The Flu Or The Money?

Today I woke up with a blazing headache, I did not want to go in to work. I am not looking forward to another 12 hour shift.

I forced myself to go into work, as I will not get paid if I don’t go in. I do not want to claim statutory sick pay, as I have never claimed it.

I wish I was in a position of being able to take time off, if I felt like it. Currently I have to work around twenty-one, 12-hour shifts to meet my monthly expenses.

When you start to experience a really sad emotional vibration through out the body, when you question your current existence, living payday to payday… something inside you tells you that it does not have to be like this.

You Need More Than One Source Of Income

The pay from my job is my only source of income, and this truth really runs chills down my spine and tightens up across the stomach.

I had it all going for me up until 2003. This is the year that everything fell apart and I got sucked into a spiral of negativity and depression.

This just goes to prove that your life can transform with a moment, nothing in life is guaranteed. I know you are thinking about taxes and death, but that’s all part of life.

I know things have not worked out in my favor, but I cannot let my current circumstance dictate the rest of my life.

I have decided to work on building this blog and getting it monetized using affiliate links and Adsense. I will blog about the things that interest me, hopefully people will find some of my posts interesting.

I am not going to build a niche specific blog as I don’t want to limit my subject area. My goal is to get this blog monetized using Google’s Adsense program after I have posted 100 blog posts.

You Cannot Let What Is Stop You From What Can Be

I still have a blazing headache, I have taken a couple of Paracetamols to ease the pain. I am writing this blog post to let you know that I am totally determined to transform this blog into an additional stream of income.

Some of the blog posts will be personal and others will be in the form of articles on various topics. I have kept my options open, my goal is to get this blog monetized and later on build niche specific blogs to create other income sources.

I know I could just close my eyes and rest, but I have decided to use my time constructively in creating another income source that will enable me to cut down the hours I work at my current job.

Let’s see how long it takes to start earning an additional $1,000 from this blog. Once I have reached this amount, I will be in a position to cut down my working hours.

Once I am able to break the $1,000 monthly level, I will be able to increase my productive blog posts and reach my target of $10,000 monthly in revenue from this blog.

I Need Your Help

I would really appreciate your help in getting my blog noticed. You can do this by sharing the posts via social media, you will find links at the bottom of the posts. I am not asking you to buy anything or pay me any money.

It’s hard to earn commissions as an affiliate during the initial stage, as not many people know who you are and your site will also not be getting many visitors.

I have a cup of tomato soup by my side and full faith within my heart as I write this blog post. My writing skill my not be exceptional, but it will improve with future blog posts.

I don’t know which part of the world you are reading this post from. I hope that you find something of value from it. Maybe you are in a position to help me get my blog noticed by the masses.

Strange Things Start To Happen

I have started to notice that strange things start to happen, when you make up your mind and really go for something. The path starts to show up, once you start to travel the road towards your dreams.

These words I am writing will give me great pleasure once the blog is monetized. I will know that I did not give up on my dream and took action to build up this income source.

The only thing I have are my words and my blog, and I don’t break them for anyone. There is no lie in me, I speak from the heart.

Sometimes a good movie can teach you a lot about life. It can teach you about success and also how it can all shatter into pieces. Make sure you understand the lesson that is being played out.

The Cold Is Fighting Me

My hands have become numb, I am heating them on a radiator whilst writing this blog post. I can feel a chill on my feet, as I have not been moving around. I am trying to take my focus away from this freezing chill and concentrate on writing this blog post.

I will need to work through these cold months to enable me to get this blog monetized. It is going to be difficult writing these posts, as I have to struggle with this cold weather.

These initial blog post will be just over 1,000 words. I will have to wait and see which ones get picked up by Google.

I have just finished off the tomato soup, I may need to bring in some honey and lemon drink tomorrow to fight off this flu.

My nose is not running, but I can feel a slight tingle in my throat and I have a headache. I need to boost up my Vitamin C levels. I am already taking a multivitamin capsule. I will grab a dissolvable Vitamin C pack in the morning as I travel back home.

I can’t believe that I have actually wrote this blog post whilst fighting the headache. This achievement has boosted my motivation and faith in my abilities.

Sometimes in life you need to take the bull by the horn or get on the bears back. The bear will toss you from side to side, put you must stay on the bears back to ride it.

The above are a few things that I learned from Masutatsu Ōyama (founder of Kyokushin Karate) and Steve Ballmer (ex CEO of Microsoft).

I Will Not Give Up, This Blog With Get Monetized

I will not give up, I am focused on getting this blog monetized within the next few months. I will keep my blogging consistent and relevant.

I am using both pain and pleasure as my motivators. I am using the pain from the struggle that I face daily in working as a security officer in a freezing environment. I used the pleasure that I will experience in the future, once I am able to quit this employment as the pleasure motivator.

Pain and pleasure are both motivators like yin and yang. It is how you use them that will determine the level of motivation you get from them.

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