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A major incident has impacted by life recently. This is the reason that I had stopped blogging for a while. I will disclose it on this blog when I am ready to do so. I am currently in the process of dealing with it and trying to make sense of things.

Deal With It And Carry On

This incident in my life has got me to talk to my son Naheed. He doesn’t know what has happened yet, but I have explained to him that we need to start generating a passive income as soon as possible. We will not be able to carry on living like this.

The only person who can help me currently is my son Naheed, as my younger son is still studying and I don’t want my wife to know about what has happened yet.

Naheed has made a decision to create a YouTube channel and try and get it monetized as soon as possible. I have said to him that we need to get it monetized as soon as possible. I said that I will help him to try and get it monetized within 12 months.

It would be a major accomplishment, if we can get the channel monetized before the end of 2023. He had uploaded some video to a YouTube channel previously in 2022, most of these will be deleted to start afresh again. He is going to use this channel and change the name to Naheeds View.

Creating Content In Secret

I think he is secretly working on some content for the channel, as he could see how serious I was during our talk. Naheed has decided to upload a few videos to test out what works.

I don’t know what the videos are about, he is still keeping it all a secret. It may be something to do with exercise or motivation, as I see him getting up really early and leaving for the gym. I manage to catch him as soon as I return home in the morning from work.

I would like to give him a surprise by getting a few subscribers to his channel before the launch in a weeks time.

Click Here to visit Naheed’s YouTube channel and subscribe. There are currently just over 60 subscribers to the channel, let’s see if we can get it to over 100 subscribers.

The previous videos on the channel have had a couple of hundred views from friends, family and some shares. He was trying out YouTube and learning basic video editing at that time. The videos portray how we live in reality, there is no hype, it is how it is in real life.

Even though Naheed is launching the YouTube channel, I am really excited as I have a really good feeling about this. I believe that he can become really successful with it.

My Son’s TikTok Channel

Naheed has informed me that he is going to upload snippets from the YouTube videos on TiKTok to bring in followers.

Click Here to follow Naheed’s TiKTok channel. Currently there are a few videos on it, just follow for now and more videos will be added soon.

Creating a successful TikTok channel is relatively easy, but YouTube is different type of animal. A successful YouTube channel requires exceptional videos, skillful editing, attention grabbing thumbnails and a good description to get the video ranked.

On TiKTok you need to become a influencer and have a large following to start earning money using channel. It’s a little different on YouTube, you can start earning money from good quality videos within a profitable niche. You don’t have to become an influencer, your content can earn the money for you.

Naheed is going to work on his YouTube channel in 2023. Out of the current subscribers, maybe 20 people will view it and another 40 from YouTube recommendations. If the thumbnails are eye catching, they may pull in another 40 views.

Potentially every video can get 100 views on the first day of releasing it. If the title, description and key tags are done well, the views will keep on adding up as time goes on.

The channel will start to grow as non-subscribers start to watch the videos and become subscribers. If the videos are really good, they will get shared, generating more views and subscribers.

YouTube Channel Monetization

Getting the first 1,000 subscribers is the hardest part. Once this is accomplished, subscribers will start to trickle in as the videos get traction.

Once there are over 2,000 subscribers, it will become easier to reach 4,000 hours of watch time. The watch time can come from a small number of videos going viral.

Only a few videos need to get over 10,000 views each to pile up 4,000 hours of watch time. Currently there is not much content on Naheed’s TikTok channel. There are some videos from 2022 the YouTube channel.

Let’s just wait until more videos are released in 2023. I will give you an update of what happens at the end of January 2023.

You will get to know how many views the first video get on the first day of it going live. If it gets over 100 views I would be really happy. If it gets over 500 views I would be ecstatic.

If it gets over 1,000 views, I will know that he is on to something and the channel has potential to get monetized within 6 months.

Creative Marketing Strategies

Andrew Tate had dominated TikTok without having a channel of his own. He managed to apply a powerful strategy to get others to promote his videos in the form of snippets. He is got branded by others for free.

I don’t know if the YouTube channel Tate Confidential belongs to him. Tate had dominated TiKTok within a really short time. If you watched anything related to online business, mindset or success, you would have come across Andrew Tate videos on your for you page as you scrolled TikTok.

Tate’s controversial content had got him banned from TikTok. Naheed is not going to take that route, everything is going to be some what main steam!

Cleaver marketing can help you to establish a brand with a short time and with relatively little investment. Social Media is the most powerful tool available in establishing a brand.

Let’s see how long it takes to establish Naheed’s View as a brand. I don’t know the exact content of the videos, but I know they will be great.

For now subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on TiKTok. I can’t wait to see the content he rolls out in 2023.

My Goals For 2023

I am working on getting this blog monetized in 2023 and my son is working on getting his YouTube channel monetized in 2023.

I will have to pick up a lot of skills to get a YouTube channel monetized. I’m not skilled at editing videos and scripting them. I have gone for blogging as I have them time to work on it daily.

With blogging I don’t need any extra equipment or software. I have set up my blog using Wealthy Affiliate. I can just open up the blogging platform and start typing away to create content.

I have created a YouTube channel, but my priority is to get this blog monetized first. Once it is monetized, I will start working on my YouTube channel.

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