The Benefits Of Blogging

In this post I am only dealing with blogs that are created to earn money via affiliate marketing and adverting served on the blog. Compared to a traditional job, blogging can help your create a lot of time freedom in the long run. If you treat it like a full-time job for a couple of years, it can enable you to reach financial freedom.

There are many hobby bloggers and a small number that treat blogging like a business. You can blog about something that you are really passionate about. This will provide you with some sanctification. It is a massive bonus if you can also earn money from blogging about something that you are passionate about.

Work From Anywhere

As a blogger you can work from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and connection to the internet to upload your posts.

Even if you don’t have access to the internet, you can still write your blog posts using Microsoft Word and upload them later. You can jot down ideas for your blog posts on a notepad or sheet of paper, if you don’t have your laptop with you.

You don’t have to face the morning rush hour to get to work. There is no one to order you around or deadlines that you have to meet. As a blogger, you are your own boss. Your words published on the internet will be working to bring in your wages.

You can work from home at your own pace. You can dress how you want and take breaks when you want. You have the freedom to dictate how you spend your time.

You can travel around the world and still continue earning income from your blog. All you need is a couple of hours to write a post on your laptop and publish it. The rest of the time will be available for you to spend it how you want.

Many bloggers travel the world and still receive earnings from their blog. They may take their laptop with them to post a couple of articles to keep the blog updated.

During the initial stage of creating a blog, most people will be working on it on part-time basis. They still need to work their regular job to meet the monthly expenses.

Work At Your Own Pace

As a blogger you have the freedom to work at your own pace. You are responsible for scheduling your blogging work load.

There will be no one telling you what to do. You will need to manage your time efficiently to enable you to carry out the research and write your blog posts.

Currently, I am working 12 hours shifts at work, it is hard to find the time to write my blog posts. I still manage to get them done as the passion drives me on. The dream of what can happen is clearly visible in my mind.

I am working on this blog to enable me to leave the 12 hour shifts and do something constructive with my life. This is my goal, not everyone will have a similar goal. Some people are happy and content with the job they are doing, others don’t have much ambition.

Even with this busy work schedule, I manage to find the time to write my blog posts. If something is really important to you, you will find the time for it.

I have set a goal of writing a minimum of one blog post daily. I will continue to do this until I have written over 100 posts. Once there are over 100 posts on the blog, the traffic and income will start to build up. It’s all about creating the initial momentum at this stage.

After I have over 100 posts, I will work on creating a minimum of 3 to 4 posts per week. This will help to keep the traffic flowing in. The work load may be a intense now, but it will decrease as the posts start to get indexed by google.

My blog posts have started to get noticed by google. I know google has started to index my blog. The blog is receiving some organic traffic from google already. The traffic will increase as more posts are uploaded to the blog.

Once the earnings from my blog surpass the earnings from my current job, I will be in a position to devote more time to my blogging.

Create Your Own Pay Check

You are responsible for your own pay check as a blogger. You have the power to influence how much you earn from your blogging. The more research and effort you put in, the more money you will be able to earn from your blog.

In the beginning, most of your blogging income is going to come from affiliate commissions. As your blog starts to pick up traffic, you will be able to monetize it using programs like Ezoic.

Revenue from affiliate marketing and adverts running on your blog can be complimented by creating your own digital products.

You will need to establish your own brand and trust to take the step towards creating your own digital products.

These digital products can be in the form of e-books, courses or video based training. You can create these yourself or get help from freelancers.

There are many platforms available to create digital products on. If you have the knowledge and the patience, you can write your own pay check using this route.

Become Proficient In Your Chosen Niche

As your write your blog posts you will be doing a lot of research using the internet on your chosen niche. After writing a large number of posts, you will have picked up a lot of knowledge related to your niche.

Let’s take this blog as an example…

After researching and writing posts for over 2 years, I would have over 100 blog posts. The research and thought gone into writing these posts will have increased my knowledge in the area of earning a passive income from blogging.

I would have picked up a lot of knowledge in the areas of affiliate marketing, advertising networks, keyword research and blog monetization.

I will have more knowledge in this niche than someone who is just starting out. I will be seen as someone that is proficient in my chosen niche.

Choosing a niche that you enjoy researching will help to keep you focused. Make sure that the blog posts within your chosen niche can be monetized using affiliate programs and advertising.

Improve Your Writing Skills

As you continue on your blogging journey, your writing skills will also start to improve. In the beginning, I found it hard to write my blog posts. With every blog post, my writing skills and thought process started to improve.

I am now able to write blog posts with ease after doing some initial research. Your writing skills will not have to be on par with the next Booker Prize winning novelist. Your posts need to be easy to read and they need to pass on your thoughts to the reader with ease and clarity.

Consistent blogging will also help you to get to the stage where you will be ready to create your own digital products. You will have improved your writing skills and also your concentration skills.

I try not to use really fancy words in my blog posts. I am writing my post to be read and easily understood by most people with sufficient knowledge of the English language. For some people, English is not their first language.

Writing a blog post requires you to understand the audience it is intended for. Visitors to my blog will come from around the world, so I have to write in a format that is easy to understand.

Create Your Own Brand

The success of your blog will also help to brand you within your chosen niche. Some people chose to create the name of their blog as their brand. I have chosen to brand myself as I have used my name as my blogs domain (Mujibur Rahman:

I have taken on a massive task to brand myself, as Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was the founder of Bangladesh. There are is a vast amount of information related to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on the internet.

If you search for Mujibur Rahman, information related to Sheikh Mujibur Rahman takes up the first few pages on the listing. I will try and rank on the first page on google for search terms like “Mujibur Rahman Internet Marketer“, “Mujibur Rahman Affiliate Marketer“, “Mujibur Rahman Blogger“, Mujibur Rahman Digital Marketer“, “Mujibur Rahman Online Passive Income“.

Once I have ranked for these search terms, I will work on getting ranked for “Mujibur Rahman” on the first page of google. This is a long term goal, but one day it will become reality.

I could have started a blog named “Online Passive Income Builder“, but the thrill of having my name on the first page of google and branding myself has made me take the much harder option!

Once you have established your brand, you will be able to create information products and videos course to sell online. If you have branded yourself well within your chosen niche, your products will sell easily.

The best thing about creating your own info products and courses is that the profit margin is very high. These digital products can also produce passive income without you having to be involved in the delivery process.

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