Mindset Before Money

Wealth is actually created in the mind before it materializes into reality. Creating wealth is a mind game and you need to learn the rules to become part of the 1% to 5%.

Not everyone is cut out to become a billionaire, but everyone has the ability to create financial freedom. For some people financial freedom may be having a net worth of over $5,000,000 for others it may be $100,000,000.

Whatever your idea of financial freedom is, you will need to expand your mindset to reach that level.

Developing A Wealthy Mindset

I am currently working on developing a wealthy mindset. I know that if my mindset is not ready for wealth, I will not be able to accumulate much money.

I have had large amounts of money slip through my hands through out my life. It always managed to find a way out of my hands, and out of my bank account.

The amount of money that has slipped out of my hands, should have been enough for me to retire on, if I invested it wisely.

I realized that the thing that was stopping me from becoming wealthy was my mindset, and not a lack of money. I managed to earn a lot of money, but I was not good at holding onto it.

I have made a decision to work on my mindset and develop it to enable me to become wealthy. It is hard to focus on wealth, whilst working 12 hour shifts, trading time for money.

If I don’t develop a wealthy mindset, I will be stuck in this trading time for money job for a long time. The vision of continuously working 12 hours shifts for the rest of my life is scary and has led me to take action.

The money that I start earning will stay with me now. I am working on building passive income streams using the internet.

It is possible to start creating a monthly passive income using the internet, even on a limited budget and limited time.

Success Will Lead To More Success

My initial goal is to build up a monthly passive income of over $5,000 monthly to enable me to meet my monthly expenses. This will free me from my current job and enable me to create more passive income streams.

I know, once I have established my first passive income stream, it will be easier to create other sources of income.

When the worry of finding the money to meet your monthly expenses is eliminated, the realm of wealth opens up for you. You start thinking at a higher level, the feeling of lack of money will not haunt you anymore.

Every success that you experience in life will prepare you for the next challenge. The same is true for money, the more you earn, the more opportunity you will have of earning larger amounts of money.

The rich do get richer, it is how the game of wealth works.

Expanding My Network

I am looking to work with other people worldwide, who are interested in creating passive income streams using the internet.

Connecting with like minded people will open up more opportunities and expand my mindset. I would like to connect with successful affiliate marketers and print on demand entrepreneurs.

I am currently looking at creating passive income streams using affiliate marketing and print on demand. I have given myself 24 months to establish online passive income streams that will enable me to quit my current job.

There are many people worldwide that have accomplished what I am looking to accomplish. I am searching for these successful online business entrepreneurs to gather the knowledge that will help me create financial freedom using the internet.

Like the saying goes “Your Network Is Your Net Worth“. There is truth in this statement.

High net worth individuals don’t associate with the losers in life. They surround themselves with like minded people who are motivated towards creating greater levels of success.

Taking It To The Next Level

Once I have established a monthly passive income to take care of my monthly expenses, I will be looking at taking my online earnings to the next level.

Earning $5,000 monthly works out to an annual salary of $60,000. This will not make me wealthy, but it will enable me to work on other income streams leading to financial freedom.

I have big dreams, but the initial step of earning over $5,000 monthly has to be accomplished first. I want to reach this initial income goal within 24 months.

The first step towards creating financial freedom is to create a passive income stream that will enable you to exit the trading time for money trap.

There are various ways of creating passive income. Some of the most established routes are real estate and dividend paying stocks. These routes involve large start up capital and also involve a high level of risk.

I have chosen to create passive income streams using affiliate marketing and print on demand. These are low risk options, but they require a lot of time and effort.

I am working on establishing my online income streams on a part-time basis, as I am currently working 12 hour shifts. I don’t have much time to devote in creating my passive income streams, but I am doing it to have more time freedom available in the future.

30 Day Affiliate Marketing Challenge

I will be working on a 30 day affiliate marketing challenge in the very near future. This idea has just come into my mind and I will be working on the details of how to implement it.

I will need to book time off work and focus on this challenge on a full-time basis for 30 days. I am thinking of creating a YouTube Channel and doing reviews of products and services as an affiliate.

If I can create 4 videos daily, I will have over 100 videos on the channel after 30 days. The first 30 days may not earn me much affiliate commissions, but it will establish the YouTube Channel.

I will upload the review videos and leave my links as an affiliate in the description of the videos. If I put in the time and effort, I should start generating some affiliate commissions within 30 days.

100 videos should be enough to establish the channel and draw in visitors consistently. I don’t know how it will work out, but I am going to make an attempt at this. I will be documenting how this affiliate marketing experiment works out, on this blog.

I hope to do this 30 day affiliate marketing challenge in September 2022 to October 2022. I am going to really challenge myself to see what I can achieve in 30 days using YouTube videos. This will all be free marketing using YouTube videos to get visitors to use the affiliate links in the description of the videos.

I have seen many people create a substantial monthly passive income using this marketing method. I will be looking at marketing affiliate programs that pay recurring commissions.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. I only share products and services that may offer you real value. Disclosure here.

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