The Online Passive Income Dream

There are many dreamers in this world, but only a few are wiling to take action towards transforming their dreams into reality. I’m not taking about the dreams that you have when you go to sleep, it’s the dreams that captivate you during your waking hours.

The dreams of relaxing on a beach on a tropical island, whilst in reality you are stuck in a cold and wet environment, working a job that drains away at you soul. The dreams of luxury, whilst you are stuck in a life of the ordinary.

I have many such dreams of better days ahead, whilst stuck in job that requires me to work 12 hour shifts, just to earn enough to pay my monthly living expenses. I know that these dreams can become my reality, if I take action towards shifting my self-belief and my self-worth.

I have recently started to focus on transforming my mindset to enable me to create the lifestyle I dream about. This blog was created on the 25th of January 2022 to document my journey towards transforming my dreams into reality.

After many sessions of intensive thinking and focusing on my dreams, I have formulated the plan of action that will enable me to move towards transforming my dreams into reality. This blog will play a major role in this plan of action.

I started off by selling physical products via ebay and etsy. There were many sales, but the profit margins were relatively low. The selling of physical products will take a lot of time and effort to scale up to enable me to reach my financial goals.

I may be able to reach my financial goals by taking this route, but I know this will still keep me in the trading time for money business. I will not be able to create much time freedom by following this route. I had to look for an alternative solution.

After looking at various online income models, I have decided to focus on creating online passive income streams. I am ready to put in the initial effort to enable me to earn a steady income with little effort and maintenance later on.

I am looking at creating passive income steams using affiliate marketing, adsense, print on demand and network marketing. All these streams of passive income will be online. I don’t want to hold any stock or be involved in the product/service fulfillment process. I don’t want to deal with returns and queries related to the products or services.

I want to focus on developing my online marketing skills. I want to earn commissions by recommending products and services. I want to earn commissions by building global networks (network marketing). It all looks like a far fetched dream currently, but it will eventually become my reality.

If you have a dream and are willing to do whatever it takes, you too can make it your reality. Don’t let your dream die, take action and breath life it it.

A small number of people are living the dream lifestyle, that most only dream about. I have realized that it is possible for anyone to live a similar lifestyle. The possibility is there, but the probability of it happening is very low.

Most people will not live their dream lifestyle, as they don’t possess the belief and will power. Dreaming of a better lifestyle will only stress you out and make you feel bad, if you are not willing to take action to transform your dream into reality.

Once you have transformed your mindset and are taking actions towards making your dream into your reality, you will start to feel good. The enthusiasm will drive you on, the actions you are taking towards achieving your dream will not feel like work (you will enjoy the process).

The journey of transforming your dream into your reality will be so exciting and it will provide purpose to your life. It will fill your days with joy and a feeling of true excitement as you make progress towards achieving your goals.

Ever since I started on my journey towards creating a monthly passive income using the internet to enable me to pursue my dreams, my life has started to change dramatically. Everyday day is full of excitement as I know that I am moving towards my goal.

Every blog post that I write is moving me towards my goal of creating the lifestyle I truly desire. The financial results may not be significant currently, but the momentum is building up. I know that the money will start to flow in passively in the very near future.

I have strong belief in the process, the work that I am doing now is going to produce the desired results. The passive income sources will start to generate over $5,000 monthly very soon. I am writing this while the monthly online income is below $50. Even thought the visible earnings are low, I can visualize the future earnings building up month, after month.

When you can see and believe in the invisible, it becomes possible to attract it into your reality. The effort that I am putting in now will produce rewards in the future. It is similar to a farmer planting seeds and waiting from them to shoot up and produce the crop. The farmer has strong belief that the seeds will shoot up from underneath the ground, he has no doubt in his mind!

Once you are able to visualize and believe in your passive income streams delivering the results, with no doubts in your mind, you will start to see the results. Your belief will force you to take the necessary actions to produce the results you desire.

My faith in creating online passive income streams that will earn me over $5,000 monthly is increasing with every blog post that I write. Nothing is going to stop me from reaching my goal, I have made the decision and set the intention, the thought vibrations have been released and the transformation has started.

I am not looking for anyone’s approval and I don’t need to explain myself to anyone. If anyone wants to join me on the journey towards creating passive income sources using the internet, they are most welcome.

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