My YouTube Monetization Journey – April 2023 Update

I am writing this blog post on the 1st of April 2023 to update you on my YouTube monetization journey. On this post I will reveal my YouTube channel statistics and the progress that I am making towards getting my channel monetized via AdSense.

YouTube Channel Monetization Requirements

In order for your YouTube channel to qualify for monetization the following criteria needs to be met:

  1. Your channel needs to have 1,000 or more subscribers.
  2. Your videos needs to generate over 4,000 hours of public watch within a 365 day time period.
  3. Your channel needs to have original content and no copyright claims on use of video, audio or music.
  4. Your videos should not be pornographic, gambling, hate or related to controversial or illegal topics.

You can also get your channel monetized by generating over 10 million views on short video (YouTube shorts) in a 365 day time period. This will require some of your shorts to go insanely viral to rake up that many views.

The above is a guideline, you need to keep your videos relevant and legal.

My YouTube Channel Stats So Far

Currently I have 194 subscribers to my YouTube Channel and 275 videos consisting of regular videos and shorts.

I have managed to rake up 524 public watch hours.

I need 806 more subscribers (1,000 – 194 = 806) and 3,476 more public watch hours (4,000 – 524 = 3,476), to qualify for monetization.

I have set a goal of getting monetized by the end of this year (31st December 2023). This gives me approximately 9 months to get the remaining subscribers and boost up the public watch hours.

I will need to get approximately 90 people to subscribe to my channel every month. This seems do able, but it is going to take some effort to generate the public watch hours.

I am upload a video every day by taking a 90 day marketing challenge:

These daily marketing video updates are generating public watch hours. I have 270 day (9 months) to generate the 4,000 public watch hours.

I will need to rake up approximately 13 public watch hours daily to meet the monetization criteria.

Staying Consistent With My Video Uploads

I will need to stay consistent with my video uploads for the next 270 days to keep me on target to reach 4,000 public watch hours.

Currently my videos are approximately 14 minutes in length. 13 hours is equal to 780 minutes, so I would need viewers to watch 60 of my videos to pile up 13 public watch hours.

13 min x 60 = 780 min (13 hrs).

Not every visitor to my channel is going to watch the video in full, some visitors may watch more than 1 video.

I think I would need approximately 200 visitors to my YouTube Channel daily to stay on track for monetization by 31st December 2023.

My videos are specific to the digital marketing niche. They are about building wealth using the internet. These videos will only attract people within this niche, but the ad revenue from AdSense is relatively high for this niche.

The YouTube Passive Income Dream

My dream is to generate over $10,000 in monthly passive income from my YouTube Channel via AdSense. I may need close to 500,000 subscribers to earn that amount of revenue from AdSense.

Just imagine $10,000 coming into your bank account every month from Google. This will be enough to cover most peoples monthly living expenses.

Once you have reached over 500,000 subscribers, your monthly income from YouTube would become relatively passive. I could just relax and upload a couple of videos every week to maintain your earnings from Google.

If you really want to make the big money, you could go all out and produce a large amount of high quality videos to boost your subscriber numbers and also to rake up the views and AdSense earnings.

With around 1,000,000 subscribers, you could double your earnings from AdSense to over $20,000 monthly.

Just image getting to over 10,000,000 subscribers and earning over $1,000,000 monthly in passive income from AdSense. This sounds insane, but a select number of people are doing this every month.

You can reach this elite AdSense earners circle by growing your current YouTube Channel or my build multiple YouTube Channels.

YouTube monetization has become a dream come true for many people across the world. A large number of people are earning a passive income of around $5,000 monthly from AdSense.

A small number of high flyers are earning over $1,000,000 monthly in commissions from AdSense.

It all starts with a dream, you have the opportunity to transform this dream into reality by putting in the work.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

Many people have the dream of earning a monthly passive income from YouTube via AdSense.

For most people it stays a dream, other take the initial step and get started. The vast majority give up before becoming eligible for monetization.

Some people eventually get monetized, but they don’t have the momentum to take it to the next level. They earn a few dollars monthly from the videos that they uploaded in the past.

The YouTube Passive Income Dream just dies for most people and they get back to living their previous lives of mediocre existence.

If you are serious about creating financial freedom using YouTube, make yourself a promise of never giving up! Your dream only shatters once you give up.

I am working 12 hour shifts as a corporate security officer, I work on average 60 hours weekly. I can say to myself that I don’t have the time to build up a YouTube Channel or I can say to myself that I will use every minute of my spare time to build my YouTube Dream.

It was a struggle getting the first 100 subscribers, now I have 194 subscribers. It was hard getting the 1 public watch hour, now I have 524 public watch hours.

Things may be moving slowly, but I will never give up. I know it is only a matter of time before my YouTube Channel gets monetized.

If I continue uploading consistently, the number of subscribers will increase along with the public watch hours. I will only fail if I give up, as long as I continue with taking action my dream will live on and eventually transform into reality.

This struggle is transforming my mindset. I am building up persistence and also faith in my ability to transform my lifestyle.

Every minute that I send at your security officer job increase my motivation towards getting my YouTube Channel monetized.

My YouTube Monetization goal provides me with hope for the future. I don’t need to invest a lot of money towards getting my channel monetized, but I will need to put in the time and stay consistent.

My initial goal is to get my channel monetized and then work towards earning a monthly passive income of over $5,000 from AdSense.

Earning over $5,000 monthly from YouTube will allow me to quit my current employment and work towards my dream of creating financial freedom leading to time freedom.

If you have a dream and are serious about transforming into your reality, you will never think about giving up. The thought of giving up will never cross your mind.

It it is only a weak wish, you will eventually give up. When your dream is strong enough to force you to take action, you will gradually transform it into your reality.

I cannot sleep unless I have uploaded my YouTube videos and also written my blog post. My dream keeps me motivated and provides me with the energy to take action. I know that my future depends on the actions that I take in the present moment.

Make sure you dream big and take massive action to transform it into your reality.

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