The Super Affiliate Mindset

Firstly, let me define my understanding of what a “Super Affiliate” is in the context of this blog post. I would consider anyone earning commissions in excess of $100,000 yearly from affiliate marketing using the internet as a super affiliate.

There are a select number of people in the world who are earning over $100,000 yearly in commissions from affiliate marketing. The vast majority of affiliate marketers are earning way below $100,000 yearly in commissions. This is the reason I have labelled these select few top earning affiliate marketers as super affiliates.

What Differentiates Ordinary Affiliates From Super Affiliates Is Mindset!

You cannot earn $100,000 in yearly affiliate commissions with a mindset that is stuck at the $10,000 yearly level. The question occupying you mind currently is “How do I develop the super affiliate mindset?”. I will now attempt to answer this multi-million dollar question!

If you can develop the super affiliate mindset, you will be able to earn millions of dollars from affiliate marketing. The super affiliate mindset is created by developing a self-image that accepts you as a super affiliate.

Your self-image is responsible for both your successes and failures in life. You need to see yourself earning over $100,000 yearly in affiliate commissions and believe in this image of yourself as the truth. Once you have created the self-image and believe in it with full conviction, the magic will start to unfold.

Some people reading this may be thinking what a load of codswallop all this mindset stuff is. If you are not earning over $100,000 yearly and would like to reach that level, I would suggest that you pay a little attention to this mindset stuff.

If you don’t transform your mindset and self-image, you will never reach your true potential. Your mindset if the reason that you have settled for second best all your life.

I don’t blame you, I had also accepted my lot in life, until something sparked my mind to question the lifestyle that I had become accustomed to.

I had toyed around with affiliate marketing in the past, but could not work out the missing link that was holding be back from achieving the level of success that comes as second nature to the super affiliates. I wanted to earn over $100,000 yearly from affiliate marketing, but I could not see myself doing it.

If you cannot see yourself earning over $100,000 yearly as a super affiliate in your minds eye, you will never be able to do it in reality. The images held in our mind that are focused on daily with intensity, will create our reality.

I have started to study a lot of material on mind science and mindset transformation. This material is all falling into place now.

Self-image and mindset go hand in hand to create our reality. The harmony or chaos in our lives is a result of our self-image and mindset. The chaotic or negative circumstances in our lives are the result of what is in our minds. It is impossible to change them by only taking action directly in the external world.

The internal self-image and mindset needs to be changed to initiate change to take place in reality. All this may sound a little far fetched for someone that is new to mind science and success programming. If you are looking to the solution, I would suggest that you give it a try.

The Super Affiliate Mindset Formula

  1. See yourself earning over $100,000 yearly and believe in this image as the ultimate truth.
  2. Repeat the above process 3 times daily, just after you wake up, during the day and just before you go to bed. Make sure you focus on the image intensely and feel the feelings associated with it.
  3. The image that you hold in your mind is actually more like a video playing out the perfect result you desire. Make this image really vivid by adding full colour, sounds and also feelings.
  4. Study super affiliates and how they market products and services.
  5. If you get an inspiration to do something to move your affiliate business to the next level, take action immediately!

The above formula may look easy, but in reality it is hard work. Mind stuff is much harder than physical labour. Focused thought is the hardest thing to maintain in the world, it is hundreds of times harder than physical work.

Wealth is really a mind game, if you can get the mindset right, you can join the super wealthy. If you can see yourself as a super affiliate and believe in this image of yourself, you will accomplish the result in reality.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money online as it requires no products or much capital up front. The relatively low cost associated with affiliate marketing is the reason most people are drawn to it. The reality is that only a small number of people earn a full-time living from it.

It may not cost much to get started as an affiliate marketer, just the cost of a blog, autoresponder and few marketing tools. Most people treat affiliate marketing as a hobby, and earn hobby pennies in commission!

You need to treat your affiliate marketing business like a real business, your multi-million dollar business. The real cost is in developing the mindset that will enable you to become a super affiliate. I have outlined my understanding of how it all works and I am following the exact same formula.

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