Stop Complaining And Start Taking Action

Are you still complaining about your life?

I’m asking you this question, yes you, the person reading this blog post. You can think of it as coincidence or the higher force lining up the path to enable you to transform your lifestyle.

If you are truly fed up with the lifestyle you are currently living, take some time out and do the following exercises.

Dream Without Limitations

You will need approximately 1 hour for this exercise.

Find a quiet place, where you will not be disturbed for one hour. Place your mobile phone on silent and let people know that you are not to be disturbed during this time period.

Close your eyes and start dreaming of the lifestyle that you truly desire. Don’t place any limitations on what you can have or how your life can become.

Don’t worry about how much things are going to cost or how you are going to afford them. If you want to live in a mansion, just visualize yourself living in the mansion.

Let yourself have any possession you desire in your dream. You can have any car your desire, you can travel to any destination in the world your desire.

You can dine at any restaurant your desire, you can wear any brand of clothes you desire. Dream without limitations, let yourself have anything you truly desire.

Continue dreaming for the full hour, enjoy the lifestyle your dream creates for you. This is not the type of dream you have when you go to sleep. This is a dream that you will experience by closing your eyes, whilst you are still awake.

The most important thing to do is to expand your possibilities, dream as big and lavish as possible. Enjoy the feeling that you experience whilst you are dreaming about the lifestyle you desire.

This exercise will expand your outlook in life, it will show you the possibilities. It will ignite your desire to live life to the fullest.

Do this exercise as many times as you can throughout the week. Each time you do this exercise, your subconscious mind will get programmed with the visions that you are experiencing. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between reality and the imaginary.

Write Without Limitations

You will need approximately 30 minutes for this exercise.

Grab some loose sheets of paper or a journal and start writing about the lifestyle you desire.

If your desire is to live in a mansion, write it in the present tense like the following:

“I am so happy and grateful that I am living in a beautiful 10 bedroom mansion set in 7 acres of greenery. I have a really nice tennis court within my mansions setting. I have an indoor swimming pool attached to my gym and sauna.”.

Write out the description of whatever you desire in the present tense and give it as much detail as you can. Make it personal to you, instead of just a generic description.

Go through the list of this you want and also the things you want achieve, the cars, the clothes, the holidays the experiences… just continue writing.

Don’t place any limitations on what you can be do or have. Let the images from from your mind onto the the paper.

Just remember, this what you desire, it is personal to you. Don’t worry about it being perfect or sounding far fetched. Don’t worry about the cost involved or how it going to come about. If it is something that you want, just write it down.

Writing things down has a magical influence on them. Writing it down, visualizing it and emotionalizing it, will send out the vibrations and start the process by which it will be attracted to you.

Expect The Lifestyle You Desire To Become Your Reality

Believe that the lifestyle you desire is going to become your reality. Expect the your desired lifestyle to replace you current lifestyle.

Always keep your expectations fully charged by increasing your belief in your desired lifestyle to become your reality. You can do this by carrying out the exercises outlined above.

When your expectations are high, your body’s vibrational frequency is raised. This will place you in a optimal state to attract the lifestyle you truly desire.

This state of positivity will transform you into a magnet that attracts the lifestyle you desire.

It is hard to stay in this state of positivity for long. You will need to continue carrying out the exercises outlined above to keep your focused and super charged, so that you can attract the lifestyle you desire.

If you have made a decision to transform your lifestyle, you should carry out the exercises outlined in this post to stay focused on the lifestyle you desire. Take the actions necessary to enable you to create the lifestyle you desire.

Once you have made a decision, there is no going back. This no going back on a decision is the key that separates the successful from the masses.

Don’t let your life drift along without any real purpose or conviction. Take action to shape it into the lifestyle that you want to live.

Your life can become much, much better than what it is currently. Just believe that it’s possible to transform it and start taking action immediately.

The day you decide to make changes is the day that will put you onto the path of freedom. Stop complaining about your current lifestyle and start working on transforming it to one that you desire.

Always expect good things to happen to you. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties, you will need to break the cycle that keeps you in that state.

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