Keeping The Dream Alive

Time is ticking away rapidly, it’s been just under a month since I started this blog. I have written a minimum of one post per day. After 31 posts, the results may not look that impressive, but I know that I am making progress.

Every post on this blog helps me to stay focused on my goal of earning over $5,000 monthly in passive income using the internet. Each post takes me a step closer to my goal, the dream lives on!

Sometimes it feels as though the odds are really stacked against me. Google seems to have the upper hand, whilst I’m trying to do my best with the hand that was dealt to me by life itself.

Everyday feels like groundhog day, and it will continue to do so until I do something about it. The same mundane 12 hour night shifts at work have become the routine.

I am working on building my online passive income on a part-time basis, but the vision is in my mind on like a full-time mission.

I know that the first few months will be slow, this is the time that momentum is building up. The thought of not posting on the blog had crossed my mind on many occasions. There have been many busy days, but I know what is more important to me.

The activities that cut into my blogging time will not pay my bills. I need to stay focused on my dream and continue doing what is important. Sometimes it seems much easier to just quit and settle for the lifestyle I am currently living.

The dream of creating passive income streams using the internet is so intense, it drives me to take action everyday. I focus daily on the vision of myself earning over $5,000 monthly in passive income. I can feel the momentum building up everyday.

Like they say, success is the sum of small efforts carried out consistently. I know that I don’t have much time to put into this goal, but the object is to create more time freedom by sacrificing my spare time on this dream.

Nobody is going to come to my rescue, I will have to do it myself. I am working on this as a lone entrepreneur, investing the little time and capital I have to transform my dream into reality.

I am working on a small number of passive income streams. It may take 6 to 12 months to establish substantial sources of passive income using these. I know that I will need to do a lot of marketing, to get the income streams in front of as many people as I can.

Passive income from adsense is likely to take some time to get established. I will need to continue working with affiliate marketing and network marketing opportunities. Advertising revenue will start to flow in after there are over 100 posts on this blog.

Currently google has not indexed many posts, as the posts are relatively new. The competition within the online business, affiliate marketing, network marketing niches is very high. The competition does not put me off, it proves that there are a large number of people interested in these niches.

I need to make sure that my blog attracts a large number of people from these niches. I will do this by getting my blog ranked highly for keywords and key phrases associated with these niches. The more blog posts I write, the more chances I will have of driving targeted visitors to my blog daily.

I will concentrate on building up my Search Engine Optimization (SEO) skills. There is a lot to learn on this topic. I will apply the techniques as I learn them. The visitors to my blog will increase with consistent effort. Once a large number of posts have been ranked for specific keywords and key phrases, there will be a steady flow of highly targeted traffic to the blog.

I cannot, and will not let my dream die! I will put in 100% effort to transform this dream into reality. This blog will document my successes and also my failures.

I know that if I can connect a large number of people with the products and services they are looking for in my niche as an affiliate, I will be able to earn a substantial monthly income from the commissions.

“The Future Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

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