The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get

When you ask most successful people what they think about the element of luck, they will say that “The harder you work, the luckier you get”.

The Lucky Break

Most people will say that the successes of this world had a lucky break, but they don’t see the hard work that has gone in to create this so-called “lucky break”.

Luck is only relevant for gamblers, true entrepreneurs create their own luck. In business, you cannot rely on making decisions based on blind guessing. You need to evaluate the choices and make an educated judgment.

The formula for success requires you to work smarter and harder to reach the top of your field. When you become the best within your chosen niche, the money will come to you.

Temporary Failure

The successful entrepreneur will not let temporary failure stop him from reaching his goals. If something does not work out it’s not the end of the world, start again until you reach your goal.

Always examine your failures, work out why you failed and make improvements to change your path from failure to success. You cannot let temporary defeat stop you from transforming your dreams into reality.

As an entrepreneur you need to be honest with yourself, if something is not working out, you need to address it. You should not waste your time doing something that is not producing the results that you want.

Eliminate the activities that are not producing the results and use this time on activities that are producing the results you desire. You need to manage your time effectively and work smarter and harder.

Set A Goal And Stick To It

I have set a goal of getting this blog monetized using Adsense within 6 months. I will write and publish 100 blogs post and then examine the results from these posts.

This will enable me to work out which posts are getting indexed and bringing in the most visitors to the blog. I will write more posts related to the ones that are driving the most traffic to the blog and stop writing posts similar to the ones that are not bringing in any visitors.

The first part of this strategy will require me to churn out 100 blog posts. This will require hard work and consistency. Once there are 100 blog posts, I will be in a position to examine them and work out what’s working and what’s not working.

I will start writing blog posts similar to the ones that are working and also make improvements to them. Currently, my blog posts are around 1,000 words in length. I need to increase this to over 1,200 words.

The Planning For The Future

After I have reached 100 blog posts, I will increase my blog posts to over 1,500 words in length. I will focus more on quality rather than quantity.

I will write and publish one blog post every other day. I will put in more time and research the topic thoroughly.

Once the blog is getting a large number of visitors and earning a substantial amount of money from AdSense, I will publish once weekly.

I will be in a position to put more time into my research and also into writing blog posts. Currently, I have to find the time to work on my blogging after working 12 hours shifts at my regular employment.

My blogging will improve after writing 100 posts. I will look back at these initial posts and see the progress that I have made.

Chose Wisely

I choose to use my spare time to write these blog posts, whilst my colleagues sleep and watch endless episodes on Netflix. I have cut down my time on Netflix and also the number of hours that I sleep. I have made a decision to make this blog my priority.

I spent a lot of time watching the football World Cup, I don’t feel guilty about this as it is one of my interests. Now that the World Cup is over, I will have more time to spend on my blog.

I am writing this blog post on Tuesday 20th of December, the time on the laptop clock is showing 01:43 am. The temperature outside is shown as 13 degrees Celsius, it has jumped up form the negative readings from the past few days.

The ice has also melted and the roads have cleared as a result of the rain. The big freeze has stopped for now and life can get back to normal for a few days.

Memories Of My Father

Christmas brings back memories of my father, he passed away on Christmas eve in 2003. I pray that he is in a good place. I have good memories of my father, he let me live my life how I wanted to. I have broader experience of life as a result of his teachings.

I would also like to leave behind good memories for my family. I have learned the value of honesty and tolerance from my father and hope that I have done a good job of passing them onto my children.

During this time of year, most people look back on their lives. As 2022 is coming to an end, I am looking back at my life. I am extremely grateful for the path in life chosen by my children. They have managed to stay on the path of the righteous after all that they have witnessed in their lives.

I am grateful for having the vision and Devine inspiration to start this blog. Everything in life happens for a reason, this blog may be a gift that will enable me to transform my life.

I have been given all the tools that I need to create a better lifestyle. I have this blog in place and also posses that ability to write legible English to express my thoughts.

Overcoming Procrastination

I have access to the internet to carry out research on any topic that I choose and write a blog post on it. The only thing that is stopping me from achieving the success that I desire is my laziness.

As the saying goes “procrastination is the thief of time”. I will not let this thief rob my time and my dreams.

There have been many times that I have talked myself out of writing my blog post. Once you put something off for later, the present time is wasted and the enthusiasm also decreases.

I need to focus more on my dream of getting this blog monetized. I cannot allow procrastination to stop me from working on my blog.

Even though I’m working on this blog on a part-time basis, I see it as my full-time venture. I know it will gradually replace the earning from my current employment and also free up my time.

It is getting close to 3:00 am, I will need to stop writing and get some sleep. I am going back into work tomorrow evening. Hopefully the journey into work will be easier, as I had to walk on icy roads and the bus service had been suspended.

These difficulties that I experienced during the past two weeks have really fuelled my motivation. I am determined to use this blog to help me quit my current employment.

Funding My Blogging Venture

I am also working on a way to build up cash flow to enable me to continue on this journey towards getting my blog monetized.

There is a lot of negativity spread by the media about the year ahead. I am going to do my best to make 2023 a much more productive year for me than 2022. I know that I am in control of creating the reality that I desire, I do not have to accept what the media is projecting.

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