Time Is Ticking Away Fast

One day I will look back on these tough times and wonder why I had not pulled myself out of this rut earlier.

Are You Still Waiting For The Perfect Time?

I may not have all the answers and all the knowledge to transform my life at this very instance, but I need to work with what I have.

I cannot make excuses and wait around for the perfect time, the perfect time to take action was many years ago, the next perfect time is right now.

If you are still waiting for the perfect time to get started on the journey towards transforming your lifestyle, don’t wait any longer, take immediate action and get started now.

Stop making excuses and start taking action. Your actions need to be bigger than your excuses to enable your to make progress.

It all depends on how badly you want to transform your life. Has life pushed you enough to force you to do something about your current circumstance?

Time is going to tick on regardless of the decision you make. You can either wait around and let time pass by or you can make a decision to take action.

Your future will be determined by the actions that you take now or the lack of actions that you take now. You are responsible for your future circumstance, so make it one that you truly desire.

What Is Financial Freedom?

My understanding of financial freedom is the ability to meet all your living expenses from passive income streams. You have reached financial freedom when you don’t have to work about your bills or how they are going to be paid.

Financial freedom is when you have sufficient funds to travel to any location in the world you choose. The ability to dine at any restaurant you choose. The ability to live anywhere that you choose and the ability to drive any car or cars you choose.

That to be is my understanding of financial freedom. Every person will have their own understanding of financial freedom.

Some people may only require $10,000 monthly in passive income to reach their version of financial freedom. Others may require over $1,000,000 monthly in passive income to reach their version of financial freedom.

The proven way to reach financial freedom is by creating passive income streams. These are income streams that pay you regularly with little work on your part.

In reality there is no such thing as 100% passive income streams, all of them require some work from you. Some will require more work to maintain than others.

The objective is to minimize the work involved and maximize the earnings. Once you have established a steady stream of passive income, it will become easier to build up other streams.

What Is Time Freedom?

My understanding of time freedom is when you are able to use your time as you choose. This is when you have sufficient passive income coming in to meet your monthly expenses.

This is when you don’t have to work for a wage. As an employee you have not reached time freedom. Even as a business owner, you have not reached time freedom if you have to devote a large amount of time to your business.

You will never achieve time freedom by work a job that involves trading your time for money. I am currently work as a security officer, this job requires me to trade my time to earn money.

I work 12 hours shifts and can only get paid a maximum of 12 hours for the day. There is no leverage available to boost my earnings. Working as a security officer will not allow me to reach time freedom and financial freedom.

I am currently using my spare time to build an online business that will allow me to build up a passive income stream.

My initial goal is to create a passive income stream that pays me over $5,000 monthly. This will allow me to quit my current job and work on building other passive income streams to create time freedom leading to financial freedom.

Every person will have a different amount of money they need to cover their monthly expenses. My current monthly expenses would be covered by earning a monthly passive income of approximately $5,000. This will put me on the path towards creating time freedom and financial freedom.

Passive income streams take a lot of effort to set up during the initial stage, but the work involved can reduce exponentially as it builds up momentum.

It’s like rolling a snowball up hill, there will be gathering mass as it picks up more snow. There will also be more influence of gravity as it is rolled higher up the hill.

There will be a lot of struggle and effort pushing the snowball up hill. Once it has reached the pinnacle, the roll back down will not require much effort from you.

This enology of rolling a snowball up hill and the descent down the other side can be used to understand the struggle in building passive income and the ease that comes after it has been established.

Even If You Have To Start Small, Start Immediately!

Many of us don’t have access to huge amounts of capital or time to invest in building up a passive income stream. This should not stop us from getting started and focusing on the future.

I have started with an online opportunity that costs $40 upfront and a monthly cost of $9 to maintain it. This opportunity offers leverage to help you build up a monthly passive income.

Currently, I don’t have much free time or money to invest in building up a passive income stream. This is the reason that I have got started with the LiveGood Business Opportunity.

It is low cost and I spend only 5 minutes daily on marketing it using My Lead Gen Secret. I am able to build this online business in my spare-time whilst working 12 hours shifts as a security officer.

If you are interested in building a monthly passive income in your spare-time using the internet, take a look at the LiveGood Business Opportunity.

LiveGood Opportunity
LiveGood Opportunity

I have also been uploading videos of my marketing activity on my YouTube Channel:

Some people have commented that It is taking me a long time to build my network in this business. I am not comparing my efforts to a seasoned internet marketer who has access to a massive email list of highly targeted prospects.

I am marketing from scratch, without a list and building a network. What I am doing can be duplicated by the masses. If you want to build up a passive income by using the power of leverage, follow my strategy.

I am not relying on my efforts alone, I am building a team that will create duplication within my global business network.

Everyone getting started with the LiveGood Opportunity will have different levels of internet marketing proficiency. The important thing to note is that everyone can use the method that I am using to build my network and pass on the exact same method to the people they refer into the LiveGood Opportunity.

My may be a highly talented internet marketer and able to refer 100’s of members into this business opportunity, but can your referrals duplicate your skills?

If you are ready to join me in building a global business with the LiveGood Opportunity, Click Here to take a free tour of this powerful income opportunity now.

I am ready to help people around the world who have a similar dream of creating passive income streams like myself. If you have the dream, take action to transform it into reality.

You will need to take action to create a better lifestyle for yourself. Don’t wait around, you must do it for yourself.

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