Never Stop Dreaming – How Bad Do You Want It?

It’s the middle of March 2023, the winter in the UK is still with us. Some of the trees have blossomed early, but we were struck with more snow and icy rain.

I am trying to focus on staying positive, but the dream seems to be moving further away into the distance. Time is not on my side as the days start to pass by rapidly.

What Do You Do When Your Dream Starts To Die?

I was asking myself the above question and started to think about an audio by Randy Gage that used to listen to many years ago.

I could not find the audio, but managed to find the presentation video that it was recorded from on YouTube. The video is not in high quality, but the audio is of sufficient quality to enable us to understand it.

I watched this video and listened to it twice to get myself into a positive mindset. I know that I need to connect with my dream again.

If you are stuck in a rut, I would recommend that you watch the above video a minimum of 5 times to transform your mindset.

Back in 2005, I had built-up a monthly passive income of over $4,000 from a Global Network Marketing company called Juvio.

This lasted for a while, until the company gradually faded away, as the compensation plan was not sustainable.

Digital MLM Opportunities

Once the income from Juvio had dried up, I tried a number of digital MLM companies, but these did not produce any significant monthly passive income.

I gave up on the Network Marketing/MLM dream and started looking at other online income options. I started working with affiliate marketing and digital products that paid out large commissions (high ticket).

It has been difficult to build up a substantial monthly income using these high ticket opportunities.

The Blog Monetization Dream

I started working on this blog with the goal of getting it monetized using Adsense within 6 to 12 months, but I have faced many difficulties. The posts on the blog are not getting picked up by Google to drive a large amount of traffic to the blog to get it accepted by Google into the Adsense program.

I will have to let this dream materialize gradually, I will not give up on it. I will continue blogging until the posts are picked up by Google and the blog gets accepted into the Adsense program.

It is hard to continue blogging without seeing any visible results, but I have kept the faith and will carry on until I see the results.

The YouTube Monetization Dream

I have also established a YouTube channel and in the process of getting it monetized via Adsense. This channel is growing gradually as I am posting my daily marketing videos on it.

I have 186 subscribers and close to 400 public watch hours. The subscribers and watch hours are building up slowly. At the current rate, I should be able to get monetized within 6 months.

I am carrying out a 90 day marketing challenge to boost my motivation and transform my mindset.

It looks as though, I will be able to get my YouTube channel monetized before my blog. Let’s see how things progress, I will not stress over it and let the YouTube channel and blog build up gradually.

I am looking for a faster way of building up a substantial monthly income using the internet. The YouTube channel and the blog will be placed on the slow burners for now.

Awakening The Network Marketing Dream Again

I had given up on the Network Marketing Dream after the collapse of Juvio. Most of the network marketing opportunities were marketing over priced products and services.

They also required monthly auto-ship orders of around $60 to $100 to stay active. This was not affordable for the vast majority of people around the world.

Recently I came across the LiveGood Nutrition based Network Marketing opportunity, and it really impressed me.

The products offered my LiveGood are in high demand and are not over priced. People can actually benefit from the products and will actually purchase them at these reasonable prices.

The LiveGood is a Global Network Marketing Opportunity. It is open to the majority of people around the globe and they can join online.

The affiliate program pays out in 6 different ways and has leverage built into it by offering a multi-level pay plan.

The company offers fast start commissions and also residual monthly earnings via the 2×15 matrix pay plan. In fact you have the potential to earn $2,047 monthly without referring a single member.

As a platinum member you have the potential to earn a monthly passive income of over $16,000 just from the 2×15 matrix.

The matching bonus earnings can really boost your monthly passive income. I have qualified as a Bronze Ranked Affiliate and looking to reach Gold Rank within 90 days.

You may be wondering what it costs to get started with LiveGood…

It costs a one-time fee of $49.95 to become an affiliate member and a monthly fee of $9.95 to stay active as an affiliate. This will allow you to earn commissions from the matrix and also from promoting the LiveGood opportunity.

Click Here to take a free tour of the LiveGood opportunity.

You can also learn how I am marketing the LiveGood opportunity by visiting my YouTube channel.

I have not given up on my dream of building a passive income from blogging and YouTube, I know that it will happen soon.

I am using the LiveGood opportunity to build up working capital to help my establish my other online income streams.

I have paid the $49.95 one-time fee and also paid for the yearly affiliate fee instead of the $9.95 monthly fee. I have earned $125 back in fast-start bonuses and have now started to build up a monthly passive income from the 2×15 matrix.

With LiveGood there are no monthly quotas to meet, you will stay active and be eligible to build your business as long as you pay the $9.95 monthly fee.

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