Online Passive Income System (OPIS) – 2 Week Update

I launched the Online Passive Income System (OPIS) on the 1st of May 2023. I am writing this post on the 17th of May 2023, it’s been just over 2 weeks of launching this system.

Leads Are Flowing In Daily

I am getting 3 to 4 leads coming into the marketing system daily. These leads are coming mainly from My Lead Gen Secret. My goals is to get approximately 100 leads daily within the next couple of months.

Getting 100 leads daily would equate to around 3,000 leads monthly. This would enable me to reach my goal of over 10,000 leads within 4 months.

I have around 7 months to get to generating around 100 leads daily to reach my target of over 10,000 leads within 12 months.

How I Plan On Increasing My Daily Leads

I will continue using My Lead Gen Secret and also tweaking the emails that I am sending out daily to increase the lead capture rate.

I will also start using Udimi to purchase solo ads to boost my lead generation. During the initial stage, I will need to use paid marketing resources to boost my leads, as I will be relatively unknown within the online passive income building niche.

Once I have captured over 2,000 leads, I will start branding myself via Social Media. I will need to show proof of earnings to build up views to my videos. Once the videos start getting a large number of views, the subscriptions to my should start to increase.

I am currently a little camera shy and don’t know much about editing videos. I will have to put myself out there and create shorts on YouTube and also TikTok videos.

YouTube shorts and TikTok videos can be uploaded on the fly. I need to create videos that will attract views and lead to subscribers.

Most internet marketers started out being camera shy, but they have overcome this by taking action. You can only get better by practicing. I will start uploading videos daily to build up my following and also subscribers to my list.

Getting FREE Leads Daily

Video platforms like YouTube and TiKTok allow savvy digital marketers to generate 100’s of leads daily for free. It will time and effort but the rewards will be well worth it.

Just imagine getting over 100 leads daily for videos that you have posted on sites like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. This free lead generation strategy will enable you to generate over 10,000 leads within 12 months.

If you are promoting a passive income opportunity that earns you a monthly commission of $20 per member, you could build up a substantial monthly passive income from your list of 10,000 subscribers.

Let’s look at an example…

You send out an email recommending the passive income opportunity to your list of 10,000 subscribers. Only 4% of them join the opportunity.

4% of 10,000 is 400

Each member that joins earns you a monthly commission of $20

You will start earning a passive income of 400 x $20 = $8,000 monthly.

What if only 2% of your subscribers joined the opportunity….

2% of 10,000 is 200

Each member that joins earns you a monthly commission of $20

You will start earning a passive income of 200 x $20 = $4,000 monthly.

Let’s say that you only get 2% of your subscribers to join the opportunity, you can still boost your monthly earning by getting more subscribers to your list.

Just imagine the possibilities that will open up once you have over 100,000 subscribers on your list. It will enable you to generate cash on demand.

A single email will enable you to earn affiliate commissions that may be more than you are earning in a month, at your current employment.

Keeping The Dream Alive

There will be many times that you will feel like giving up, as the results will not be instantaneous. You will need to connect with your dream again to keep it alive.

If your dream and vision is strong enough, you will find the strength to carry on. It’s just a matter of becoming good at internet marketing, especially in lead generation.

You will need to step up and become a leader, you need to distinguish yourself from the masses. The more valuable you become as a leader, the higher your online income will reach.

I got distracted with many things during these initial couple of weeks. I had a print on demand stream going and I also wanted to get involved with forex trading. I had to place these on hold as my number one goal is to establish a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the Online Passive Income System.

I cannot let anything else distract me until I have established a substantial monthly passive income using this system. Once I have reached this goal, I will have plenty of time in my hands to look at other online income streams.

It’s Going To Be A Crazy Summer

During the months of June, July, August and September, I will be marketing the Online Passive Income System like crazy. It’s going to be approximately 120 days of madness.

I will be creating many YouTube shorts and TikTok videos along with many blog posts to establish myself as a leader within the online passive income niche.

I invite you to join me on this journey and build a substantial monthly passive income for yourself using this system.

I haven’t updated this blog for a couple of weeks, as I had been working towards tidying up a few loose ends. I had to start on this journey, I could not wait around for the perfect time, as I know that it would never come.

You will see regular updates and posts on the blog as this journey unfolds. I have made a decision to really go with this 100% and get to my goal of earning a passive income of $5,000 monthly within 12 months.

It’s not easy to find the time to make videos and write blog posts, especially whilst working 12 hour shifts at my current employment.

I am sacrificing all my free-time and valuable hours of sleep to enable me to transform my life. I know it is not going to be easy, but I know that it is possible.

It is just a matter of taking massive action and staying consistent with the marketing and branding. My goal of earning a passive income of over $5,000 monthly using the internet can happen in 12 months.

I am working on my dream whilst most people are wasting their valuable time watching NetFlix and just lazing around. I cannot afford to waste my valuable time on things that will not contribute towards transforming my dream into my reality.

Whilst working on this system, you will get many people ridiculing you and discouraging you. Just remember that it is not their dream, it is your dream. These people do not pay your bills, you are responsible for your bills and your life.

Don’t waste your time thinking about getting started, waiting for the right time, the time to get started is now. Start taking action immediately to transform your life, I know it is not going to happen immediately.

You can get the ball rolling immediately by taking action now. If you are new to internet marketing, it may time some time to set everything up. Once the system is up and running, it will get easier and you will start to see results as you continue on the journey towards financial freedom.

Just 12 months of massive action can transform your life forever. You don’t have to settle for the current situation that are in, there is a way out.

“I may earn commissions as an affiliate from sponsored links within this post”

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