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My Android Phone Crashed And I Nearly Lost Everything

It has been a crazy few days for me recently. I have had so many unexpected expenses to deal with. As I though all was clear, my mobile phone crashed all of a sudden.

My 4 Year Old Mobile Phone Gave Up

I must admit that I was running a lot of apps on this phone, but all seemed to be going well. I was fast enough with the high load that was placed on it.

It had 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage. I though that this was sufficient, as some of the photo’s and videos were backed up on Cloud. I had ran out of storage on cloud just before the crash.

I lost all my WhatsApp messages and all the videos and photos that were not backed up on cloud. The apps would not open up before the crash. I had to do a factory reset, I have all the contacts that were not saved on the SIM.

I felt really bad, but have managed to get over it. The worst thing was setting up all the online banking details and the investment platforms that I was using for stocks, crypto and pension…

I have managed to set up most of them by getting information via email. There many be some that I have missed out, as I did not make a not of all the apps that were on my mobile phone before I performed the factory reset. (That’s a valuable lesson learned!)

Are mobile phones designed to only last 3 to 4 years?

The same thing seems to happen to PC’s and laptops!

I’m Getting Back To Building My Online Business

Luckily all my online business details are accessible for any device with internet connection (mobile phone, PC, Laptop, Tablet…) worldwide. All I need is my username and password.

After all the havoc with my mobile phone, I am ready to build my online business. The two online income streams that I am building are with the following programs:

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Lessons Learned From This

I know there will be many ups and downs in life, but I must stay focused on what I truly want. I must stick with the vision, the goal, the dream.

I felt really down after all the unexpected expenses that were thrown at me and the feeling intensified after my mobile phone crashed. I felt like giving up, I felt the butterflies in my stomach… I question if it was worth the effort chasing my dream.

Should I just give up and settle for the life of struggle and a mediocre existence?… or should I face put in a little more effort and face a little more struggle to break free from the self-image, the comfort-zone that is holding me back?

I settle for the latter, I was not going to give up on my dream. I know that I am being tested by the almighty to see if I am ready to tread on the path that leads to by dreams.

I am getting questioned regarding how badly I want to live my dream lifestyle. Every struggle, every obstacle that I overcome will lead me closer to my goal.

Many times in the past I have given on my dreams… I few obstacles have broken me down and robbed my off my dreams. I can either let the past repeat itself or use the present opportunity to create the future that I truly desire.

I Have Been Doing A Lot Of Thinking

The events in the first week of June 2024 have made me ask a lot of questions… these questions can only be answered by me… as I have been directing the questions to myself!

I have gone into the silence, I have gone into deep meditation to seek the answers from within my soul. The answer came back crystal clear… don’t settle for less than you’re worth!

We only become the person that we think we can become. We cannot become any more that what our self-image binds us to. The only way to break free from this is by replacing the current self-image with another self-image that is more powerful.

I am not going to let the past hold me back from the future that I want to create. I will build a global network using the opportunities that have been presented to me and build online income streams. I know I will be able to find other like minded people who want to do the same around the world.

It’s just a matter of getting the message out to the people that are ready to transform their lives. If you are not happy in your current employment and want a way out, you can create the way using these low-cost online opportunities.

I am grateful that I have come across these opportunities and I am going to share them with as many people as I can around the world.

Work With Me

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