The Cold Keeps Me Motivated

I can feel my feet freezing over as I sit at the desk at work. There is nothing more I can do as I am already wearing thermal socks. The building is freezing and the tiled flooring numbs the feet, but all is good as we have to live with it.

Colder Than A Butcher’s Cold Room

It is hard to recover from colds and flus, as the environment we work in should require the wearing of prospective clothing and thermal boots. As corporate security, we are required to wear a suit and tie in a building that is colder than a butcher’s cold room.

The Christmas trees have been put up at work by the contractors. They look like a total mess this year, looks like there has been cutbacks in the budget or the contractors just done a bodged up job.

There is no Christmas bonus for us, it’s reserved for the bosses. We will have to make do with same money, even though the cost of living has risen sharply.

I can’t complain, as I need to find a solution by myself. I am working on this blog to see what I can do online to boost my income.

A New Beginning

I have deleted all the previous post on this blog and decided to make a fresh start from the 27th of November 2022. I have been on my blogging journey for 6 days now. The posts have gradually started to draw in visitors.

I am currently getting above 10 unique visitors to the blog daily, once it gets to over 100 unique visitors daily I will apply to be accepted into Google’s AdSense program.

The shops and malls around Canary Wharf are bustling with bright lights and Christmas trees. There will be no shortage of sales in these shops as they cater for people on the top income bracket. There is no recession for the people on high incomes.

The main casualties of the recession are going to be the working class. The people who are living from payday to payday.

This Year Is Nearly Over

Once you start seeing Christmas decorations, you know that the year is nearly over. 2023 is not going to be much different financially than 2022 has been, unless I do something about it.

I will not let the predictions of financial doom and gloom keep me from creating a better future for myself. I am going to find a way to boost my income during the coming recession. It does not have to be a recession for me.

There will be many people reading my blog posts, some people will know me, the vast majority will be complete strangers. They will judge me based on my blog posts. They will form their opinions of me based what they read.

Earning $167 Daily

I have been thinking about how much money my blog needs to generate to enable me to quit my current employment…

I need to earn a minimum of $5,000 monthly. This works out to approximately $167 daily.

How many blog posts would I need to publish to earn $167 daily?

If every post earned me on average $0.50 daily, I would need to publish $167/$0.50 = 334 posts.

If every post earned me on average $0.20 daily, I would need to publish $167/$0.20 = 835 posts.

If every post earned me on average $0.10 daily, I would need to publish $167/$0.10 = 1,670 posts.

Taking the middle earning scenario, I would have to publish 835 blog posts. If I manage to publish just 1 post daily, it would take me 835 days to reach this target.

835 days is approximately 28 months, that’s around two and half years. If I am able to publish 2 posts on some days, I will be able to reduce this time to around two years.

Not Accepted For AdSense Yet

You may be thinking that I am jumping the gun a little here by working out these income predictions when I have not been accepted by Adsense yet.

I would say that, I need to focus on what can happen and work towards making it my reality. I will have to continue publishing blog post, even though they will not be earning me any income immediately.

I will have to have faith that they will generate income in the future. When a shopkeeper buys products from a whole seller, they buy it on assumption and faith that the products will sell in the future and earn them a profit.

I am investing my time and effort in writing these blog posts and paying for the web hosting with the faith that these posts will generate income in the future.

“Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible.” Jeffery Fry

For some people the route that I am currently taking towards monetizing my blog may seem impossible, but I am able to see the earnings before they come in. I can see the invisible and therefore the blog earnings will become possible.

Writing My Own Paycheck

What I am doing may seem like really hard work for many people. I would rather put in the effort to try and get out of a job that I don’t enjoy.

I am not the type of person who comes to work to sleep and get paid for doing nothing constructive. I cannot see myself working in this employment much longer.

This employment has placed me in an environment consisting of people with no true ambition. Many people talk about doing something about getting out of this type of employment, but a limited number of people actually have a plan.

A dream without a plan will always remain a dream. It is the plan and the action that transforms a dream into reality.

During my time at my current employment, I have only seen a few people leave this security job to do something different.

It is hard to just leave and try something different when you have a family to support. This is the reason that I have opted to build something online on a part-time basis.

Working Part-Time On My Dream

I still have money coming in every month to meet my expenses, whilst I build my online business. This may be a simple blog, once it starts generating revenue it will become a real business.

Over time the writing style on this blog will change along with the subject content. I will look back and read these posts to see how I got started and the mindset that I possessed during the initial stage of developing this blog.

I am working part-time on my full-time dream by building this blog. It will become the foundation of my online income streams. My initial goal is to break even as fast as possible, so that I don’t have to continue paying money out of my pocket every month.

It may take me approximately 6 months to break even by building up a monthly income of over $300 from this blog. I would like to achieve this from revenue generated for AdSense ads placed on the blog.

For now, I will continue posting until I have been accepted by Google into the AdSense program.

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