The Window Of Opportunity Is About To Open Up

I can see a window of opportunity opening up from August 2023 to December 2023, I need to prepare myself to take advantage of this opportunity.

After working for nearly 7 years as a corporate security officer, I need to make a change. I am preparing myself to take advantage of the opportunity that is offered by the internet to build up a digital business.

Getting Ready To Build A Digital Business

This opportunity will not be around for me for much longer. I will have to build up my skills in this sector within 6 months and take the leap of faith.

I had started working on ways to build up a passive income using the internet. These have not delivered the results that I was expecting. I have been taking it really lightly, I should have know that I would have to put in much more effort and modify the plan according to the results.

I was kidding myself when I thought that I would be to get this blog monetized within a year by posting once daily. Back in the days, it was easier to get a blog monetized using AdSense as it was easier to rank for specific search terms on Google.

I cannot rely on getting this blog monetized as my only way to reach my goal of build up a monthly passive income to enable me quit my current employment.

I Have Launched My Own YouTube Channel

I have noticed that it is much easier to get a YouTube Channel monetized than it is to get a blog monetized. Video is the current medium of choice, and I have decided to work with it.

I am not going to neglect this blog, it will get monetized with time. I will continue blogging regularly to build up the content. I know Google will gradually start to notice my blog posts.

I don’t have any experience at editing videos for YouTube or filming videos. This has not stopped me from launching my own YouTube Channel.

I am using screen capture software to record videos to show the online income opportunities that I am marketing. I am using a microphone to record myself explaining what I am going on the videos.

All my videos are recorded on the fly, there is no editing involved. I am recording them as I carry out the marketing task and also explaining how the opportunities work.

I have had better results with YouTube than I have had with blogging.

Currently I have 130 subscribers and 286 public watch hours. I am making progress daily towards reaching the monetization requirement of 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 public watch hours.

I am getting subscribers daily from the YouTube shorts that I am uploading using my smartphone.

Some of these shorts have started to get over 1,000 views. Some of them are not reaching 100 views. I don’t really know how the YouTube shorts algorithm works.

YouTube Short With 219 Million Views

I have seen some shorts reach millions of views. The short video below has reached 219 million views!

YouTube states that you can qualify to get monetized if your shorts manage to accumulate over 10 million views within 90 days. The video above with 219 millions views is enough to get the channel monetized.

I will continue uploading shorts to draw in more subscribers to my YouTube channel. I know it is going to be hard to accumulate over 10 million views from shorts within 90 days.

Please subscribe to my channel to stay updated on my progress towards building a monthly passive using the internet to help me quit my current employment.

YouTube Channel Ideas

I have ideas of building YouTube channels in niches that I will be able to get monetized within a short time. I am lacking video creation and editing skills to enable me to start these niche channels. These videos will also take up a large amount of time. Currently I am working 12 hour long shifts, and don’t have the spare time to get started on these projects.

I am looking to build a fusion cuisine channel in the future, as I am skilled at cooking. I am able to create dished on the fly with my own twist to them.

I am also interested in personal development and would like to build a YouTube Channel around it. This channel may not be easy to monetize, but I am really passionate about it.

Maybe, one day in the future, you will see these YouTube Channel ideas take off. Once I have established a monthly passive income to cover my living expenses, I will be in a position to pursue my passions.

Do Reposting Your Own Shorts Count Towards Video Views?

The YouTube short below accumulated 16 million views. It’s a crazy amount of views for someone squeezing hand grips. You can’t really predict which shorts will go viral.

He reposted the short and it managed to accumulate 27 million views!

I wonder if reposting your own shorts count towards the 10 millions views required for monetization?

Any of his shorts would have been enough to get his channel monetized. His channel is monetized anyway, I think he is posting shorts to get more subscribers.

Maintaining A Positive State Of Mind

I am working on maintaining a positive state of mind to stay focused on my goal of building up a monthly passive income using the internet.

I cannot allow the event and the environment around me take control of my future. I have made a decision to work towards creating the future that I desire.

I am not going to listen to negative talk and idle gossip, it’s just going to go in one ear and come out of the other one. Negativity will be rejected by my mind, I will not allow it to influence my subconscious mind.

Throughout the day, I am focused on building my dream. The dreams that you dream whilst you are awake are the ones that transform your life.

I do not want to continue working these long shifts and have decided to sacrifice all my free time to build up a passive income using the internet.

Currently I am marketing the LiveGood opportunity and have qualified for Bronze Rank. I have set myself a challenge to reach Gold Rank within 90 days.

I am marketing the LiveGood opportunity everyday using My Lead Gen Secret, I am getting pre-enrollees taking the tour daily.

My daily marketing is documented on my YouTube Channel as a 90 Day Challenge. I am uploading videos daily and they are getting views and also accumulating watch hours.

I am Not Targeting Any Keywords

On my blog posts, I am not targeting any specific keywords or key phrases. I think eventually Google’s algorithm will be replaced to look for natural writing.

Currently most bloggers are writing posts and articles that target specific keywords to help them rank for them on Google. In my opinion this destroys the natural flow of thoughts and creates writing that is made for Google and not for the person reading it.

Blogging should be about writing for the reader and not for a search engine. I think this will change in the future, if these changes are not implemented by Google another company will start to take over.

AI is going to cause a lot of disruptions in technology and data centered companies. Just look at the history of how Google replaced Yahoo! as the dominant search engine.

Yahoo! was more concerned with keeping a directory structure, and Google decided to work with keywords and key phrases.

The search engine of the future will use AI to look at the whole post and work out what the content is about rather than relying on specific keywords and phrases.

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