The Blog Success Formula

Thousands of people start blogs everyday around the world, but only a small number of these blogs attract a substantial number of visitors.

So, what makes a blog successful?

After looking at a large number of blogs and listening to many boggers, I have narrowed it down to a list of qualities and things that make a blog successful. It all starts with your choice of niche, your posts, consistency, providing value and final results.

The Choice Of Blog Niche

The choice of your blog niche is very important, as it can make or break your blog. Choose a niche that has a large number of people interested in it. You can narrow down a big niche, but it is hard to scale up a small niche.

Your niche should have a large number of people looking for information, products and services related to it. If there is not much buzz related to your niche on the internet, it will not attract many visitors. Sometimes a niche may look over saturated, but you can still create a successful blog by narrowing down the niche.

The wider niche may be martial arts, you can narrow it down to a specific type of martial art like karate. You can narrow it down even further to specific style of karate like kyokushin karate.

Use search tools to find out how many searches are carried out for specific keywords and key phrases. Find out if it is a buyers niche by looking to see if people are searching for items to buy that are relevant to your chosen niche.

If there are not many buyers of products or services within your niche, you will not be able to monetize your blog much using affiliate links or advertising.

Attracting The Attention Of Visitors

Your blog will need to attract the attention of a large number of visitors from your chosen niche. You will need to target relevant keywords and key phrases and write post around them to drive in visitors from google.

Once you have a number of relevant keywords related to your niche ranked on google, you will start to attract visitors. Once people start to click through to your blog post from google search results, you will need to keep the interested.

You blog posts need to be interesting and keep the visitor reading. Most people just skim blog posts, they don’t read them fully.

You will need to make the text bold to highlight important things that the reader may be searching for.

Your title and first content snippet will need to invite people to click through to your post. Once they are on your post, your first couple of paragraphs will need to keep them interested and reading your blog post.

Staying Consistent

There will be many days that you will not feel like writing a blog post. These are the days that will make or break you blog. If your desire to make your blog a success is strong enough, you will find the motivation to write your blog post.

I have had may days that I did not feel like writing a post, but my vision of success kept me on track. I knew that I had to write the post, there was no going back on my plan. I was going to write a minimum of one blog post daily, until my blog had over 100 posts.

I have visitors come to my house, after spending some time with them, I know that I must get back to writing my blog post. I need to pursue my dream, I must take action to achieve my goals.

There have been many obstacles stopping me from writing my blog posts, but I have managed to overcome them, as my dream is driving me forward.

In the beginning you will need to stay consistent with your blogging. I have set a goal of writing a minimum of one blog post daily, until I reach over 100 posts. I am determined to stay consistent to build up momentum.

I would suggest that you set a similar goal, if you are starting out with blogging. There are hobby bloggers and there are bloggers that are serious about taking it to the next level.

Are you a hobby blogger or a blogger who is looking to attract thousands of visitors to your blog daily?

Providing Value

Make sure that you blog posts provide value in the form of relevant information, motivation and inspiration. In my blog posts I am passing on everything that I learn as a blogger, who is working towards creating an online passive income.

My posts are a mixture of information and motivation. I also keep myself motivated by writing these blog posts. These posts make me break out of the comfort zone daily to chase my dream of creating financial freedom using the internet.

It does not matter where you are at on your blogging journey, you can still provide value to others. There are a large number of bloggers who have just started out. There are also a large number of people who are thinking of starting a blog.

My blog posts may not provide much value to someone that is earning over $10,000 monthly from blogging, but it will provide value to some who is starting out like myself or looking for a way by creating passive income using the internet.

Delayed Gratification

If you don’t get much back from your blogging, you may not stay motivated for long. At the initial stage you will not get much back from your blogging in monetary terms, but you will need to stay focused.

It may take 6 to 12 months for your blog to get established and drive in a large number of visitors. The thing that is driving me to continue is the traffic building up and posts getting indexed by google.

Most people are looking for instant gratification, they want instant results. Creating passive income from blogging takes time and effort, it is not going to happen over night. Blogging is a delayed gratification process, the results take time to show up.

I have given myself 24 months to build up $5,000 monthly in passive income from my blogging. I know that not much will happen within the first 6 months, but I will need to put in a lot of work during this crucial stage.

Disaster Recovery

Today I had visitors around my house, my blogging time was limited. I set myself two hours to write a blog post similar to this.

I wrote the post, live on the WordPress editor on my blog. I did not realise that it was not saving, suddenly the cloud hosting crashed and my work was all gone. There was nothing I could do to recover it.

I started all over again and wrote this post, I had to skip my meal and focus on writing it. There will be many so called disasters facing you. The belief you have in your abilities will drive you forwards. If your belief is strong enough, nothing can stop you from reaching your goal.

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