My Promise (Goal) For 2023

I am writing this blog post on 31st December 2022 (New Year’s Eve). This is the time most goals and new year’s resolutions are set.

Most of these goals and resolutions get forgotten and broken by the end of January. Smokers try and give up smoking, many people start dieting and sign up for gym memberships. Many people set goals for the coming year ahead, but most of them get forgotten before 31st of January, within 30 days of making the resolutions and setting the goals.

I am using the 10 Step Goal Setting Formula to make sure that I accomplish my goals for the year ahead. This is a proven methodology created by billionaire, Bill Bartmann and used by many people worldwide to transform their dreams into reality.

What I Truly Want In My Life

I want to earn enough money using the internet to enable me to cover the monthly expenses for myself and my family. This will enable me to quit my current employment as a security officer.

I will need to earn approximately $5,000 monthly using the internet to enable me to cover the monthly expenses. This equates to around £4,000 monthly.

After paying taxes, I would be left with approximately £3,000 monthly. This amount will be enough to cover my families monthly expenses.

This is the initial goal that I am setting to enable me to free myself from my current employment. Once I have left my employment, I will be in a position to build other income sources using the internet.

I know that £3,000 monthly will not enable me to live a life of luxury, but it will enable me to free myself from my employment.

I need to have £3,000 in my account after paying of all the business expenses and taxes. This is the amount that I need to enable me cover my families monthly living cost.

Getting to earning $5,000 monthly is the first stage of my plan towards creating financial freedom leading to time freedom.

I want to establish a passive income stream that enables me to $5,000 monthly using the internet.

I know that no income stream is 100% passive, once it is established, it will require some work to maintain it.

My goal is to earn $5,000 monthly from advertising revenue generated from this blog using Google’s AdSense program.

Initially I wanted to set a goal of achieving this within 24 months, I have now decided to but this time by half. I want to earn $5,000 monthly using AdSense within 12 months.

I have just submitted my blog to be approved for the AdSense program. It is still under review, I’ll have to wait for the decision from Google’s AdSense team.

My Promise

I promise to earn $5,000 monthly in advertising revenue by monetizing this blog using Google’s AdSense program by 31st December 2023 (12 months from now). I am writing this blog post on New Year’s Eve (31st December 2022).

I will know that I have fulfilled my promise once I see my monthly AdSense revenue reach over $5,000. I will start sharing my monthly AdSense revenue stats, once my blog has been approved to display AdSense adverts.

I have made the promise to myself, there is no going back on it. It is written, it is done.

My Promise Plan

I will write and publish one post daily to drive traffic to my blog. I will work on getting approved for AdSense within 3 months of writing this post (by 31st March 2023). I will have published over 100 posts within 3 months.

I will stay consistent with my blogging. I will write and publish a minimum of one post daily until my blog has been approved by AdSense.

I will carry out research to find out how blog posts go viral. I will look at the structure of blog posts that have been viewed by a large number of people.

I will take the time to learn more about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to enable me to ranks my blog posts highly on Google.

I will conduct research to establish which niches payout the most for AdSense. Once I have established high paying niches, I will work on find high paying keywords and phrases within these niches.

I cannot wait around for more than 12 months to build up a monthly income of over $5,000. I know that it is possible and I am ready and willing to put in the time and effort to make this promise good.

Daily Distractions

I know that I will face many distractions along the way. I will have to just ignore the comments and opinions expresses by people on a different path from me.

I cannot allow others to destroy my dream of getting my blog monetized and earning me enough revenue to enable me to quit my current employment.

My current employment is just a means to enable me to accomplish my dreams. My real work is in writing these blog posts, they are going to enable me to transform my lifestyle.

Every post that I write and publish on this blog has the potential of earning me advertising revenue via AdSense. I will need to get as many posts indexed by Google as possible.

The more posts that are indexed, the more keywords and key phrases will have the chance to get ranked. It is just a matter of writing high quality posts in relevant niches to get ranked for high earning keywords.

Writing a blog post is difficult with all the distractions around me. I try and write whilst still paying attention to my surroundings.

I cannot shut myself off completed whilst writing these blog posts. I work with the distractions, but try and filter them out as much as possible.

I am currently writing these blog posts on the fly, as I don’t have the time to double check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. I apologies for any spelling and grammatical mistakes, I have to write the posts as the thoughts come into my mind.

If I had to check through these post thoroughly, I would not be able to complete a post in a day. It would take me several days to write and publish a single post, as I would be coming in and out of the flow state and also lose track of my thought process.

I am writing this post at 11:25 pm on 31st December 2022. The fireworks have not started yet. Another years is about to end and a new one is just around the corner. I do not want to witness another New Year’s Eve at my current employment, I need to get out as soon as possible.

Enough Is Enough

This past year has been a living nightmare and a turning point for me. I have had enough of this job as a security officer. Most of the time we just say that we want to do something, on a rare few occasions you really mean it with all your heart and soul.

This is one of these rare heart and soul moments for me. I have had enough of working this security job, I need to find a way out of this utter rut.

I have made it my mission to use this blog to enable me to find a way out of my current employment. I have made a promise to myself that I will get out of this place within the next 12 months.

The bull poop and politics within this company is unreal. Every tom, dick and harry wants to become a leader and create a totalitarian work environment.

Some of them need to study “Animal Farm” to understand how equality can lead towards making thyself more equal than others. It is best to get out of this top heavy environment, as I do not plan on brown nosing around to receive favors.

It’s No Longer A Secret

I have made up my mind and have decided to share my thoughts and my promise to keep myself accountable.

My sharing it on this blog may enable me to connect with people who can help me make good my promise. I know there are many haters also reading my blog posts, your negative energy will be used as fuel to drive my blog towards success.

There will also be many people who are in a similar situation reading this blog. I hope that you will find some inspiration form my posts that will help you to create your own promise plan.

Share your dreams and promise plan with me, maybe we can help each other get to the next level. Our current circumstance does not have to be our permanent lifestyle. We all have the power within us to transform our lives.

I will continue sharing updates on this blog for both my haters and my supporters. In life if you don’t have some haters, you are doing something wrong.

It’s no longer a secret, you can share all my posts. You can let everyone know what I am up to…. thanks for spreading the message.

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