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Optimizing My Marketing Strategy for Better Results

I have been optimizing my marketing system and strategies to get better results. You need to continuously analyse your marketing results and take appropriate actions to boost your results.

Working On Capture Form And Landing Page

I stopped blogging and took some time out to analyse my marketing results. I could see that I had to work on my capture form and landing page. I had to find a balance between sounding too good to be true and not evoking any desire to take action.

I manged to create the following capture form:

It’s simple and delivers the message. If anyone is interested in building a passive income and getting their money making website set up for free, they will want to subscribe and learn more.

I used the same message to create the landing page at

I have kept the landing page clean and simple. There are no images of people flashing money or fancy cars, mansions… just the opportunity for people get a free money making website that will allow them to build 5 streams of passive income.

I have placed the capture page on various locations on my blog. It will enable people visiting my blog to subscribe and get the information that will enable them to get their own free money making website set up.

I will be using the landing page to market outside of my blog. I will drive visitors to it to build my list of subscribers and provide them with the information they need to build multiple streams of passive income using the internet.

Over 1,000 Subscribers On My Email List

I have 1,075 subscribers on my list as of 31st January 2024. This numbers has been going up and down, as a result of my email broadcasts. Some people are not interested in building a substantial monthly passive income that will take a minimum of 12 months. They may be looking for a get rich quick scheme… I cannot offer them that.

It is better for them to leave my list and it is also better form me as it cleans up my subscribe list. I want my autoresponder messages and broadcasts to be sent to people that will take action on it.

I don’t get worried when subscribers start leaving your email list, as this needs to happen for me to build a list of highly targeted prospects. A small number of my subscribers will start trusting me and work with me on the passive income streams that I am marketing and building.

My goal is to build a list of around 10,000 highly targeted subscribers. I will have to get over 10,000 subscribers to reach this figure as many will unsubscribe.

Once I have built a list of around 10,000 highly targeted subscribers, I will be in a position to build a substantial monthly passive income.

If only 250 people from my list decide to work with me and earn me a monthly commission of $20 each. I will be earning 250 x $20 = $5,000 monthly in passive income.

I know this can happen in 12 months. It will take a lot of marketing action. I am willing to put in the time and effort. I have the system in place and my subscribers can have the exact same system for free.

Working On My Autoresponder Messages

I am working on and updating my autoresponder messages for “Build Passive Income With Mujibur“. I am branding myself using this blog

I have managed to update the first message in the autoresponder sequence. I have taken some time out to write this blog post to update you on my progress so far.

There is a lot of work that I am doing behind the scene, I only have around 1.5 hours daily to work on my online business. I try put as much time into my online business as possible on my days off from work.

I will get more of the autoresponder messages live after uploading this blog post. I will need to work around the clock tonight to get this done. I know I will be burning the midnight oil in order to create a brighter future for myself.

There are many online income opportunities promising to transform your financial future in days, but they end up taking your hard earned money from you.

You need to work with proven opportunities and systems and put the the time and effort to create the financial rewards that you desire. Don’t look for overnight miracles, it takes time and effort to build long-lasting passive income streams in real life as well as in the online realm.

My autoresponder messages will be up and running tomorrow (1st February 2024). This online passive income building journey has been really interesting so far. I got started on the 1st of January 2024, it’s been a month and things are looking good 🙂

I Have Set Up All 5 Passive Income Streams

I have set up all 5 passive income streams as outlined in the Plug In Profit Site. The system is ready and live, it’s just a matter of sending visitors to my landing page.

Not everyone visiting my landing page will subscribe to my list. Not everyone that subscribes will take action. A small number of people will take action and get their free money make website.

I know internet marketing is a game of numbers. The only way to increase your odds of success is by getting more eyeballs on your landing page, blog post, videos… your list of subscribers will gradually grow and some of them will eventually take action.

Most of the subscribers on your list will not take any action upon receiving your first email message. This is the reason that you need to set up many follow-up messages. As your subscribers start receiving subsequent follow up messages, some will unsubscribe and a small number will take action.

The Plug In Profit Site will create your site for free and create the follow-up messages for you. If you work the this system for 12 months and put in consistent effort, you will be able to build a substantial monthly passive income using it.

I have kept this post short, as I need to get back to customizing my follow-up messages. Even though the Plug In Profit Site is a done for you system, it is better to customize the follow-up messages to brand yourself.

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