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Most of us have come across the aphorism “Time is Money” that appeared in a 1748 essay by Benjamin Franklin. Let’s examine this a little more to understand the truth that it conveys.

Time and Money are both currencies, but differ greatly. Most people are stuck in jobs where they trade their time for money. The currency of time is traded for the currency of money.

Time is a divine currency that comes in limited supply, and money is a man-made currency that comes in infinite supply. The governments creates scarcity of money to control people. There is never a shortage of money.

We spend our lives trading a finite currency (time) to acquire a portion of an infinite currency (money). This exchange of currencies keeps us trapped and life gradually passes away.

Lost time can never be replaced, but lost money can always be replaced. Smart people escape this trading time for money cycle by creating passive income.

Money is essential to enjoy life the way you want to. You need money to pay for your accommodation, clothes, food, travel and luxuries.

If you are stuck in a job where you are trading time for money, you will never get to enjoy your time. Some people work many hours of overtime to trade more time for money!

I have decided to use all my spare-time to create passive income to enable me to escape the time for money trap.

Many entrepreneurs have managed to escape the time for money trade by creating passive income streams. A good passive income stream is property rental. Sometimes it is possible to purchase properties on a mortgage that can be covered from income generated for renting it out.

You can also create passive income from stocks and shares, especially dividend paying stocks. There are many other passive income sources available. If you are serious about creating passive income, you will find one that works for you.

It is not worth doing over-time, chasing after a second job or a job that pays more, if you are not going to use the additional income to create passive income streams. Think about the previous sentence again.

Just remember this “There is a limited amount of time available, and there is an unlimited supply of money available”. The secret to happiness is to find a balance between time and money. In my opinion the best way to achieve this balance is by creating passive income streams.

Time waits for no man, and money stays with no man. Time will continue to tick on, you need to find the time to enjoy your life! Money is of little use if it cannot be used to make your life more enjoyable. Nobody takes their money to the grave with them. Money is a commodity of this world and it will remain in this world.

I have made a decision to create a monthly passive income using the internet. Currently I am investing every little bit of this most valuable asset of time to enable me to create time freedom and financial freedom in the future.

As long as you are trading time for money, you will stuck in the rat race. I don’t think that life was given to us to just work for sustaining it. It is a gift that should be fully experienced by pursuing the things we are passionate about and travelling and appreciating this beautiful planet we call home.

In the past, I thought that creating passive income streams would cost a lot of money upfront, but I was wrong. Money is not the most important factor in creating passive income streams, the most important things are desire, mindset and persistence.

I hope this post has provided you with a little inspiration to look in creating passive income streams. My mindset is gradually shifting away from the time for money mentality.

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