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Top Barriers To Making Money Online And How To Overcome Them

Most of us would love to live the laptop lifestyle or even the passive income lifestyle. It all seems like a far fetched dream, as most of us don’t know how to get started or what really works. In this post, I want to break down some of the most common obstacles that are holding most people back from this dream lifestyle.

Understanding The Common Obstacles In Online Income Generation

The most common obstacle in online income generation is not having the knowledge and belief in yourself to get started. If you have a strong desire to make money online, you can pick up the knowledge.

You may think that you don’t have the money or the time to build your own online business. In reality you can have your own online business up and running with only $9.95 monthly. You can start building your online business by putting in a couple hours of daily marketing effort.

There are online businesses that you can earn commissions from as an affiliate by building a global network of other affiliates. You will get to earn commissions from the sales that you generate and also earn commissions from the sales generated by people in your global network.

Identifying Key Challenges In Making Money Online

You will need to have a strong desire to succeed as it will take some time for the money to start rolling in. You will come across many online income opportunities promising to make you super wealthy with a couple of weeks or months… I would stay well away from these types of opportunities.

A real online business takes time and effort to build up. You will need to give yourself 12 to 24 months to see any significant income results.

You will need to stay consistent with your marketing for 12 to 24 months. Your results will be minimal for the first 6 months, as your network and business starts to grow. Use the initial 6 months to build the foundation by taking massive marketing action.

After the first 6 months, your earning will start to build up and start to increase exponentially after 12 months. If you stay consistent with your marketing, you will see a significant income within 24 months.

Practical Solutions To Online Earning Hurdles

Once you have worked out the best online business for you to get involved in, get started immediately. Don’t wait around for the perfect time to get started, as the perfect time will never come.

The perfect time to get started is right now. Work with a business that has potential for higher earning as your business network grows. The opportunity that you get involved with should have its own built in marketing system.

As a beginner, you will need to use this marketing system to get started. Once you have picked up enough digital marketing knowledge, you can start building your own marketing system.

As you start earning money from your online business, start investing in online marketing tools and solutions to build your business faster.

Navigating Through Online Income Barriers

Most people want to build up a substantial monthly income from their online business that will replace the earnings from their current employment. They have this dream, but are not willing to put in the same amount of effort as they put into their current employment.

Set an initial goal of recovering the monetary investment that you have made in your online business as soon as possible. Give yourself 3 to 6 months to do this.

The online business opportunities that I am working with are:

1 – Nexus Rewards: Cash back, savings and referral program. $40 yearly affiliate membership, $9.95 monthly running cost.

2 – LiveGood: Premium quality nutritional supplements at low cost. $40 yearly affiliate membership, $9.95 monthly running cost.

I have given myself 6 months to earn back $80 + $119.40 = $199.40

I want to earn back over $200 and have over $20 monthly coming in from both of these online income streams. I know it is not going to happen overnight.

I started on this strategy on 1st June 2024. I plan to earn back over $200 and also establish a monthly income of over $20 by 1st December 2024.

Give yourself sufficient time to earn back your initial investment. Don’t stress yourself whilst building your online business. Have fun and connect with other like minded people, help them get started. Watch your online business grow, as you connect with and help others from around the world to set up their own online income streams.

Strategic Approaches To Overcoming Digital Earning Obstacles

If you are not making progress with your online income streams after 6 months of consistent marketing effort, you may get discouraged and want to give up.

I want you to ask yourself this questions:

“What have I done to expose these online income opportunities to others?”

“How many people have I got to take a tour of the opportunities?”

“Have I connected with the tour takers?”

The answers to these questions will reveal the weakness in your marketing strategy. Instead of giving up, evaluate your marketing strategy and work on improving it.

If you are not good at marketing, you will not be able to earn much from digital marketing, online marketing, internet marketing, affiliate marketing or network marketing. The marketing part is really important!

Become a good marketer, a great marketer… and you will never struggle at making money online.

You can get a large number of people to take a tour of these online income opportunities by creating relevant videos on TikTok. Address the biggest problems that people are facing, the struggle and the lack of time and knowledge to enable them to make money online. Reveal how you are going to solve these problems using the online income opportunities that you are marketing.

If you manage to create just one video daily… you would have around 180 video in 6 months. These 180 videos will most likely bring in tour takers (prospects). If some of your videos go viral, you may end up with 100’s of prospects.

It’s all about believing in yourself and taking consistent marketing effort. With short form videos on TikTok, you will need to continuously create and upload video to draw in the views.

Long form videos on YouTube will drawn in visitors consistently over time. You will have to put in the effort to make the of value to the person watching them and also create a strong call to action within the videos.

Are You Ready To Work With Me?

If you are… get started with Nexus Rewards and LiveGood immediately. You will be joining my global networks in both of these opportunities and I will be these to support you.

It does not matter where you are located in the world, as I will provide you support via email. I will work with you until you have your online income streams up and running, earning you money every month.

These low cost online income opportunities are ideal for people on a limited budget and also suitable for students. You will need to be aged 18 years or over to join these opportunities.

Put In Consistent Effort For 12 To 24 Months

The time it will take to see significant results in your online earnings will depend on the time, effort and the money you are willing to invest in your marketing.

I have given myself 12 months to build a substantial monthly income from both opportunities. For me a substantial monthly income would be anything over $5,000.

If you would like to work with me, subscribe to this blog and also download my eBook.

I am starting on this venture on Saturday 1st June 2024 and will continue updating you via posts on this blog and also emails to subscribers.

I believe that if you put in consistent marketing effort for 12 to 24 months, you will be able to transform your life using these low cost online income opportunities.

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