Two Online Passive Income Streams

There are various ways to build up a passive income using the internet. Some of them take a lot of time and effort, I know this as I’ve been there, and still have the T-Shirts to prove it!

I will go through two online passive income sources and let you know how much time and effort will be required to create a substantial income with each of them.

YouTube Channel

The average time it takes to monetize a YouTube Channel is approximately 24 months. You will need to have over 1,000 subscribers to your channel and have over 4,000 hours of watch time within a 365 day period.

You will need to find a niche that you are passionate about and one that has scope for adverts to be placed via Google’s AdWords platform.

YouTube videos are monetized via Google’s AdSense program, the adverts come from people placing them via AdWords.

AdWords is the platform where the advertisers book their adverts on. The advert delivery program is AdSense, it displays the adverts on publishers websites, blogs and YouTube videos, and pays them a percentage of the revenue earned from the advertisers payments.

Once you have over 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the specified period, you will be able to request to have your videos monetized via AdSense. The videos that you post on your channel will need to conform to YouTube guidelines.

The niche you choose and the knowledge you possess related to it will play a major part in determining how much you earn for your channel.

Finance related niches tend to earn more revenue, as advertisers are willing to pay more to advertise in these. Some of the highest paying niches are really saturated and will require really good videos to earn a substantial income.

You can also start looking at companies and brands to sponsor your videos to earn another stream of income from your videos.

You will need to build up a large following to your channel and your videos will need to start going viral to bring in the revenue.

Monetizing a YouTube Channel is not easy, and most people give up within a few months. It takes a lot of patience and tenacity to constantly create and upload videos to your YouTube Channel for around 24 months.

The monetization is not instant and this leads to most people giving up and looking for other online passive income sources.

Print On Demand

Earning money with print on demand takes a lot of time and effort. It is hard to establish a substantial monthly passive income using this stream on a part-time basis.

Unless you are really talented at graphic design and marketing, you will struggle with this income stream. It is possible to take the earnings to a few hundred dollars monthly. It will take a lot of effort to get the earnings into the thousands of dollars monthly range.

A few entrepreneurs have had a lot of success using TeeSpring as the print on demand platform for T-Shirts. They have used Facebook ads to market the T-Shirts and have managed to earn substantial commissions. The have managed to earn a good profit after paying for the ads from a portion of their commissions.

I see less of these Facebook ads for T-Shirts currently. Some online entrepreneurs are using Merch by Amazon to earn over $10,000 in monthly commissions from T-Shirts listed on Amazon. Many sales have come from generic searches on Amazon and they have also managed to scale up the sales by using Amazon ads.

There are a number of people earning a substantial monthly income from print on demand products listed on Etsy. They are using companies like Printful to fulfill the orders after they are placed on Etsy. This whole process can be automated. It takes a lot of time and effort to create designs that sell continuously.

It may take you over 500 designs to build up a substantial monthly passive income using print on demand. This may take anywhere from 12 months to 24 months of consistent effort.

With print on demand you will need to upload many designs until you get a few that sell really well. Some of the designs may be seasonal or may be a current trend. You will have to keep on churning out fresh designs continuously to keep your monthly income at a stable level.

My Take On This

It is absolutely possible to build up a substantial monthly passive income using both of the above streams. You will need to put in a lot of effort and stick with it for approximately 24 months.

The major problem that most people have is that they don’t have the time work on these streams on a regular basis. The excitement is really high to start off with and it slowly decreases as the results take a long time to materialize.

Most people treat these passive income streams as side hustles, when in fact they should be treated as the main hustle. They are hoping that their online passive income stream is going to enable them to quit their current job or bring in a large part of their monthly income.

It would be possible to build up a substantial monthly passive income using these streams, if full-time effort could be applied to them. It is hard to find the time to build up a substantial income from your side hustle, when you are working 50 to 60 hours weekly!

The Solution

The best way to build up a substantial monthly passive income is by following a DFY (Done For You) system that allows you to work it on a part-time basis to build up a monthly income to replace the income from your current job.

Once you have built up a substantial monthly income, it will free up your time, and you will be in a position to build multiple sources of passive income using the internet.

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