The Online Passive Income Dream

My dream of earning a passive income using the internet is progressing steadily. I will outline what I am currently doing and the steps I am following to transform my dream into reality.

It All Starts With A Dream

I am currently working 12-hour shifts as a corporate security officer, working around 60 hours weekly to just about cover my monthly expenses.

The job is not hard, but it drains away my time and leaves me brain dead. There is not much going on as I am working night-shifts. The job does not involve the use of any brain cells, it is dead boring.

It can be classed as the ideal example of a trading time for money job. I will never earn any bonus for carrying out a good job. There is no incentive in place for performing at your peak, this creates workers that just stroll through the shifts like zombies.

I started off doing this job as something temporary, until a better option came along. As time passed by, I started to get comfortable with the job. It had killed of any cells of ambition that I might have had within me.

All of a sudden I had experienced a turning point in my life. The drive to do something constructive with my life had taken over my mind. It all started in the beginning of 2022, just as the world was coming to terms with the pandemic.

The lock downs during the pandemic had really changed me. We were forced to work during the lock down, whilst the vast majority were handed out furlough pay. This just proved that our lives were not given any importance. We were not even compensated, we had to work full hours, no reduced shifts for us.

I made up my mind that I was going to do whatever it takes to create the future I truly desire. I was going to get out of the trading time for money trap. I was going to earn my own money and not rely on an employer to buy my time at whole sale and sell it at retail.

I looked at various options to enable me to get out of this rat race and do something constructive with my life.

The way forward was going to be something internet related. I started looking at various internet based business opportunities and ideas. Some of these required a lot of investment and technical knowledge to get started with.

There are way too many get rich quick schemes out there on the internet. Some of them are just money games promising to earn you daily income from investing in cryptocurrency and forex trading. I have decide to stay away from these types of investment opportunities.

My goal is to establish an online business that will earn me a monthly passive income with little maintenance involved. I don’t mind putting in the hard work and time to get it established.

Delayed Gratification

Most people have the instant gratification mentality, only a small number of people have a delayed gratification mentality. This is the reason why most people remain poor and a small number of people become super rich.

The instant gratification mentality is responsible for people gambling and being addicted to online gambling. They are always looking for a quick way to multiply their money. This mentality also gets them addicted to drugs and alcohol.

The wealthiest people in the world possess a delayed gratification mentality. They are able to build up massive fortunes and enjoy a stable family life.

After looking at various online income options, I have decided to go with blogging. This is the blog that will enable me to build up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 within 24 months.

I will monetize this blog using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue. This will take a lot of time and effort, it’s a delayed gratification process.

The rewards will not be visible for the first 12 months, but I will continue building up traffic to the blog and the results will eventually start to show up.

Currently it is like working in the dark, as I cannot see the results from my blogging. I know that this work is necessary to build up traffic to the blog and eventually get it monetized.

It is like planting a seed in the soil, I trust that the seed will germinate and grow into a plant, it will need water and nutrition to enable it to grow. My faith in the process will make me supply the water and nutrition for the plant to grow.

I have the same faith in my blog’s ability to get monetized and earn me a substantial monthly passive incomer in the future. This is the delayed gratification mentality working, I am not looking for get rich quick schemes.

Take Massive Action

I know that I will need to put in massive action to make my dream of monetizing my blog to become my reality. I will continue posting until there is sufficient traffic for the blog to be monetized.

I have made a decision to do whatever it takes to enable me to earn over $5,000 monthly from this blog. I am already facing many obstacles on the way, but I have full faith that I will be able to transform this dream into reality.

The action part of this blogging is hard work, but it gives me an adrenaline rush as I am really passionate about this. I am writing every blog post myself, to some people it may seem like hard work, but it flows to me naturally.

The thoughts just flow into my mind and the words are easily typed up, ready to post. I have set an initial goal of writing over 100 blog posts. I will be writing a minimum of one blog post every day. I have currently written over 50 blog posts already.

At the current rate I will have over 100 posts online by June 2022. The hardest part is finding the time to write the blog posts. My time is limited, if I had more time to dedicate to blogging, I would gladly do so, as I really enjoy blogging.

Getting to 100 blog posts looked like a massive task when I started the blog. It is looking more possible with each blog post. I know that I will eventual achieve this goal.

Analyze Your Results

I am looking at the traffic results from my blog posts. I am mainly interested in search traffic from google. As this is where most of my traffic is going to be coming from.

At the beginning most of the traffic to the blog was coming from links posted on Social Media. Some of the posts have now been indexed by google. Traffic from google has started to flow in, but it is currently very low.

I am looking at which keywords and phrases are bringing in the visitors to the blog. I am able to get this information from my analytics software.

It is essential to analyse the traffic coming into your blog, as it will help you to see what is working and what is not working.

I will be posting more content similar to the posts that are getting the most traffic. I am looking at the posts that are not getting any visitors to work out the reason for this.

Analysing your results will enable you to take actions to keep you on track to achieve your goal. Even tough the initial stage of generating traffic to your blog may feel as though you are working in the dark.

The analysis sessions are like shinning a torch to see the work you have done in the darkness.

Never Give Up

If you truly want something in life, you will never give up on it. Your persistence in working towards it will be determined by the level of desire you have for the thing you want to acquire or accomplish.

I have set a goal of earning over $5,000 monthly from blogging within 24 months, this is final and there is no going back on it.

I will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal or dream as I call it. If your dream is important enough and clear enough, you will find a way to transform it into your reality.

I started my blogging journey on the 25th of January 2022. I will achieve my goal of earning over $5,000 monthly from this blog before 24th of January 2024.

Giving up is no longer an option, as I have burned all the bridges behind me.

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