The Fog Of Negativity Will Fade Away Soon

I am currently experiencing some tough times, but still manage to have faith that things will turn around quickly. Tough times cannot last for a person who does not accept it, like the tide the rough times will move away. There will always be calmness after the storm.

I Need To Raise My Vibration

I know that it’s my negativity that is making me create mountains out of mole hills. If I manage to rise my vibration and lift my head above these petty incidents, I will start to witness a different reality.

It seems that everyone is against me and I’m getting the short stick. I know that everyone has their own problems to deal with. If anyone is intentionally trying to make my life difficult, it will bounce back onto them. The law of karma does not have favorites, it brings back to you that which you dish out to others.

I am going to let my friend karma deal with the negativity that is being directed towards me. I will not get involved with taking revenge or planning bad for others. I will continue focusing on myself and the good that I want to create in my life.

Clear Away The Negativity

I don’t want to ramble on about all the negativity that has been directed towards me or mention the people that are trying to cheat me in various ways.

I need to clear my mind and work on my goals and dreams. The negative people and circumstances will disappear once I rise my vibration by changing my thoughts and moving up the positive side of the emotional scale.

The most important thing that I should focus on now is gratitude. I am alive, healthy and have a roof over my head and food on the table. I am able to provide the necessities for my immediate family and also help out others in need.

Even on my limited earnings as a security officer, I manage to give some money to people in need and also to charities. I feel emotional joy by giving money to others, as I have witness really bad times myself. There was no one around to help me out during my hard times, but I will make sure that I can help others during their difficult times.

Negative Emotions Create Problems

Most of the problems in the world are caused by the negative emotions of greed and jealousy. There are enough resources in this world to cater for all of humanity, but these resources are controlled by a select number of people.

There is a major global recession on the way. The amount of resources in the world has not suddenly decreased. The cost of living has started to increase rapidly. Many people are suffering as a result of this inflation and many more will surfer in the near future.

Until humanity has rid itself of the emotions of greed and jealousy, this cycle of recession will continue. The power struggle will continue and the need to control others will continue.

Once you start to take your focus away from the negative emotions of greed and jealousy, you will start to feel real happiness. Your real purpose in life is to serve others not to control and use them.

Modern Day Slave Masters

World governments and corporations have become the new slave masters. What are we working towards building?

Surely it’s nothing that will benefit us. We are working towards making the owners and share holders of the corporations wealthy.

I work around 60 hours weekly to enable me to pay my monthly bills. The vast majority are living a payday to payday existence like myself. We are working for corporations that earn billions in profits, but are not willing to increase our wages as the cost of living increases.

These companies are trying to cut back on everything they can to squeeze as much out of us as possible. Instead of trying to help us, they are focused on lining their pockets with bonuses by cutting back on everything they possible can.

You can complain as much as you want, but it all falls on deaf ears. Your superiors are not interested in helping you, they are only interested in getting the job done and saving as much as they can at your expense.

Start Working For Yourself

Everyone that works a low skilled job knows this truth, but cannot find a way out of this rut. The only way out of this rat race is to start working for yourself.

Setting up a business takes a lot of time, effort and money, but it is the only way out. Don’t wait around for things to get better at your current employment, thing will most likely get worse.

I have witnessed people getting miserable after a couple of years working this race race. Some people have made it their permeant abode, they have accepted it as their fate in life.

I had started to get comfortable working as a security officer, but recent events at work have motivated me to take action towards getting out of this living nightmare.

The Part-Time Digital Business

Currently I don’t have the necessary capital to start up a bricks and mortar business. This is the reason that I have opted to start a digital business on a part-time basis.

I still need the income from my security job to cover my monthly expenses. I am able to invest $300 to $400 monthly on building my online business.

There is no bare minimum amount of money you need to start a digital business. You can even get started for free by creating a YouTube channel and marketing products as an affiliate. This takes time and effort.

I have opted to build my own blog and monetize it using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue. If you want to do something similar, you will need to have your own self-hosted WordPress blog.

I am using the Wealthy Affiliate platform to host my blog and also to learn about ways to monetize it. The great thing about building a blog using WordPress is that the software is free, you just pay for the hosting. Once your blog gets really big and popular, you can move it over to a more powerful hosting service.

Your WordPress blog is scalable and can be easily moved over to another hosting provider if needed. Most of the established web hosting companies provide this transfer service for free.

Investing It All Back Into The Business

Currently I have to pay towards building my online business every month. I hope to break even within the next 6 months. Once I have broke even, I will invest all the profits back into the business.

My goal is to grow my online earnings to approximately $5,000 monthly so that I will be able to quit my current job as a security officer.

I set an initial goal of doing this within 24 months. I have now shortened this goal to 12 months to really push myself to new heights.

I plan on earning $5,000 monthly from a combination of advertising revenue and affiliate commissions from my blogging. My goal is to have over 500 posts on this blog by the end of 2023.

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