Obstacles Are There To Be Overcome

The past few days have been really chaotic, as I had to deal with some issues that were draining me emotionally. I had to make decisions and take actions that I should have taken ages ago.

In this world you need to look after yourself, else everyone will just walk over you. Sometimes you need to distance yourself from negative people. Sometimes you have to express your feelings, as holding them in will eat away at you emotionally.

Prolonged negative emotions will manifest as disease in your body and distort your reality. The only way to remove negativity is by taking positive action.

I am focusing on myself and working on a solution to help me get out of the rut that I have got myself into. I cannot blame others for my current circumstance, I accept it as my doing. I have started to deal with it and am ready to make the transformations that will taker me to a better place in life.

I Moved My Blog Over To Wealthy Affiliate

I have also decided to move over my this blog to Wealth Affiliate, as I am going to use this platform to host and develop other blogs in the near future.

It seemed like an easy process, and it was supposed to be. The blog had been moved over successfully by the support team at Wealthy Affiliate. All of a sudden the blog had stopped working, the domain name had lost it’s link to the hosting space. This was caused my the nameservers taking a long time to propagate.

I had changed the nameservers, but the ezoic plugin that I was using had made multiple mirror images of my blog at different locations around the world. After a couple of days of having to refresh browser cache several times, things have gone back to normal.

The blog is now ready for posting updates on. I am also ready to put in the time and effort to transform my life using this blog as a starting point.

I Had To Address My Personal Issues

Some of the personal issues that I encountered were really driving me into a negative state. I had to address this quickly, as I did not want to travel down this road again.

My eldest son could see what these issues were doing to me, he suggested that I should meditate and clear my mind. The meditation sessions really helped me to pull out of the negative emotional influences.

I have now addressed these issues as best as I could. I have decided to follow my dream and stay on track with my blogging and financial goals.

What I have learned from this experience is that negativity needs to be addressed as soon as possible. If it is not dealt with immediately, it will start to have a stronger influence and drag you into a spiral of negativity leading to depression.

I have been there in the past, and will not let it happen to me again. I am developing a completely different mind set now.

Focusing on my dream and taking immediate action has enabled me to get back on track again. I am writing this blog post as my mind clears itself from the fog of negativity and the rays of optimism become visible again.

Sometimes the process of blogging also helps me to gather my thoughts and find a solution. I am now focused on my vision, the way ahead has been cleared.

I have found the guidance that I was missing through the Wealthy Affiliate site. I am currently going through the affiliate marketing tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate and have connected with a number of successful niche bloggers.

The Support Provide Has Been Exceptional

The support provided by the Wealthy Affiliate community has been exceptional. Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate has been really helpful in getting my blog moved over. He is there to support me in accomplishing my goal of earning $10,000 monthly in passive income via blogging.

I had initially set a goal of earning $5,000 monthly, but have now increased it to $10,000 monthly. I believe that this is possible after evaluating my level of determination and the effort that I am willing to put into this project.

This looks like a very realistic figure and I know that I will be able to accomplish this within 24 months. The key is to remain consistent with my blogging and follow the training and guidance provided at Wealthy Affiliate.

I know there is still a lot of work to do, I also know that I am making steady progress. Every little effort is moving me closer towards my goal. Eventually the momentum will build up to speed up the process.

I used to let many distractions affect me in the past, I am now focused only on my goal. I know that I have to take action to transform my lifestyle. I don’t pay much attention to what other people say, if it does not concern me, it just comes in through one ear and goes out of the other.

I am filtering what I pay attention to, as I don’t want negativity to influence my subconscious mind. I am also motivating myself by reading about the achievements of other successful bloggers and how they have monetized their blogs.

You Don’t Have To Settle For Less Than You’re Worth

In life you need to experience being broke to really appreciate being wealthy. I know that my financial situation will change. I have made a decision to take action to change it for the better.

Never settle for less than you are worth, don’t sell yourself short. We all have much, much more potential than we can every imagine. The limiting factor is actually our imagination. If we can imagine it and believe it, we can actually achieve it.

Just dreaming about making changes will not get you far, you need to put in the action. There are many people who carry out a lot of research into building an online business, but fail to take any action towards doing it.

Life is full of many dreamers and a few action takers. Your dream can only become your reality through action and persistence.

I know that I have been selling myself short for a long time now. I am so grateful that I have come across this opportunity to create a passive income via blogging. I have the blueprint to success laid out in front of me by Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t Give Up Before You Get Started

Most people start on an online business venture and give up before it gets of the ground. They quit at the first obstacle they face. This attitude will never enable you to succeed in building a profitable business.

You will need to overcome many obstacles before you reach your desired goal. I know I will have to post over 100 articles on my blog before I start to see any substantial results.

I have been jumping from one income opportunity to another. I have realized that it’s not the opportunity that is not working, the fault actually resides with me.

This shinny object syndrome is responsible for the vast number of failures. The small number of people that succeed possess the grit to keep on going, where the major quit and jump ship.

“A quitter never wins and a winner never quits.” – Napoleon Hill

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