The Freezing Weather Persists

When this post gets published it will be the 17th day of December in 2022. The cold weather is still with us, the roads are still icy. I doubt if the public transport system will be running without cancellations, delays and strikes.

This Year Is Nearly Over

This years is coming to an end and I am still working at my job as a security officer. I hoped that it would be a temporary solution until I get back on my feet again, but the pandemic has prolonged it.

I had tried started selling products on eBay and Etsy, but this requires a lot of time and effort to fulfill the orders. It is difficult to run this type of business on a part-time basis, especially when you are working 12 hours long shifts.

I was getting many orders, but the profit margin was relatively low. The storage of the products and packaging material also required additional space. It was filling up the house, and there was not much space to accommodate the increase in business.

The fees associated with selling on Etsy are relatively high. For me eBay was working out better, but I have put a stop to selling physical products for now. This business models requires you to work on it full-time to earn a substantial income.

Building A Digital Business

I am currently focused on building an online business that is 100% digital. I have started off with blogging, once I am able to monetize this blog using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue, I will look at other options.

I will be working on monetizing my YouTube channel soon. I have also started publishing e-books on Amazon’s kindle platform and also print-on-demand products on Merch by Amazon.

My main priority is to get this blog monetized to enable me to cover my monthly living expenses. I am currently publishing on post per day. Once I have published over 100 posts, I will look at getting accepted for Google’s AdSense program.

I am currently getting on average 15 unique visitors to my blog daily. This is not much, but it’s only early days. I started focusing on this blog on the 27th of November 2022. It has not been a month yet, I expect to see traffic increasing after 3 to 4 months as the posts start to get indexed by Google.

100 Unique Visitors Daily

Let’s see how long it takes to reach an average of 100 unique visitors daily. Currently most of the visitors to the blog are coming from links on social media.

I am sitting at work and thinking to myself that this rut that I have got myself into will not continue for too long. I have made a decision to get out of it, the way out will be revealed as I continue to post on my blog. Every blog post will get me closer to my goal of getting it monetized via AdSense.

The freezing temperature at work has started to cause me back pain. If have been off work in the past due to back pain caused by lack of heating at work. I did not get paid for these days off, the back pain was caused by inadequate heating at work.

If this condition gets worse I will need to look at taking legal action to get it resolved. This is going to be the short-term solution. The long term solution is to find a way out of this employment.

As write this blog post, I can feel pain in my lower back due to the freezing conditions within this building. I cannot just walk away as I need the money to pay for my monthly expenses.

Trapped In The Rat Race

This current situation feels like a trap with only death as the escape route. Surely there must be a way to create a better lifestyle and enjoy better thoughts.

I have realized that I need to change my thoughts before the changes start to happen. I need to believe and except the future that I truly desire before it starts to show up.

It has been a real struggle coming into work recently. The only things that force me to come to work are the monthly bills. I need to pay for the housing, utilities and food. I cannot afford to take any time off work, I have to continue working until I cannot physically bear it anymore.

December is nearly over, I will work on getting this blog monetized by April 2024. I should have close to 200 blog post by that time and hopefully over 100 unique daily visitors to the blog.

I have witnessed so many wasted lives, where people have chased after money and neglected their families to end up with a lot of regret. You can see the regret in their face and you can feel the negative vibrations.

The Spiral Of Negativity

I had fallen into a spiral of negativity, but I have managed to start pulling myself out of it. I started to take action towards devoting my time towards my family back starting back in 2013. I want to leave them with good memories of me.

There was a dark period in my life that started in 2003 and lasted until 2013. Approximately 10 years of suffering, pain and emotional turmoil.

I had fallen to the deepest depths, then all of a sudden something inside me drove me towards creating a living that does not compromise may core values.

Life has not been easy, but I have managed to provide for myself and my family without compromising my values. I know things will start to get better, as I have stayed on the righteous path.

The seeds of everything that I leave behind for my family will be congruent with the values that I hold close to my heart. The dark period of 10 years in my life may have been a blessing in disguise, as it has transformed me and also my core beliefs

Building An Ethical Business

Sometimes we need to question where our earnings/income is coming from. If you don’t like the answers to your questions, it may be time to make some changes.

There will be many lessons in life, sometimes the biggest lessons will be seen as the biggest difficulties. I now know that everything in life is there for a reason.

You should never compromise your core values to earn a few dollars. Money is like the dirt on your hands, it will come and go. Once you lose your respect it is gone forever, especially self-respect.

Work on building a business that you can be proud of and earns the respect from your family. Your goal should be to leave behind a business for your family that is ethical and resonates with your core values.

A great business cannot be build with money acquired form unethical sources, as it will all eventually come crushing down.

The best way to earn money is by solving a problem. The greater the problem you solve, the more money you will earn. If your solution is offered to a large number of people, you will end up making a large amount of money.

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