The Quantum Transformation

Quantum mechanics theorizes that everything, living and no-living breaks down to energy beyond the sub-atomic level.

In essence everything is energy, so everything must be formulated from the one substance. Our thoughts are also energy and can affect everything around us. Your thoughts can even bend and shape the one substance that everything is made from.

If you are new to mind science and quantum physics, some of these theories may sound like mambo jumbo. The theory that everything is formulated from the one substance has been part of eastern philosophy way before the emergence of quantum mechanics.

Recently, there has been a lot of interest in eastern religions and philosophy. The sciences of Yoga, Meditation and Visualization are being studied to uncover the secrets of life and the universe.

You Can Use Quantum Mechanics To Transform Your Current Lifestyle And Circumstance Into One That You Desire

Your inner guidance system will enable you to experience the feelings associated with your current thoughts and let you know if you are on track to the vibrational frequency you are moving towards.

If you are stuck in a life filled with lack, anger, sadness, depression, jealousy…. and other negative emotions. The only way you can get out of this is by raising your vibration. The higher emotions of joy, happiness, appreciation… are associated with higher frequencies.

Everything emits energy, if you are in a negative state, you will emit negative energy in the form of lower vibrations. The way to raise your vibrational frequency is by changing your feelings and focusing your thoughts.

You can turn up your vibrations by doing intensive exercise, laughter and also meditation. This is what is know as changing your mood. When you change your mood, you vibrate at a higher frequency. You send out positive energy and people around you can feel this positive energy.

The highest frequency is associated with the feeling of love. The energy associated with love is positive and uplifts the person vibrating at that frequency and also the people around them.

In order to attract the lifestyle and things you desire, you will need to shift your energy and vibrational frequency to match with your desire. You can do this by using visualization techniques and adding feelings to your visualization.


The your visualizations should be like movies playing in your mind of the lifestyle and things you desire. These visualizations are termed as mind movies. Competitive athletes have used these mental rehearsal routines to create the success in their chosen field.

Astronauts involved in the moon landing mission were trained using these mental rehearsal techniques. Conditions on the moon could not be perfectly replicated on earth, but they could be visualized in the mind.

Always focus on the highest version of your dream, not on what you currently believe is possible. You need to stretch your imagination and expand your belief. You cannot do this by focusing on what is, you need to focus on what it can be.

Surround yourself with people and energy that elevates you. Remove the negative energy and people from you life. If they are part of your daily surroundings, as in your job, you don’t need to listen to their negativity or conform to their version of the future.

You need to work on and expand your future, the future you desire, by raising your vibrational frequency and expanding your mind set.

Never Give Up

Never give up on your dream, most people will have settled for the ordinary, you are seeking the extraordinary. For you giving up is not an option, you are driven by your vision.

The past, present and future exist simultaneously, all possibilities and choices exist in parallel universes. Everything and any lifestyle you desire already exists. Your job is to bring it into your reality by focusing on it and attracting it by resonating on the same frequency.

Information on mind science is not taught to the masses. You need to research it yourself and apply it to transform your mindset. Information on wealth building is not taught at schools or colleges, not the metaphysical side of it.

You can apply the principles of quantum mechanics to create online passive income streams that will enable you to leave the trading time for money game. Creating wealth is a game, you will need to learn the rules to have a change of winning.

The Frequency Of Wealth

The billionaires of this world think of money in a completely different way from the masses. Money is attracted to them, whilst the masses are chasing it. Like everything in this world, wealth also has an unique frequency. This frequency can be developed by going into deep meditation and focused thought.

The study of quantum mechanics can really open up your mind and expand your thoughts. Some principles and theories may seem odd and at times beyond belief, but what is reality and who dictates the truth.

Most of us will agree with the theory that you can transform your future by using your thoughts in the present. Your current thoughts can shape and dictate your future. There seems nothing odd about this idea. But, did you know that you can transform and change your past my using your thoughts in the present. You focusing your thoughts on past events, you can change the events and outcomes in the past!

I may need to stop now, as this will be beyond most peoples thinking. I have immersed myself in mind science and the ideas and theories put forward by quantum mechanics. This subject really fascinates me.

What Is Reality?

Nothing in reality is as it seems, the concept of reality is just our perception of things. All things are energy manifest in different forms. The possibility of any lifestyle or thing your desire is already out there, it can become your reality. It is all part of the ether, it just needs to be shaped by focusing your thoughts and feelings to create the vibrational alignment to attract it into your life.

The invisible can become the visible if you can focus on it and believe in it. Dreams are there to be give life to. Why would the creator want you to live an unfulfilled life?

The world is there to be explored and the beauty appreciated. Wealth is nothing more than a vibration and manifestation of energy from the vastness of the ether.

I don’t know how many people will read this post! If you managed to read it, share your thoughts on it, in the comments section.

I’ll leave you to consider and the remarks made by two of the greatest minds.

Einstein famously remarked “God does not play dice” and Bohr replied “Einstein, stop telling God what to do”.

Quantum mechanics is still evolving and trying to make sense of reality and the interaction and connectivity between things.

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