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Using Icy Cold Nights To Spark The Fire Of Motivation

I’m sitting at work staring at the bright lights outside, the temperature outside has fallen to -5 °C. It is only slightly warmer inside the building.

The heating inside the building is not sufficient to compensate for the drop in temperature. I am working a 12 hour long night-shift, it is only half way through the shift and my feet have already frozen up. The icy cold temperature has brought back the pain in my back.

I’ve already had 2 dosages of painkiller capsules, but the pain in my back is still severe. I know that I will not be able to do this job for much longer. These icy cold nights and the back pain is sparking the fire of motivation that is required to do something about it.

This trading time for money job is not going to enable me to achieve the freedom that I desire. I need to focus on my efforts towards building passive income streams using the internet.

I need to focus on what I desire instead of what I am currently experiencing. The pain that I am experiencing now is acting as a catalyst to boost my motivation. I know that I will have to endure this for a long time, if I don’t get out of the environment that I am in now.

I have stayed consistent with my blogging and will create some videos during my days off work. I know that if I am able to put in a lot of effort during these cold months, I will start to see results by summer.

I should have over 100 posts on my blog by May 2024, and hopefully some of them will get indexed and ranked by Google. The flow of organic traffic should start to hit my blog by July 2024. I have given myself 6 months to start driving targeted, organic traffic to my blog.

I am feeling the pain in my back and the coldness in my hands and feet, but I am still focused on my goal of building a substantial monthly passive income using the internet. This will enable me to quit my current employment and work on things that really interest me.

Once I have built a monthly passive income of over $5000, I will not have to travel into work using London’s nightmare public transport system. I will not have to trade my time for an insignificant amount of money at the end of the month.

This vision of freedom drives me to take action daily. I am also using the pain that I am going through now to add fire to my desire of creating a substantial monthly passive income using the internet.

The two driving forces in our lives are pain and pleasure. Sometimes the pleasure of experiencing better things in life drives us to take action. Sometimes the pain and struggles that we are currently experiencing drive us towards making a change. I am using both to build up the motivation that will enable me to escape this trading time for money lifestyle.

Sometimes I don’t feel like coming into work, but I mange to force myself to come in. I have monthly expenses to cover, and I also need the money to fund my online business.

Everyday I am taking baby steps towards completing the marathon that will enable me to quit my current employment. I let everything that annoys me at work to become the fuel that drives me on this journey towards time freedom.

My initial goal is to create time freedom by creating a monthly passive income that will enable me to cover my monthly living expenses. Once I have accomplished this, I will work towards creating long-term financial freedom.

One day I will look back at these blog posts to recall how my life used to be. I will look back at the pain and struggles that I went through before accomplishing my goal.

I’ve been sipping on a cup of black tea to keep me warm. In this freezing environment the smallest luxuries can seem really pleasurable. I know that there are a large number of people around the world that are struggling and experiencing a higher level of pain than myself.

I am grateful for everything that I currently have in my life and look forward to creating a better lifestyle. I am picking up new skills and understanding how digital marketing works. I have access to the internet and the tools and knowledge to build my online business is readily available.

The best way to escape the spiral of negativity is by using the pain and struggle that you experience as the fuel to boost your motivation. If you continuously develop your mindset and take positive action, you will eventually make the break through. It is just a matter of time and persistence.

You cannot let your current circumstance dictate your future. You need to take responsibility and create the future that you desire. Only a small number of people manage to escape the rut. It is difficult to get yourself out of it, once you have entered that lifestyle.

The only people that manage to escape are the ones that are not willing to accept their current circumstance. They acknowledge it, but do not accept it as their long term reality.

I could have carried on complaining about the freezing conditions at work, but I have chosen to acknowledge it and work towards getting myself out of that environment. There is no point in talking about something will not get changed by others, I have to make the change myself.

A life lesson that I have learned is that nobody really cares about you. They are usually too busy thinking about themselves. If you need to change something, you need to do it yourself. You can also partner with others that are seeking the same goal.

The best way to get others to help you is by offering mutually beneficial arrangements. Everyone is looking for “what’s in it for me?”. You need to provide that and also get something for yourself in return.

I have carried on writing this post on the fly. I may be going off on a tangent in some parts of this post, but I hope that you get some value from reading this post.

I know I could have added some subheading to convey my thoughts better, but I just wanted to write in free flow and get the thoughts out rapidly.

It is a mission to write a blog post of over 1,500 words in 1.5 hours, but I have accepted this mission and will persist until I have written over 365 posts.

I took a break from writing this post and paced up and down the main reception of the investment bank to I am guarding. The job mainly revolves around access control. The worst thing about working as a corporate security officer are the 12 hour long shifts.

When you are working 12 hours and also have to spend over 2 hours travelling to and back from work, you don’t have many hours left in the day. Your life revolves around work, you end up spending most of your life at work.

Your most valuable asset (time) is sucked up by this type of job. The time that is gone will never come back to you. This trading time for money lifestyle is one that sucks life out of you.

I had a dream of escaping this trading time for money lifestyle… I decided to take action towards transforming this dream into reality on 1st of January 2024. The journey has only just started, but I know that I will be able to reach my destination soon.

I have given myself 12 months to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the internet. I will be doing this using the plan outlined at:

I will accomplish this initial goal towards creating financial freedom by 31st December 2024. You can join me on this journey, the details are available to all my subscribers.

It is now early morning in London’s financial district, the building is about to fill up again. It is going to be a busy couple of hours as we control access to the building.

Just before the pandemic, approximately 10,000 people used to work at this bank. Many people are now working partly from home. What used to be called “baby Friday” is now an “extra Friday” for many people. The weekend now consists of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Many positions have just disappeared after the pandemic, never to be filled again. There is no such thing as job security anymore, even at high end jobs. It is up to you to create your own security for the future, as you many not have a job left.

Start building passive income streams using the internet to get onto the ladder of financial freedom. I can help you get your foot onto this proverbial ladder, but you will need to climb it.

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