They Say “Sleep Is For The Weak!”

I have not been able to get my routine 4 hours of sleep today, as there have been a lot of things on my mind. I cannot let these thoughts shatter my dreams again. I need to get focused on the future and take the actions necessary to make it unfold according to my vision.

I Am Working Like A Zombie

I went home after working a 12 hour night shift and have now arrived back at work after sleeping for only an hour.

Whole of my body is shaking and the muscles on my body feel tight, my eyes are closing up. I’m struggling to stay awake, but I have to come into work, otherwise I will not get paid.

I know that I am really stressed out, but life has to carry on. My employers don’t offer sick pay and statutory sick pay from the government is not worth claiming.

I would have liked to stay at home tonight, but I need to pay the bills at the end of the month. This is the reason I need to get away from this trading time for money employment.

I know that I can never solve my money problems by working in this type of job. It will not allow me to reach the freedom that I desire in terms of money and especially time.

I need to calm myself down and relax to get rid of this stress that is transforming into an obstacle on my path towards creating a better lifestyle.

Passive Income Streams Will Provide The Solution

I have invested in crypto and stocks, the financial markets are on a downward spiral. What I need to do is to build up a monthly passive income that will enable me to replace the income from my current employment.

I should have stuck with this goal of build a substantial monthly passive income using the internet to enable me to reach the first stage of time freedom.

Even though I am working full-time as a corporate security officer, my main priority is to build a substantial monthly passive income that will enable me to quit this employment.

As I am working 12 hour long night shifts, I don’t have much time to put into building my online passive income streams. I am working on strategies to automate the business as much as possible and also use the power of leverage to boost my earnings.

I Know It’s Difficult, But It Needs To Be Done

I can decide to sleep during my free time or engage in unproductive activities like watching NetFlix dramas and follow political news like the vast majority, but this is not for me.

I have made a decision to build up a substantial monthly passive income using the Online Passive Income System. I am devoting as much of my free time as possible in working and refining this system.

I am gradually building up momentum and also branding myself as a leader within the online passive income building niche. The leads have started to trickle into the marketing system daily. The number of daily leads generated will start to increase with time.

I have given myself 12 months to build a passive income of over $5,000 monthly. This journey started on the 1st of May 2023. I know it is still in the early stages, but I cannot lose focus as this is extremely important to me.

Even though I am feeling totally exhausted, I am still writing this blog post to update you on my journey so far. If you would like to join me on this journey and also build a substantial monthly passive income for yourself using the internet, click here to get started.

I will continue marketing the system and branding myself, this is my dream and I will not quit until I have achieved my monthly passive income goal.

The Comfort Zone Is Trying To Pull Me Back

I had been looking at investing online to build up capital, but this has not worked out as I expected. It is better to build up online income streams before looking at investment opportunities.

Most investments require a large amount of capital and this capital will be used by the investment entity for a long time period.

I made many mistakes with investment opportunities without working on building a passive income source that can be used to fund the investment opportunities.

Currently I am feeling stressed out and tired, as the comfort zone tries to pull me back from leaving the trading time for money type of employment.

I want to make all my online income streams as passive as possible, as I don’t have much time in my hands to play about with.

The results may not be that great at this early stage as there is a lot of work involved in laying down the foundations of the Online Passive Income System.

The comfort zone cannot hold me back much longer, my determination to succeed is way stronger than the pull of the comfort zone.

Some People May Think, What I’m Doing Is Crazy

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. my goal is not to convince anyone to join the Online Passive Income System that I have developed. My goal is to share the system and let prospects make a decision after getting all the information.

I am not charging for the system as the products, services and opportunities within the system will allow me to earn a commission as an affiliate. Everyone that joins this system will also have the same opportunity to earn commissions as an affiliate.

Many people ask me how the Online Passive Income System works. I advise them to follow the link and get the details to enable them to evaluate the system.

Most of them are not serious about building a substantial monthly passive income, they are looking for get rich quick type schemes. They tell me that they don’t have the time to look at the system in detail.

I know these individuals possess an instant gratification mindset. They are looking to solve their money problems instantly. A large number of people fall into this category, they end up losing money by moving from one shiny object to another.

It is hard for a person that possesses an instant gratification mindset to become wealthy. They continue chasing the get rich quick schemes and continue losing money.

Are You Willing To Work On This For 12 Months?

I have shifted my mindset from instant gratification to a delayed gratification mindset. I have decided to work this system for 12 months to enable me to build a substantial monthly passive income.

I know it’s not going to happen over night. The initial worked involved in building the system and branding yourself has to be done.

If you are willing to work with this system for a minimum of 12 months, get started now. Follow the instruction and work on building a substantial money passive income using the internet for the next 12 months.

Don’t ask me how the system works, get full details at :

Once you have gone through the information provided, I will be happy to answer and question that you may have.

I’m not going to waste my time explaining and trying to convince anyone to join this system. You will need to show that you are serious about building a substantial monthly passive income using the internet by following the steps outlined within the system.

I am not a salesperson, I am just offering you a solution. It is up to you to decide if you want to use the solution that I am offering you.

12 months is not a long time to build a monthly passive income that could enable you to quit your current employment. Just think about the length of time you have been working in the trading time for money trap.

If you are looking for a way out, I would invite you to take a look at the solution that I am offering at: https://onlinepassiveincomesystem, it will cost you nothing to get this powerful passive income building solution.

“I may earn commissions as an affiliate from sponsored links within this post”

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