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Update: It’s Day 11 Of My 366 Day Marketing Challenge

I have set a goal of building a monthly passive income of over $5,000 in 2024. I started this challenge on the 1st of January 2024, I’m writing this post on the 11th of January 2024.

I Have An Extra Day To Achieve My Goal

As 2024 is a leap year, I have an extra day to achieve my goal of building a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the internet in 12 months. I have a total of 366 days to accomplish my goal.

I have been writing blog posts on the fly, there are many spelling and grammatical errors in them. I will go through the posts today and correct some of these errors.

The message that I’m trying to get out is still valid, even with the spelling mistakes and errors. My goal is to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using LiveGood and Nexus Rewards by 31st December 2024.

I am also ready to work with others who have a similar goal of build passive income streams using the internet.

I Have Started To Get Visitors To My Blog

It is difficult to get traffic to a blog in the first couple of months. The blog posts need to be picked up by Google and ranked to bring in visitors from searches. This can take on average 90 days (3 months). I have decided to send visitors to my blog daily using MyLeadGenSecret until my posts get ranked.

I’m getting on average 200 visitors to by blog daily. I have displayed an image from the public visitor tracker that is located at the footer of my blog. I am also tracking my visitors via Google Analytics, this is private and can only be accessed by me.

Most of the visitors are coming from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. The traffic that is delivered by MyLeadGenSecret is mostly from tier-1 countries.

I have managed to get 1,046 subscriber onto my email list. The autoresponder on my list sends out email messages to explain the process that I am using to build my online passive income streams. It also reveals how people around the world can join me and and also do the same.

I’m Getting Prospects Daily To Opportunities That I’m Promoting

LiveGood is one of the opportunities that I’m promoting. I’m getting people to take the tour of LiveGood daily and learn more about this business opportunity.

100 Days Of Consistent Blogging

I will be blogging consistently for the next 100 days to build traffic to this blog and start generating leads. I should have a global team in place after 3.5 months.

These 100 days will be used to build the foundation of my online business. I don’t expect to earn a significant amount of money from my online business during the first 6 months. In fact I will be investing a substantial amount of time and money to build the foundation of my online business during these initial months.

I am in it for the long run, my goal is to build a substantial monthly passive income by 31st of December 2024. I will be working consistently on build my online business for the next 12 months.

I know 100 days of consistent blogging will start the flow of highly targeted visitors to my blog. It is difficult to stay consistent with my blogging, as I have started to realize after only 10 days!

I have made a decision to see this through and I am treating this as a challenge. Let’s see how long it takes to start getting over 1,000 highly targeted visitors to my blog daily.

Doing anything for 100 days consistently will make it into a habit. It is worth the time and effort to establish habits that work towards making the quality of your life better.

My Days Off Work Are Used To Work On My Blog

I am using my days off work to do the real work. I am working on my blog, as this is going to become the vehicle that I will use to drive away from the trading time for money trap that I am currently in.

Sometimes I get stuck for words and ideas to write about. We all get writers block from time to time, but the vision of escaping the 12 hours shifts at work keeps me going.

As you will have gathered from my blog post, I write them on the fly, as I don’t have much time to prepare the posts. The ideas and plan is in my mind and I am just expressing it in words on this blog.

I could just binge on movies on Netflix on my days off, but I prefer to use the time constructively. I use all my free time to build my online business.

I have cut out listening to the news, as it’s full of doom and gloom. I usually watch some motivational and inspirational videos on YouTube. These videos help to boost my motivation and I also get to acquire new ideas from them.

Instant Gratification Vs Delayed Gratification

Instant gratification is usually bad for you and delayed gratification is usually the better option. Gambling provides a quick high and ruins many lives, whilst business provide a delayed high and transforms many lives for the better.

Drugs and alcohol provide a quick high and end up ruining most people, whilst highly nutritional food and exercise keeps you healthy and provide you with a better quality of life.

The same is true in online business, opportunities that promise quick money are usually scams that will leave you broke. Establishing a sustainable online business takes time and effort.

Unlike conventional business, you can establish an online business relatively faster. It will still take you a minimum of 12 months to build a substantial monthly passive income.

There are too many people looking for the next quick fix in the online business world. Most of them end up losing a great deal of money. The people that succeed online are the ones that put in the time, effort and money to build long lasting businesses.

I am not going to waste my time in discussing online income opportunities that I think are scams. I will use my time to promote ones that I believe in and can happily recommend to others.

I will be building global networks in LiveGood and Nexus Rewards. If would like to work with me, get started immediately. Give yourself a minimum of 12 months to see substantial incomes results. You will need to promote these as affiliates and build your own networks to establish a monthly passive income.

I will be there to work with you closely, but I am not going to build your business for you. These companies pay out commissions based on a matrix pay plans. You may get some members dropping into your matrix from my efforts, treat this as a bonus. You should rely on your own marketing effort and work towards becoming a leader within your own global business network.

The SEO On My Blog Posts Is Getting Better

I have started to look at the SEO of my blog posts using the AIOSEO (All In One SEO) plugin. Most of the titles are green (SEO ready), but the body content of the posts still needs to be worked on.

It is difficult for me to work on the keywords, key phrases and the density whilst writing the blog post on the fly. I know that I will be able to improve the SEO once I have more time to work on my posts.

I’m stuck in a catch-22 situation, but I have decided to continue blogging. Some of the posts will get indexed by Google and ranked for keywords and phrases within my niche. I cannot just freeze and stop writing posts and cannot spend too much time on the posts.

I have set a goal of writing and publishing a minimum of one blog post daily. So far, I have maintained this and will continue this until I have reached my goal of 366 blog posts by 31st December 2024.

I have also started to get some visitors from TiKTok. This is not a major part of my marketing plan, but it still contributes to the number of people visiting my blog.

Ideally I would like to start getting traffic from YouTube. I will have to start posting videos on my YouTube channel to make this happen. For now, I am relying mostly on blogging to build my online business network.

There are many ways to promote your online business. I am using some free methods and also some low cost ways to drive traffic to the opportunities that I am working with. I am using my blog as a central hub to send the traffic to. Once visitors come to my blog they get the opportunity to learn about the online businesses that I am working with.

They also get to learn more about me and my mindset from reading the posts. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, if you would like to work with me get started with LiveGood and Nexus Rewards.

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