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I will be creating some motivational T Shirt designs and selling them online using Print On Demand. These will be motivational phrases and saying related to life in general and also for the gym and workouts.

Merch by Amazon

The print on demand platform that I will be using is Merch by Amazon. The T-Shirts will be available on and

These T Shirts will mainly have textual designs on them. The text will be bold and eye catching, wearing these T Shirts will send out a positive message to anyone who sees it.

I am looking for good motivational phrases that I can use on the T-Shirts. Many phrases have been trademarked and cannot be used.

I will need your help in coming up with good phrases to use on the T Shirts.

Trademark Issues

When uploading text based T-Shirt designs on Merch by Amazon, I have come across copyright issues in the past.

Some of the most common phrases that used in everyday conversation have been registered as trademarks.

Just look at the phrases below:

  • “You’re Fired!”
  • “ Hasta La Vista Baby”
  • “ Ancient Chinese Secret”
  • “ BANANAS”
  • “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!”
  • “ That’s Hot”
  • “Bam”
  • “Super Bowl”

I will not be able to use any of these on T-Shirts listed on Merch by Amazon. Every time I come across a good motivational phrase, I will need to run it through trademark searches to see if I am able to use it.

I know it’s a long process, but I would rather get it right in the beginning than face trademark related issues in the future.

Foxi Manna Brand

My T-Shirts on Amazon will be listed under my brand “Foxi Manna”. Amazon will be taking the orders, printing and shipping. I will earn a commission of $2.21 per T-Shirt sold on and £2.21 commission per T-Shirt sold on

I will need to sell approximately 100 T-Shirts daily to earn a substantial amount of commission from Amazon.

100 T-Shirts sold on will earn me, 100 x $2.21 = $221 in commission. If I am able to reach this goal of selling 100 T-Shirts daily, I will be earning $221 x 30 = $6,630 monthly.

A small number of people are earning over $5,000 monthly using Merch by Amazon. My sales had slowed down during the lock downs resulting from the pandemic. There were many distribution and printing issues, as people had to stay at home.

Now that the lock down has eased, I will have another attempt at creating a passive income stream using Merch by Amazon.

Buying My Own T-Shirts

As the summer months start to draw in, I will be ordering some of my own T-Shirt designs from Amazon to stay motivated and focused on my goals.

I will post some images of myself wearing these T-Shirts on my blog. I will also leave links to the T-Shirts on the blog post so that you can purchase them if you choose to do so.

The commissions on selling T-Shirts via print on demand is not that high. I know that I will have to sell many T-Shirts to make it worth while.

The great thing about print on demand is that I don’t have to get involved in the order fulfillment part of it. All I will need to do is to create the T-Shirt designs and some marketing.

Marketing My T-Shirts

I have not been actively marketing my print on demand T-Shirts. The only marketing has been a few links on my facebook account.

I will be looking at creating a YouTube Channel to start marketing my print on demand T Shirts. This will all be from free traffic from the videos that I will be posting.

Maybe a few of my T-Shirt designs will start to go viral in the near future. Some T-Shirt designs have sold over 100,000 times, earning a substantial passive income for the creator.

Let’s say that one of my T-Shirt designs sold 100,000 times (100,000 T-Shirts), I would earn 100,000 x $2.21 = $ 221,000 in commissions.

This may look like a crazy amount from a single T-Shirt design, but it can happen, such is the viral marketing power of the internet.

If a celebrity or a social media influencer with a large following decided to buy one of my T-Shirts and posted an image of them wearing it with a link to the sales page…. it may start to go viral.

I own the domain, if I designed a T-Shirt with just the text “Foxi Manna”, it could go viral. I could ask people to send in images of themselves wearing the T-Shirt and post it on and also get them to post it on a facebook group and use #foximanna and post it on other social media platforms… this could make it go viral.

It All Starts With A Few People

It only takes a few people to start spreading the message for something to go viral on the internet. If a few people are willing to support me, I will create the “Foxi Manna” T-Shirt.

Just thinking about this idea has uplifted me from the stress that I was experiencing. I am beginning to understand how ideas are the seeds of wealth. It took me a while to grasp this concept, but it is slowly making sense.

I know that I should take action on this idea and create a plan to implement it. If I believe in it strongly and get support from a few people in the beginning, it can start to go viral.

I am still think of what I should write on the T-Shirt. I welcome suggestion from everyone.

Maybe I should also capture leads and send out messages as the project progresses. This may sound like a far fetched idea, but I think it can work.

It’s all about creating a movement and getting people to become part of the movement. If you think about the T-Shirts people buy with logos of sports brands, what are they exactly paying for?

I think they are paying to be part of something, they are paying to be seen wearing a specific brand. Sports brands make billions of dollars as they have already established the brand, trust and image associated with it.

Will You Buy The Foxi Manna T-Shirt?

A couple of years ago, I would not have been confident enough to launch this brand, but I believe that I can do it now. I need backing from a few people who believe in what I am doing and are willing to support me in getting the message out.

Some people may say that there are many brands of T-Shirts out there… What is the USP of your brand “Foxi Manna”?

I would say that the USP of my band is creating a brand without knowing much about the industry and using the power of self-belief and networking to make it a success. I will let my supporters be a major part of the brand and help to get it established.

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