The Rule Of Three Or More

The title of this blog post sounds like a Sherlock Holmes book, but has nothing to do with crime or shady actions.

On the morning of Monday 6th of February 2023 I received a call at work from my wife that the electricity in the house had suddenly turned off. She tried to rest the fuse box, but it kept on tripping and shutting down immediately.

I informed my wife that I would check it out once I got back home after work. I finished my 12 hour long shift and headed home on the packed tube and bus journey.

Faulty Fridge Freezer

Once I got home, I started to investigate the electricity problem and managed to narrow it down to the fridge freezer. I changed the fuse to make sure that it was the fridge freezer that was shorting out and tripping the fuse box.

It was time to get a new fridge freezer even though the existing one was not that old. The warranty on it had ran out and I did not want to get it repaired.

The fridge freezers that my wife chose were not in stock, as she wanted it in white to match with the other kitchen appliances. We had to eventually settle for one that was higher priced to get it in white and within our delivery time frame. It has now been ordered and we are awaiting delivery soon.

Car Clutch Clonked Out

Just a week ago the clutch on my son’s car had clonked out. He managed to get it replaced, but the cost of car repairs and parts has increased drastically. You can’t really delay costs like these, as the car is used daily.

It is worth getting a brand new car or leasing one for the peace of mind. Once a car gets started on the repair cycle, it just piles up expense after expense.

Anyway, the car is running smoothly now and let’s hope that it does not require any more repairs or replacements within the next 6 months.

Conned By The Post Office

We have our gas and electric payments on prepaid meters. My wife received a winter fuel payment of £150 from the government. She took it to the post office to have £75 put onto the electricity key and £75 put onto gas card.

When she got home, she was able to top up £75 onto the electricity meter. The gas card showed nothing on it, but she was charged £75 by the post office. The money was not on the card, she took the card to our local shop and they managed to put £10 on it to see if it worked. She was able to transfer this £10 onto the gas meter.

All I can deduce from this is that the post office worker had conned her and taken the £75 without topping up our gas card. She went back to the post office, but they denied any wrong doing and suggested that we contact the energy supplier.

It looks like she has lost £75 from the £150 winter fuel payment. Another one of the law of three or more. When is this spree of bad luck going to come to an end?

Murphy’s Law And Sod’s Law Combined

Murphy’s law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”. Sod’s law states that “it will go wrong with the worst possible outcome”.

It looks like we are fighting both Murphy and Sod at the same time. These guys are really testing my grit and unshakable attitude that I have started to forge within the last few months.

The bread may fall on the buttered side, but I have many loafs of bread available to exhaust both Murphy and Sod. Eventually the bread will not fall for it to land on either side.

There have been many incidents lately that could have affected my unshakable attitude, but I have managed to stay focused on my dream of creating a better life for myself and my family.

I have been witnessing many people fall apart due to the pressures caused by the pandemic and the cost of living. I have made a decision to stay focused on my goals and not let the environment around me influence by thoughts.

Never Give Up On Your Dream

Your plans will not always work out according to your expectations. This will happen may times, you will need to adjust your plans or make new plans. The important thing is not to give up on your dream.

If you want it bad enough, you will eventually find a way to accomplish it. I have faced may obstacles and setbacks, but I will continue to push on towards achieving my dream.

I will not accept the mediocre lifestyle that has been accepted by the majority around me. I will force myself out of this ambition less environment.

Like the saying goes “I have bigger fish to fry”. I am not interested in the path that has been chosen by the masses, I will lay down my own path to accomplish my dream.

Murphy and Sod have been really testing me recently. I am taking everything they throw at me to fuel the fire of my desire to transform my lifestyle.

Minor Setbacks Can Lead To Major Comebacks

At any moment in our lives we have the power to make a positive impact. It all starts with transforming our thoughts.

We can continue focusing on the minor setbacks or work towards creating major comebacks. You should acknowledge the setbacks, but you don’t have to accept them as permanent.

During tough times, the toughest will always find a way to deal with the obstacles facing them. The weak will settle for caged environment that they have trapped themselves into.

We are living in tough times, and these tough times will forge the tougher people. There will always be a select number of people ready to take on the challenges and reap the rewards.

It does not matter how many times you fall over, what really matters is the number of times you get up. You success is determined by your ability to stay focused on your dream.

Don’t Live Your Life Like An Animal

An animal is driven by basic instincts and will look for food, consume it like an animal. It will relive itself and look for food again and look for opportunities to sleep and scavenge as much food as possible. An animal does not care about the greater good of society.

The vast majority of people are living like animals. It is not their fault, the elite have trapped them into this mentality. They do not think for themselves, they are brain washed by the media.

I challenge you to get out of the animal mentality and build a better life for yourself. There is so much to explore and contribute towards creating a better future for humanity.

Life does not have to be all about work, eat, sh*t, sleep… controlled by the emotions of greed, jealousy, anger and fear. There is so much more to life than this mediocre existence that is accepted by the masses.

I have made a decision to escape the rat race and life my life the way I want to live it. So far my blog has not been monetized by Google, but this is not going to stop me for working on my dream.

I have started working with LiveGood to build an online business that earns me a monthly income. You can follow my progress on my YouTube channel.

Take a tour of the LiveGood Opportunity, if you like what you see, join our team. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay update on my journey towards creating financial freedom.

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