The 10 Step Goal Setting Formula

I learned this powerful 10 step goal setting formula from the late billionaire, Bill Bartmann. He used these exact same 10 steps to get himself out of debt and become America’s 25th richest person.

Most of us have not even witnessed half of the calamities that Bill Bartmann had experienced in his life. He managed to transform a life that was destined for poverty to live a life as one of the world’s wealthiest.

Many people have used this exact same goal setting formula to transform their lives within a few years. You don’t have to wait for New Year’s Eve to set your goals. You can start working on your dream/goals immediately, at anytime of year, any day and and any time.

Step 1: Make Sure It’s Your Goal

Most people are chasing their parents dreams. Your mother or father may want you to become a lawyer, engineer, doctor or a sports professional.

You need to ask yourself the question “Is this what I really want to become?”.

What are you passionate about?

What do you want to do with your life?

Stop chasing someone else’s dream, find out what you truly want. Work on transforming your own dream into reality. It will bring you more happiness and give purpose to your life.

Sit down and open up a blank page on a A5 journal/notebook and grab a pen. Write the heading “What I Truly Want In My Life”. Start dreaming and fill the sheet with a list of what you truly want in your life. List all the things you want, the person you want to become, the things you want to do, the things you want to experience.

You need to work out what you truly want for yourself and the life you want to life. It’s your life, you need to be in charge of it. Working on your own dreams is the path towards happiness and a fulfilled life.

Step 2: Call It A Promise

One you have worked out what you truly desire in your life, call this your promise. Most people have set goals in the past and have not achieved all of them.

The subconscious mind accepts that you will not accomplish all your goals. There is always a percentage of failure attached to every goal.

Once you replace the word goal with “promise”, the subconscious mind starts to take it seriously. Most of us have never broken a promise that we have made to others. You are now making a promise to the most important person in your life “yourself”.

Unless you are a really shady character, you will be a person who keeps his promise. The power of a promise is much greater than a goal. A promise does not leave any room for failure.

Step 3: Clearly Define Your Promise

Now that you have worked out what you truly want in your life and the lifestyle you want to create. Write out your promise in detail. You are not working on a goal anymore, you are working on a promise that you are making to yourself.

Write the heading “My Promise” and start writing down your promise in as much detail as possible. At this stage don’t let the thought of how you will achieve it worry you. Just write down what you truly want in as clearly as possible.

Start thinking big, don’t settle for a life smaller than you can imagine. Stretch your imagination and dream of the lifestyle you really desire, not the one that you are willing to settle for.

Step 4: Identify Your Personal Motivator

For who and why are you working on your promise?

Who are your motivators?

Are you doing it for your immediate family, your wife and children?

Are you doing it for your parents and siblings?

Are you doing it for yourself?

Whoever you are working on your promise has to be your motivator. Without this motivation, you will end up breaking your promise.

Your personal motivator has to be strong enough to enable you to achieve your promise.

You can use both positive and negative motivators. A positive motivator can be your family. You may want to give them a better life and provide them with everything they want in life.

A negative motivator can be a person or a group of people who you want to prove wrong with your success. These can be people who see you as a failure in life, the people who will never help you in life.

There are also many people who want to see you live a messed up life of poverty and misery. Somehow they seem to get joy from your struggles. You can use these people as negative motivators.

You will also get many characters at work who will try and ridicule what you are doing towards achieving a better life for yourself. The reality is that they cannot be much better off than yourself as they are working in the same job as yourself.

People usually don’t like to see their colleagues move out of the comfort-zone they have got used to. The emotion of jealousy makes them come out with negative statements.

A colleague who is truly happy for you trying to get out of the comfort-zone will always encourage you, as they also want to do the same.

A combination of both positive and negative motivators creates a powerful source of motivation. This will keep you going until you realise your promise.

Step 5: Create A Promise Plan

Now that you have worked out what you truly want in your life and have made a promise, and also have the motivation to move ahead… you are ready to create your promise plan.

Write the heading “My Promise Plan” in a A5 journal/notebook. Write down what you truly want in your life and the date you want it by.

Use these 6 questions to help you create your promise plan.

  1. What do you want?
  2. By when do you want it?
  3. Where will you be after accomplishing it?
  4. Why do you really want this? (motivators)
  5. Who will you need to help you? (mentors, partners, connections)
  6. How are you going to get there? (This cannot be known yet, it will show up as you make progress)

You many want to become wealthy. You will need to define how much money you want and by what time you are going to get it.

Where will you be living after getting this amount of money?

Why do you want this amount of money?

How will help you accumulate this amount of money?

You will not know how this money will come into your life. You need to start taking action with full faith that the money will come to you in the time you have specified. Whatever needs to happen will happen to get the money to you.

Just take action on as you get inspired to do so.

If your dream is to become famous, you will need to ask yourself the above questions. To work out and define your level of famousness and when you want to accomplish it by and where you will be after achieving our desired level of fame.

Step 6: Review Your Plan & Promise Regularly

Take 20 minutes daily to review your promise plan. This will help to program it into your subconscious mind. It will also keep you focused on the plan.

Make a summary of your promise plan and turn it into your mobile phone screen saver or a TiKTok video and pin it to the top.

There are many ways of doing this on various social media platforms. Your objective is to be able to see your promise plan as many times as you can throughout the day to keep you focused on it.

You can also do this in the old fashion way by getting a blank business card size card. On one side write the words “My Promise” on the reverse side write your promise plan in short. This can be in bullet points, just to act as a reminder. Laminate the card and keep it in your pocket, you will see it twice daily as you put it into your pocket after you get dressed and out of your pocket when you get undressed.

Make a habit to take the card out and view it throughout the day to keep you focused on your promise plan.

If you have it on your mobile, view the screen saver, image or video throughout the day to stay focused on your promise plan.

This act of focusing on your promise plan throughout the day will program it into your subconscious mind.

Step 7: Tell Yourself You Will Succeed

Tell yourself that you will succeed as many times as possible throughout the day. The power of affirmations is truly phenomenal.

You can use the words “I will achieve my promise” or use similar words of your own. Repeat the words out loud as many times as possible throughout the day.

Sometimes it may not be appropriate to say out the words aloud when you are in the presence of others. You don’t want to look like your going crazy. At these time just imagine saying it out in your mind and also visualise the words.

You can boost your affirmations by recording yourself saying out the words “I will achieve my promise” and playing it back through headphones, ear buds whilst travelling back and forth from work. You can also pay it in your car whilst travelling on your own. You can listen to yourself and repeat back the words aloud to boost your affirmations.

Step 8: Tell Others About Your Promise

Most people say that you should your your goals a secret. Bill Bartmann had a different take on this. He replaced the word goal with the word promise.

Bill believed that the sharing of our promise with others was important. By sharing our promise we make ourselves accountable.

The sharing of our promise will also attract others that may be able to help us. It will also attract like minded people to connect with us.

Don’t be afraid to share your promise with others. Some people will help you towards achieving your promise. Others will ridicule you, use this as a negative motivator.

You can share your promise on Social Media in a YouTube, TikTok vide or as a post on your blog. This will attract my like minded people to connect with you.

You will get many encouraging comments and also many negative comments. Use the both the positive and negative stuff to motivate you.

If you truly want to achieve your promise, you should not let the negativity from others affect you. Work on building up your self-esteem. A person with a high level of self-esteem does not let the comments and opinions of others affect their propose in life.

All successful entrepreneurs and the wealthiest people in the world have a high level of self-esteem. They are driven by their purpose in life, they do not pay attention to the opinion of others.

Work daily on raising you self-esteem. You mission is to build a better life for yourself and your loved ones. You should not let others distract or discourage you from creating the lifestyle you desire.

Share your promise, and use both the positive and negative comments and opinions from others as the fuel to drive you towards achieving your promise.

Step 9: Visualize The Final Results

Throughout the day visualise the dream that you are working towards. See yourself living the lifestyle you desire and in possession of the things that you desire. Visualize your promise has been achieved, feel the happiness that this vision brings to emotionalize with.

This visualization process programs your promise into your subconscious mind. The power of the subconscious mind is truly amazing, it works 24 hours a day towards achieving the vision that has been passed onto it. It works on the vision whilst you sleep and whilst you continue with your daily activities.

If your promise is to become wealthy, you should drive to affluent neighbourhoods and experience the lifestyle. Look at the mansions and select the one you want to live in. Start shopping for your perfect home in the neighbourhood that you want to live in.

You can use sites like to look at homes in the location that you want to move to. You can also start looking at you dream holiday homes, cars, designer clothes and other accessories via the internet.

There are also many videos on YouTube that will help to expand your vision and mindset. Start watching videos luxury mansions, vacations, cars, restaurants, fashion and things that you truly desire.

You need to keep focused on your promise to transform it into your reality. If you are focused on your promise and working the plan daily, it will definitely become your reality.

Step 10: Take Action

Most people have come across the law of attraction and may have watched “The Secret” movie. The law of attraction is a universal law that will work for everyone.

The more you are focused on the things you want, the more opportunities you will have of attracting them into your life. You must act on the opportunities and impulses that come from your subconscious mind.

You cannot just sit in on your couch and expect things to come to you mysteriously. The only thing you will get by following this route is to become a “couch potato”.

You need to take action, once opportunities come to you. There will be many opportunities and people that will be attracted to you, but you must take action to use these resources move you towards achieving your promise.

If you could become wealthy by just sitting on your couch and dreaming about it, the world would be full of wealthy people. The law of attraction does not work like this.

You cannot show me a billionaire who has built up their fortune just by thing about it. They have focused on their vision and taken massive action to transform it into reality.

Without the action part, you will not be able to achieve your promise, or transform your dream into your reality.


Make sure your goal is something that you want, not someone else’s goal. Replace the word goal with the word promise.

Clearly define your promise by writing it down in as much detail as possible. Identify your motivators to help you stay in the journey until you achieve your promise. These can be both positive and negative motivators.

Create your promise plan that will enable you to achieve your promise. Make it a written, detailed plan that clearly defines what you truly want. Set a date by which your promise is to be accomplished by.

Write down where you will be once you have achieved your promise. How will you know that you have achieved your promise?

Write down why you want to achieve your dream. Who or what is motivating you to achieve your promise? (positive and negative motivators).

Who will you need to help you? Mentors, Partners and Connections.

What knowledge do you need to acquire? Courses, Seminars, Books, Videos, Business Experience.

You will not know exactly how you are going to accomplish your promise. Once you know what you want and created a plan, start working daily and the opportunities, people and path will start to show up.

You must take action when you are inspired to do so. Don’t miss out on the opportunities that are presented to you. Always connect with like minded people, you will be able to help each other and draw from your connections.

You can share your promise with us via the comments section. Let me know what you think about this goal promise setting plan.

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