My AdSense Monetization Nightmare

I registered this domain name ( a long time ago, as it is my name (Mujibur Rahman). I had a few blog posts on it previously and was using it to generate revenue using affiliate marketing.

Unfortunate Things Do Happen In Life

I had neglected it for a few years as I started running a restaurant business. Due to a road traffic accident I had to give up the restaurant business.

It took me many years to recover from the road traffic accident as I had my family in the car at the time and they were injured.

After a long period of depression, I started working again and moved around a few job and settled with working as a security officer as the job required minimal training.

This current security job that I am working at has no future and the wages have not increased inline with inflation. The cost of living crisis is affecting me and I need to find a solution very soon.

Looking For A Solution

I deleted all the posts on my blog and made a fresh start on the 27th of November 2022. I gave myself 6 months to monetize my blog using AdSense by posting on a regular basis.

I applied for Google’s AdSense program a couple of time, but have been rejected. I had just under 200 posts, but they were not getting indexed by Google.

I cannot understand why my blog posts were not getting indexed. I have written all the post myself and there is no duplicate content or plagiarism.

I have the following pages: About Me, Affiliate Disclosure, Privacy Policy…

I cannot see what I am doing wrong. I have removed a large number of the posts to and kept the most relevant ones. I now have 64 posts and will continue writing more relevant posts on a regular basis.

Today is the 27th of March 2023, I have been blogging consistently for 4 months now. I don’t know why the posts are not getting indexed by Google.

Removing a large number of posts will cause some problems, but it should all settle down within a couple of months. It’s better to try and sort out the problems during the initial stage, before the number of posts reaches over 1,000.

I Will Not Let External Events Distract My Vision Of The Future

As I was travelling into work this evening, my bus was cancelled. I waited over 20 minutes for the next bus to take me to the train station.

Instead of getting frustrated, I started listening to a motivational audio program on my phone. This allowed me to avoid triggering off negative thoughts that would have influenced my subconscious mind in a bad way.

The motivational audio program calmed me down and triggered off positive thoughts that impacted my subconscious mind in a positive way.

We do not have to allow external events to determine our thoughts and create negative emotions. We can use our mind to change our thoughts and create positive emotions.

Our thoughts and feelings will influence our subconscious mind and determine the reality that we experience.

If we focus on the current external events and circumstance, we will continue to get more of it. We need to change our thoughts to transform the current state of things.

I am currently becoming more conscious of my thoughts and emotions.

Visualize That Your Dream Has Transformed In Reality

You will need to visualize that you are already living your dream lifestyle. Start acting like as tough your dream lifestyle has already manifested into your reality.

You will need to continue visualizing your dream lifestyle to impress it into your subconscious mind. Do it several times through out the day, especially just after waking up and just before going to sleep.

I am currently visualizing my blog as been monetized via AdSense adverts. I do not accept the current reality, I am visualizing the reality that I desire.

In my vision, I can see adverts on my blog and also my AdSense revenue going up daily. I can see over 1,000 unique visitors coming into my blog daily.

This vision is getting impressed into my subconscious mind and it is working how it is going to transform into my reality.

You Gotta Have Faith!

I have full faith that my blog is going to be monetized via AdSense. I have full faith that over 1,000 unique visitors will come to my blog daily.

I know that I will be earning advertising revenue from this blog by August 2023. This blog will be monetized within 5 months via AdSense.

I don’t know exactly how this will happen, but I have full faith that it will happen.

The LiveGood Business Opportunity

I am still building my global network in the LiveGood Opportunity to create a monthly passive income stream using the My Lead Gen Secret marketing system.

My daily marketing activity is getting documented on my YouTube Channel:

I will complete my 90 day marketing challenge and also look at other ways of building passive income streams using the internet.

Currently, I don’t have much spare-time to build up my online passive income streams. It’s a catch 22 situation, as I need to use as much of my spare-time as possible in a constructively way to build up a monthly passive income stream that will enable me to have more time freedom.

The LiveGood Opportunity offers leverage to enable people to build up passive income from the 2×15 matrix. You will be building your matrix and your upline and downline will also be building your matrix.

The important thing to do with this opportunity is to stay active and take advantage of exponential flow of people that will be joining it.

Today is the 28th of March 2023, the cold weather is about to be replaced by a wave of warmer weather. Summer is just around the corner, I don’t want to be stuck in my security job until next winter.

It takes time and effort to write these blog posts and also to make the YouTube videos. I am not a professional blogger or YouTube video creator. I am doing the best that I can in the spare-time that I have available. I am sacrificing a lot for the opportunity to get out of the trading time for money trap.

Writing these blog posts and creating the YouTube videos is transforming my mindset and also keeping me focused on my dream.

My dream is to build up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 using the internet to enable me to replace the earnings from my current employment.

I am working towards freeing myself from the job trap. I want to be in control of my own financial destiny. I have had enough of working this dead-end job, where the management don’t care about you at all.

It is better to do something myself to get out of this job instead of getting into arguments with the employer.

LiveGood Opportunity
LiveGood Opportunity

I know that I will eventually find a way out of this rut. If you are in a similar situation, join me in the LiveGood Business and start working towards your freedom from the job nightmare.

I don’t know how long it will take to get this blog accepted in Google’s AdSense program. Surely some of my blog posts will eventually get indexed by Google.

This cannot be the end of real human blogging…

I do not want to churn out content using AI, I want to keep the human touch alive in this blog. Let’s hope Google notices these unique posts and is able to differentiate them from AI generated content.

A lot of time and effort has been spent in writing the posts on this blog.

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