The Wealthy Blogger Formula

I will reveal some key factors that you must pay close attention to in order to build up a substantial income from blogging. These factors may seem elementary, but they are essential in establishing the foundations of your blog.

Provide Value

You will need to ask yourself the question “Why am I writing this blog post?” before you start writing every single post.

Your goal should be to provide real value to the person reading your blog post. This value can be in the form of information that will be useful to them. You can write about how you managed to overcome a problem and offer your solution.

Your blog post can also provide value in the form of motivation and inspiration. Sometimes a single blog post can inspire the reader to take positive action towards creating a better lifestyle.

You may also share your life story or an episode in your life that may resonate with what they are currently experiencing in their life. Your experience of the event and how you have dealt with it may be of value to them.

You should always be thinking “How can I provide value to the readers of my blog?“. The more value you provide, the greater the rewards you will benefit from.

By providing value, you will be establishing your blogs reputation as well as your own reputation. The visitors to your blog will trust you and look forward to your posts.

Your blog posts need to fire up emotions within the reader to keep them reading the post till the end. If your posts provide real value, your blog traffic will start to gradually build up.

The money you will earn from your blogging will be proportional to the amount of value you provide.

Enjoy The Journey

Monetizing your blog using affiliate marketing is a journey. In the first 6 to 12 months you may not see any money coming in. This is why you need to pick a niche that you are passionate about. You will need to enjoy blogging about your chosen niche, whilst you may not get rewarded instantly.

Making money using a niche blog is a delayed gratification process. You will need to provide value continuously and get rewarded much later on, as your blog matures and attracts visitors.

Don’t expect to become super wealthy from your blogging during the first 12 months. The money will start to flow in significantly after 24 months.

It takes time for blog posts to get indexed and ranked by google. Once your blog starts to mature, the affiliate commissions with start to build up.

Just think of your initial 12 months of blogging as the time required to build the foundation. It’s like constructing a skyscraper, you don’t see anything significant for the first few months and suddenly the building starts to rise up at an exponential rate.

Enjoy your journey as a blogger, you need to be passionate about the niche you are blogging about and also enjoy writing your blog posts.

If you stay consistent with your blogging, the money will come. It will take some time, but you will see the rewards.

Keep On Learning

As a blogger, you will need to continuously update and increase your knowledge related to the niche you have chosen to blog about.

You need to become more knowledgeable about your chosen niche than the average person. When you selected your blog niche, you may already have been knowledgeable in that niche. Even if you did not have much knowledge related to your chosen niche, you should be passionate about it.

Knowledge can be picked up, but passion is hard to initiate. The more you study and post content related to your chosen niche, the more knowledgeable you will become.

The process of writing your blog posts will help to seal the knowledge into your mind. If you blog about your chosen niche on a regular basis, your mind will be occupied by thought related to this niche.

You can pick up knowledge related to your chosen niche from books, courses and videos. You can also pick up knowledge from other blogs related to your chosen niche.

Stay consistent with your learning and try and increase your level of understanding by going deeper into the study of your chosen niche.

The day you stop learning, you will start moving towards ignorance. Acquiring knowledge should be a life long process.

If you are truly passionate about your chosen blog niche, you will be motivated to seek and increase your knowledge related to it.

Then niche I have selected for this blog is actually a combination of creating passive income online and mind science. It’s success programming merged with online passive income building.

I am studying both of these areas on a regular basis to stay ahead of the herd and provide valuable information to readers of this blog.

Stay Focused

There will be many distractions on your blogging journey. You will need to stay focused on your goal by visualizing the lifestyle you want to create using the income from your blogging.

It can be hard to stay focused on your blogging when there is no financial rewards to start with. You will need to re-connect with why you got started with blogging and the dream that you want to transform into your reality.

Let me tell you from experience that there will be many obstacles trying to stop you from reaching your income goal using blogging. You will have to find the strength within yourself to overcome all the obstacles.

At the end of the day, it’s all about how badly you want to transform your lifestyle using blogging. If you possess a burning desire to transform your dream into your reality, nothing will be able to stop you.

The action of blogging on a regular basis will keep you focused on your goal. Don’t let other people distract you from what you truly desire. If you truly want to create financial freedom using blogging, you will need to stay focused and stay consistent.

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