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It’s Three Past Eight In The Evening

As I’ve started to write this blog post, I looked at the computer screen and noticed that the time was 8:03pm. It has been raining heavily in London, I had to fight my way through the chaos on London’s public transport system to get into work.

If You Don’t Take Action, You Will Stay Stuck

This fundamental truth has really captivated by mind just before new years day 2024. The mere though of working at my current employment for many more years made me feel sick. I had become too comfortable trading time for money, but the current cost of living crisis has been my wake up call.

I know that there is no one coming to my rescue, I need to take action to get myself out of this rut, as the current work situation looks like it is about to get worse.

My monthly wages have not increased for some time now, and the cost of living has driven me to the limit. I have made a decision to take control of my income by building passive income streams using the internet.

I can no longer rely on other people dictating my earrings, I need to be in control of my earnings. The greed from the top of corporate establishments has been strangling the low end workers.

A large number of people are suffering in silence, but a small minority have started to look at other options that will enable them to take control of their financial future.

I am going to be using low-cost online income opportunities to build passive income streams and will help other like minded freedom seekers to also do the same.

12 Months Of Massive Actions Will Transform Your Life

If you are willing to go all out and put in massive action for 12 months you will be able to build up a substantial monthly passive income to enable you to quit your current employment.

I will be working with LiveGood and Nexus Rewards to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 by 31st December 2024. If you would like to join me and also build yourself a substantial monthly passive income, get started immediately.

I am not an expert on digital marketing, but I have accepted this challenge and will do everything I can to accomplish my goal. I will pick up the marketing skills along the way and share what’s working with my team members.

If I don’t do anything, my life will remain the same and most likely get worse. I have made a decision to take positive action towards transforming my life.

I had to hit rock bottom to get to making this commitment. Many things have happened in my life to drive me towards looking for a way out of the rut that I have got myself into.

You need to believe 100% that 12 months can transform your lifestyle. It only takes around 9 months for a human life to come into this world!

Your belief and actions have created your current reality. You have the ability to change it by changing your belief and taking different actions.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself, No One Cares!

I would advise you to stop feeling sorry for yourself, as no one cares. Stop driving yourself further into negativity. Let go of the negative emotions, let go of the blame.

No one really cares about what happens to you, especially your friends and family. You need to take action to make your life better. You need to build up savings and passive income streams to look after yourself, in the time that you cannot physically work any longer.

The state pension is not going to be enough to cater for your needs. You cannot rely on your family to provide for you financially, you need to build your own passive income streams.

Let go of whatever has happened to you in the past and start working on getting yourself out of the mess that you may currently be in. Most people have lost the will and motivation to work towards creating a better lifestyle.

You cannot rely on your employer to increase your wages or make your work environment better. If you don’t like the job you are currently working at, you need to do something about it.

Use the dissatisfaction that you have for your job as motivation towards freeing yourself from the trading time for money trap. Your colleagues at work are not really your friends, once you leave your job, they disappear from your life.

Don’t take advise from people that are stuck in the same employment as yourself. If they are not doing anything to get out of this employment, they are not qualified to advise you.

I know I am currently working at a job that involves trading time for money, but I have made a decision to get myself out of this job by 31st December 2024.

I am willing to work with everyone that is ready to follow the 12 month plan towards creating passive income streams using the internet.

My Words May Motivate You, But You Need To Carry Out The Work

My blog posts may motivate some people to take action towards creating a better lifestyle for themselves. If you believe in yourself and are willing to take the necessary actions, you will become successful.

I can show you the path, but you must walk it and take the journey. I will be blogging daily to motivate as many people as I can to look at the passive income building opportunities that I am working with.

I am promoting the opportunities and tools that I am using myself. You can read many blog post and watch many videos that will motivate you, but you need to take action to produce the desired results.

I have given myself 12 months to accomplish my goal of building a monthly passive income of over $5,000. I will be blogging to motivate others and also to motivate myself to stay on track. I will be sharing my results along the way.

I am working on these blog posts at work and writing them up and publishing them once I get home after work. After working a 12 hour long night-shift and travelling for over 1 hour to reach home, I work on my blog for 1.5 hours.

I have been doing this for 4 days now. I started this journey on the 1st of January 2024. I will continue doing this until I reach my goal of building a monthly passive income of over $5,000.

I have set a goal of accomplishing this goal by 31st December 2024, by this time I will have written over 366 blog posts and transformed my mindset significantly.

We all have the power within us to transform our lives for the better. It’s the comfort-zone and laziness that is holding us back. Break free from the comfort-zone and take action to destroy the habit of laziness.

Working With The Delayed Gratification Mindset

In the past, I have moved from one online income opportunity to another, driven by the shiny object syndrome. I was looking for instant gratification, I wanted to earn $1000’s within a few days!

This instant gratification mindset has made me lose more money that I have made. I had invested heavily in cryptocurrencies and worked with a few so called get rich quick schemes. These involved staking crypto and investing in automated online trading programs. I had also tried my hands at high-ticket affiliate programs and ended up purchasing useless courses and paying monthly subscriptions for useless marketing systems and funnels.

After going into deep thought and analyzing my results, I have decided to work with opportunities that offer products and services that are of real benefit to the end user. I have decided to build passive income streams that have potential to carry on paying for a long time into the future.

In life nothing is guaranteed, even if these passive income streams pay out for 5 years, it will be well worth the effort in building them. As I will have earned enough money to enable me to set up other passive income streams for the long term.

The opportunities that I am working with are LiveGood and Nexus Rewards. Each of these opportunities costs $40 one-time to join as an affiliate member and $9,95 monthly to stay active.

In reality 12 months is not a long time period to establish a substantial monthly passive income using the internet. Most traditional bricks and mortar businesses do not make the owner a profit for the first 12 to 24 months.

The investment in time and money involved in setting up a traditional business can be multiple times higher than that involved in setting up an online business.

Take a look at what’s on offer by taking a tour of LiveGood and Nexus Rewards, if you like what you see get started and work with me for the next 12 months to build yourself a substantial monthly passive income.

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