Think Before You Make An Investment

Investing money involves take risk, usually the greater the rewards the higher the risk involved. There are many investment offers circulating on the internet.

Avoid Investing In Get Rich Quick Schemes

When evaluating an investment opportunity, you will need to carry out intensive research. You need to find out if the investment opportunity is offered by a reputable company.

If the returns offered seem too good to be true, chances are that they are. You need to find out what you are investing in.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How is the company going to generate the returns on the investment?
  2. Are they selling or marketing a real product or service?
  3. Why can’t they just get the required investment from the bank?
  4. How long is it going to take to get your initial investment capital back?
  5. Is the company selling shares that are highly inflated?
  6. Is the company regulated by any financial industry regulators?
  7. Is money being used from one batch of investors to pay out another batch of investors?

Only a small number of people succeed with high risk investments, the vast majority end up losing money. An investment opportunity will always let you know that your investment is at risk.

There is no such thing as 100% guaranteed returns on your investment. Even the money you have in the bank is not guaranteed. There are some financial regulators that are supposed to guarantee a specific amount of your money held in a bank account.

The most successful investors build up their wealth using low risk investments that offer a smaller return. Warren Buffett has invested in stocks for decades to become one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. He did not gamble on volatile stocks, he invested heavily in mainstream stocks like Apple, McDonald’s, Bank of America, Chevron, Coca-Cola….

You can start taking gambles on IPO’s and less established stocks once you have built up a substantial stock portfolio that is earning you a substantial passive income from dividends.

Start With A Business Before Making Investments

If you are struggling financially, don’t think about investing in stocks and other opportunities. Your priority should be to build up enough capital to invest in a business opportunity.

There are many low cost online marketing businesses that you can get involved in on a part-time basis. I have started with the LiveGood Opportunity. It takes $40 one-time to get started and there is a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95.

With the liveGood Opportunity the most you can lose in a 12 months period is $160. This is if you don’t qualify for payments from the company 2×15 matrix. You get to earn $25 fast start commissions by referring new members, and also a monthly passive income from matrix.

There are 6 ways you get to earn from the LiveGood Opportunity. I have already earned 7 fast-start commissions of $25, totaling $175. I will continue marketing this online business to build up a monthly passive income.

I am not investing any more more into this business as I have paid the membership fee for the whole year.

LiveGood Opportunity
LiveGood Opportunity

The great thing about this company is that the nutritional products are exceptional and affordable. The company pays out commissions weekly and monthly. Your money will not be stuck in the business waiting for it to so how grow.

Take a free tour of the opportunity and make an informed decision. This is a low cost opportunity that is growing rapidly worldwide. The pay plan has leverage built into it to enable you to rapidly build up a substantial monthly income.

You Cannot Get Something For Nothing

In order to build wealth, you will need to put in the work. Get out of the something for nothing mindset, this mindset will keep you poor.

Follow a proven path to create wealth and stop looking for short-cuts. If you want to create financial freedom, you need to create a plan and take the necessary actions on a consistent basis.

Sometimes the actions need to be taken consistently over a specified time period. You cannot rush the process, it will manifest in it’s own time.

Get out of the get rich quick mindset. If you want something bad enough, put in the work and make it happen.

Don’t Share Your Plans With Losers

Only discuss your ideas and plans with like minded people. If you discuss them with losers, they will ridicule you and come up with 101 ways as to why it will not work.

Just remember that it’s your dream, it’s your life. You pay your bills and your monthly expenses. If you want to create a better future for yourself and your loved ones, don’t listen to losers.

You must keep away from negative people as much as possible. If it is hard to keep away from them, just keep your conversations minimal.

Share your ideas and plans with people who genuinely want to see you succeed. You will find out who these people are as soon as you start making progress.

Many people will become jealous of your success, as they cannot replicate what you are doing. In reality it’s not a matter of them not being able to do what you are doing. What’s holding them back is their laziness and the will to take action.

Most people lack any real ambition and stay confined to their comfort-zone. Only a small number of people possess a burning desire to live life to the maximum.

Some Truths That Will Hurt

Not everyone is made out to become successful. Not everyone is cut out to become wealthy. Everyone possess the ability to become successful and wealthy, but only a small number of people exercise this ability.

99% of people reading this blog post will not become successful or wealthy. Even if I offered the secret to transforming their dream into reality, they will not be able to do it.

The 1% that become successful and wealthy are not much different from the 99%. The major difference is that they are driven by their desire to become successful or wealthy. They may not possess any extraordinary skills, but their determination and persistence separates them from the masses.

It does not matter where you are currently in life, you have the potential to rise above your circumstances and create the lifestyle you truly desire.

You need to believe in your abilities and pick up the knowledge and skills that will take you to the next level. You need to fire up your desire and take consistent action until you get the result you want.

You can either sit back and watch your life pass by, or become the master of your own destiny. Once you start thinking and acting like the person that you want to become, you will gradually transform into that person.

Don’t bother dreaming about a better lifestyle unless you are willing to take action to make it your reality. These dreams will cause you much pain unless you do something about transforming them into your reality. You are the only person that can give life to your dreams.

I have been a dream for sometime now, I have made a decision to transform my dreams into reality. Life has really pushed me into a corner. I have put up my guards and will fight my way out of this mess.

In life we are pushed by either pain or pulled by pleasure. I am currently experiencing both of these forces and it is time to make a change in my life. I will not go on living this life of mediocrity, things will have to change.

I need to find a way out of this fog that has blocked my imagination. I have started to dream again and the vision is clear. Life does not have to be like this, I know that I can create a much better lifestyle for myself. You too can make a decision now and work on building a better future for yourself.

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