the attention of leaders with the industry. You will be in a position to connect with them and create a mastermind group.

As the saying goes “Your Network Is Your Net Worth“. There will be many opportunities to pick up knowledge and skills that empower you towards greater success and financial rewards. There will also be many opportunities to do joint ventures with other leaders within your network.

Stuck In The Comfort-Zone

The thing that holds the vast majority of people back from pursuing their dreams and starting a business is “The Comfort-Zone“. It destroys dreams and kills off ambition.

Most people get a job just to pay their bills. The vast majority are not really happy or content with the work they are doing. They are working just to earn enough money to help them meet their monthly expenses.

They are not working in their dream job. Most probably they started the job, thinking that it would be something temporary, until they find something better.

The idea of starting up their own business may have crossed their mind, but the comfort-zone has slowly erased the idea from their mind. This concept of the comfort-zone has kept millions of people worldwide from reaching their true potential in life.

If you are truly content with your lifestyle, you are blessed and in a position to find lasting peace and happiness.

For me the comfort-zone is no-existent, It has disappeared since the beginning of 2022. My life is going to be a journey towards providing as much value as I can to others in this world in the niches of passive income generation and mind science.

In reality there is no comfort-zone, just decide on what you truly want and take massive action to accomplish it. You don’t have to settle for much less than you are capable of achieving. You have the potential to create the lifestyle you truly desire.

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