Running On 4 Hours Of Sleep

I am currently working 12 hours night shifts as a corporate security officer. It takes me 1.5 hours to travel to work and 1.5 hours to travel back home after work.

15 hours of my day is taken up by work and travel on public transport. Out of the remaining 9 hours, eating, showering, shaving and using the bathroom take up another 5 hours.

Working The 7,3,7,4 Security Shift Pattern

I’m lucky to get 4 hours of sleep during my working shift pattern. I work 7 nights in a row and get 3 nights off, I work another 7 nights and get 4 nights off. This is known as the 7,3,7,4 shift pattern. It’s a nightmare working this shift pattern, especially night shift.

I am trying to juggle all of this to try and find a way out of this mind numbing employment. A few unfortunate events in my life have forced me into taking up this employment.

I am grateful that I am able to provide for myself and my family. I have a roof over my head and food on the table. I am doing honest work and not involved in any shady dealing.

I Need To Find A Way Out

I have had enough of this employment and these 12 hour shifts. This cannot go on for much longer, I need to find a way out of this mess.

I started off this blog with the hope of getting it monetized via AdSense within a few months, but it looks like Google is not interested in my content.

My blog post were initially related to my life and my perspective on the world. These posts were not getting picked up by Google, so I started to write some generic articles that would help to get the blog indexed by Google.

I have now stopped post these generic articles and have carried on writing my own unique lifestyle article. These articles are unique to my life and worth sharing with other to get the thoughts out of my mind.

Hopefully, one day in the future this blog will get monetized via AdSense. I will continue posting my thoughts and my perspective on life.

Looking At A White Golf GT TDi

I looked at buying a white Golf GT TDi for my son as his second car. The car was immaculate, but there was a scraping noise coming from around the front wheels, whilst driving it.

Knowing the kind of luck that I have had recently, I decided not to look at this car any further. He is not in a rush to buy another car, it can wait. His present car is ULEZ compliant and still running smoothly.

Going to inspect this car has taken time out of my 4 hour sleep routine. Luckily my son was able to drive me to work, saving me the hassle of fighting through public transport.

I have suggested that he takes the time to look around for his next car and not to rush into buying something that looks like a bargain.

Usually bargains have something defective to make them into bargains. He is young, but has matured in mind and able to make good judgements.

YouTube Channel Monetization In 6 Months

My has made a decision to build up his YouTube Channel and get it monetized within 6 months. I believe that he will be able to it, if he is able to put in massive work and stay consistent.

Currently he has 106 subscribers on his channel and 2 videos that being watched by people daily. He has started to film more content for future videos.

He has been asking questions to strangers to get their response. This will build up his confidence, interviewing skills and also his filming skills.

A lot of work goes into producing a video that is only 4 minutes in length. The editing takes a lot of time as he is learning this as the project progresses.

Please subscribe to his YouTube Channel , watch the videos and share the link with your friends. Let’s get him to over 1,000 subscriber and 4,000 hours in watch time within 6 months.

My Headache Has Disappeared Naturally

I came into work with a blazing headache, as I only managed to get a couple of hours of sleep. I focused my mind on positive thoughts and have managed to get rid of the headache completely.

I am thinking of the bright future that I am working towards creating. I have removed myself from the current reality to the future reality that I want to experience.

I feel totally energized and relaxed, as I type this blog post on the desktop computer. I know that I am close to transforming my dream into reality.

We should never underestimate the power of our mind to heal our body. Once you raise your vibrational frequency and experience the positive emotion of joy, happiness and bliss, your headache cannot stay in this positive environment.

Every moment in time, we can choose to entertain positive thoughts to transform our vibrational frequency to replace negative emotions with positive emotions.

You can choose to be happy or remain miserable. Your thoughts create your reality and can transform your emotional state.

Get Away From The Negativity, It’s Infectious

My current work environment has some people who will easily qualify for the most negative individuals in the world. These guys are uncultured and uneducated, it’s not their fault for being like this. I have chosen to stay away from these individuals.

I am not interested in taking about other people or the latest gossip. I want to use my time to think about my future and create plans to get out of working these 12 hour shifts.

You have idiots that put up the full volume on the computer and sleep, whilst others just talk continuous nonsense on the phone. I think that these 12 hour shifts have made some of the deaf, as they turn up the tribal music on full blast.

If you have ever worked as a corporate security officer, you will understand what I am on about. Some individual have no respect for their work colleagues and wonder why they get the silent treatment.

The amount of bull poop that I have witnessed in corporate security is astounding. Sometimes I wonder how some of these guys managed to pass the SIA course and also pass the recruitment process.

The best thing to do is to stay away from these brain dead idiots and continue with my work towards finding a way out of this mess.

No Everyone Is Interested In Improving Themselves

A large number of people talk about improving their circumstance, but they are not really willing to do anything about it.

You cannot transform your life by just talking about wanting better things, you need to back it up with a plan and take the action necessary to make it happen.

You cannot spend your spare time watching dramas and Netflix series after series, and expect your life to change for the better. You will need to put in time and effort to transform your dream into reality.

Don’t waste your time trying to escape your current reality by watching fictional dramas. Thousands of lives are being wasted and people still wonder why they are stuck in their current circumstance.

You need to have a dream and also a plan of action to transform it into reality. A dream without a plan will always remain a wish.

Focus on yourself and what you truly want in life. You don’t have to accept your current circumstance as your permanent circumstance. We all posses the ability to create a better lifestyle for ourselves. Don’t let the comfort-zone rob you off the your dream lifestyle.

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