My Cold And Flu Remedy

I have been using this cold and flu remedy for many years and it has been working without failure. As soon as I start to get cold and flu symptoms like a sore throat, stuffy nose, shivering, high temperature… I start preparing my cold and flu remedy.

It is easy to prepare this remedy, I will go through the whole process.

How To Make The Remedy

I start off my boiling some water in a sauce and add the following ingredients to the boiling water: hibiscus tea, lemon slices, ginger slices and a couple of cloves.

I continue to boil this mixture for approximately 5 minutes to get the juices and essences out of the ingredients. I remove the mixture from the heat and strain the liquid into another sauce pan.

I add turmeric powder, manuka honey and a small amount of sea salt to this mixture. The cold and flu remedy is now ready to be poured in a cup and sipped slowly.

I usually put it into a hot drinks bottle and sip it slowly as I carry on with my daily tasks.

I Recovered Within A Couple Of Days

I had cold and flu symptoms for a day, but managed to recover within a couple of days by using this remedy. I know that it works for me, I don’t really know what the active ingredients are or how it works. It may even be a placebo effect, but it does the job for me.

If do you try this remedy, let me know if it works for you.

I also boost my immune system daily by drinking a glass of water infused with soluble vitamin c and zinc tablet.

I believe that at least 50% of the effectiveness of these remedies and tablets are to do with the mind. If you believe strongly that something is going to work, usually it ends up working for you.

I don’t suffer from long term colds and flus, as I believe that my immune system is strong enough to fight of these viruses. If I sense that I am about to develop cold and flu symptoms, I prepare and take my tried and tested remedy.

Getting On With My Blogging

Now that these cold and flu symptoms are out of the way, I can get back to writing more articles for my blog. I will work through these cold months to churn out over 100 posts to see if I can get my blog accepted for Google’s Adsense program.

As winter sets in, there is little news about Covid-19 in the media. The government are treating it like the cold and flu virus, there are not many warnings or restrictions in place. It has now become a part of everyday life, we just need to accept it and get on with our lives.

It looks like China is the only country taking the corona virus seriously. They have placed many areas under lock down and have imposed many restrictions.

Keeping A Positive Mindset

I keep a positive mindset and believe that my immune system is strong enough to fight of these viruses. I will continue taking my vitamin supplements.

There are many people still wearing masks on public transport, but they seem to be in the minority. Some people did not wear masks even during the lock down.

It does not look like another lock down will be called. The financial hole felt behind the previous lock downs will take a long time to fill.

The financial crisis caused by these lock downs is going to get worse. It will benefit the super wealthy, as they will find ways to increasing their net worth.

I am looking for ways to survive this financial crisis, as there is little job security and job prospects during a recession. I need to build another source of income during this recession. I think the best solution will be online.

I need to use my writing skills to populate this blog with content that interests many people around the world. My goal is to monetize the blog using a combination of affiliate commissions and advertising revenue.

Top Blogger’s Earnings

Some of the top bloggers are earning in excess of $100,000 monthly from a single blog. My initial goal is to earn over $5,000 monthly from this blog. I don’t know how many post I will have to write to achieve this goal. I will have to analyze how the posts are performing once the blog has been monetized.

Once I have worked out which posts are getting the most traffic and earning the most revenue, I will be in a position to write similar posts.

Currently I don’t have much knowledge on SEO or blog monetization. I will work on picking up these skills as I continue on this journey.

I have placed links to some products from Amazon, these are affiliate links to Amazon UK. I don’t really expect to earn much commission from Amazon as an affiliate. It is one of the easiest affiliate programs to get started off with.

Amazon’s Associate Program

You don’t need to have a high traffic blog or website to get accepted for the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon call their affiliate program Amazon Associates.

It’s a good way to get started on earning some revenue to help pay for the cost of hosting your website. Some affiliates have earned substantial commissions from Amazon, but the commission structure has been changed and revenue has dropped for most Amazon affiliates.

These one off affiliate commissions will help to keep things ticking along. What I am focused on is building passive income using affiliate programs that payout a monthly commission from subscriptions and also revenue from advertising programs like Google’s Adsense.

It will take some time to develop these passive income streams, but I have to start somewhere. I know that I will eventually reach my goal, but there is a lot of work involved.

Working Towards My Goal

I have made a decision to continue blogging until I reach my goal of earning over $10,000 monthly from this blog. Let’s see how long it takes to reach $1,000 monthly in earnings from this blog… 6 months, 12 months… 18 months?

I will start posting income updates once this blog has been accepted into Google’s AdSense program.

I appreciate the support from everyone who’s following my blog and reading my posts. You really do make a massive difference. I know some of the people who are reading my updates, there are also many others that I don’t personally know, but I still appreciate your support.

One day I will look back at these posts and also on my life and know that I tried. I will be really happy if I make it, I will not have any regrets if nothing much comes out of it.

It’s Better To Try And Fail

I will know that I tried, I had a dream and I followed this dream. There are many people in this world with dreams, but only a small number are willing to do any thing towards transforming their dream into reality.

Don’t go to the grave with your dreams, give them the opportunity to flourish and live.

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