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Mastering Personal Growth: 5 Essential Habits To Change Your Life

Understand and work with these 5 essential habits to transform your life. You can use them in your personal life and also in the business and work environment.

Make Proactive Choices

In life you need to play to win, don’t play not to lose. You have to take the bull by the horns and transform your life into what you want. If you don’t make proactive choices, your life will be dictated by the choices made by others. You will just be watching your life pass by without accomplishing anything significant.

There is no point in dreaming of a better lifestyle, unless you are willing to get off your backside and take proactive action. The actions that you currently feel uncomfortable of taking are the ones that are holding you back from creating a better life for yourself.

The choices that you have made in your life have got you to where you are currently. If you don’t like your current lifestyle, you will need to make different choices to transform it to one that you desire.

Most people would say that they have not made any choices in their life, but making no choice is in fact a choice. Read the precious sentence again to really understand it.

If you are stuck in a rut and are not doing anything to get out of it, you have made the choice to stay there. If you are stuck in a dead end, trading time for money, you are there because you have made that choice.

Your current circumstance is your own doing. Don’t blame others for the lifestyle that you are stuck in. I’m not asking you to blame yourself, but take responsibility and do something about changing it.

You can make proactive choices that will allow you to move to a better job or build passive income stream to enable you to quit your job for good.

I am currently stuck in a trading time for money job, I know that if I don’t do something about it, I will never be able to get out of the trading time for money trap.

I have made a decision to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 by 31st December 2024 to enable me to quit my current employment. I will do this by working with LiveGood and Nexus Rewards. I invite you to join me on this journey and also build a substantial monthly passive income using these online business opportunities.

Begin With A Clear End In Mind

When you are setting a goal, working on a project, going into a meeting or negotiating… always begin with a clear end in mind. You need to know what your end goal is, you need to know what you want to accomplish.

If you don’t know what you want, you will settle for anything. You need to know and see clearly what you want, before trying to get it.

Once you have worked out what you want and are able to form a clear image of it in your mind, you will be half-way towards achieving it. You need to stay focused on the image and take action towards transforming the image in your mind into reality.

Stop drifting around in the ocean of life and find a path to follow. Give your life purpose by setting clear goal and working towards accomplishing them.

Many lives are wasted because of the lack of direction and purpose. When you lose your purpose in life, you end up resorting to drugs and alcohol to try and make you feel better.

It is much better to work towards a clearly defined, meaningful goal. It will keep you focused and provide much happiness in your life.

Many people fall into depression when they lose their purpose in life, the driving force that kept the going. I have experienced depression of the severest form. I was suicidal at one stage of my life, after being involved in a major road traffic accident. I felt like ending it all, but I had to be there for my family.

I have managed to get myself out of this negative state. For many years my life has lacked any real purpose, I had settled for the trading time for money lifestyle.

The wake up call came during the pandemic, I knew that I had to get out of this rat race. I knew that I had settle for much, much less than I am worth!

I have started working on clear goals to enable me to accomplish my dream of living live on my own terms.

Put First Things First

When you have listed down the actions that are necessary to enable you to accomplish your goal, you will need to prioritize the tasks involved.

The tasks need to be done in the sequence that will enable them to work towards accomplishing your goal the quickest. Some of the tasks many not need to be done in sequence, these can be prioritized by importance.

Look at the tasks that are involved in accomplishing your goal. Prioritize the tasks and start taking action immediately.

You will need to be able to walk before you can run. Most people try and run before they know how to walk. When you are building a business, you need to work on the foundation first.

If you don’t establish your business on a solid foundation, it will most likely collapse. When I say “solid foundation”, I mean working on the fundamental procedures that will work towards running your business.

I have made a decision to build a monthly passive income using the internet that will enable me to quit my current employment. I know that I cannot walk away for my job immediately, as I have monthly expenses to take care of. I still need the monthly pay from my current employment.

Whilst working at my current job, I am building my online passive income streams on a part-time basis. I had to prioritize my daily tasks to enable me to get the most done. I am working on optimizing my actions to enable me to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 within 12 months.

Think Win-Win

In business and in life always look for mutually beneficial opportunities. Work with the win-win mindset to make it worthwhile for you and the others involved. When there is a reward on both sides, the work becomes much more enjoyable.

When you are hiring contractors for your business, they must be compensated fairly for their work, and the work they do should also benefit you too.

Win-Win situations can reward you greatly and also enable you to establish a good reputation within your niche.

I am working with two online business opportunities that follow this win-win principle. They are LiveGood and Nexus Rewards. I have set a goal of building a monthly passive income of over $5,000 from these. I am also willing to work with others that are interested in doing the same.

In this business, I only get to win once my business partners win. You can become the business owner and also the customer. You have the opportunity to transform many lives worldwide using these business opportunities.

I have made it my mission to build large global networks in both of these programs. Many people will reap the rewards offered by these opportunities a long time.

Seek To Understand Others

Once you are able to look at any situation from the other person’s point of view, your understanding will reach a new level. Most people go through life looking at every situation from their own point of view. This is the root cause of conflicts and misunderstandings.

When I’m promoting my online income opportunities, people may think that I will be earning money by selling the opportunity to them. In reality I will be earning money by making them successful in these businesses. The more money they earn, they more I will be able to earn.

When you are faced with disagreements, look at the situation from the others person’s point of view. You will be able to see what the issue is and then get them to see it from your point of view too. Many disagreements can be resolved using this approach and a win-win solution can be worked on.

Getting along with others is a life skill that can be developed. It will reward you highly in your personal and professional life. Understanding others is key to getting along with them and creating meaningful and successful business relationships.

The more people that you can truly understand and help, the more rewarding your life will become. You will be rewarded in happiness and also in monetary terms.

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