It’s Snowing In London

After all the adverse weather warnings, it has finally started to snow in London tonight. The snow has come a little earlier than expected. The snow fall is gradually getting thicker and faster, it may start to set very soon.

Memories Of Snow Fights

I still have memories of snow fights during my school days. I also enjoyed many snow fights with my kids back in the days. It has not snowed much during the past few years.

There are many people taking videos of the snow fall outside along with the Christmas decorations. People are excited to see the snow and have already started having snow fights. The temperature has dropped to negative figures during the past week.

This tiny amount of snow will cause chaos on the London transport network as usual. All this modern technology and they still have not figured out workable solutions.

Stuck At Work

I am currently stuck at work, looking at the snow falling outside, through the glass and steel frontage of the building. The heating inside the building is switched off at night, the small oil heaters they provide are not sufficient to warm up the air around us.

I am wearing two pairs of socks, a thin pair with a thermal pair over it. Walking on the marble tiled flooring inside the building feels like as though I’m walking on ice. To keep warm, I may have to change this to “dancing on ice”.

I have ordered some oil-filled radiators for my home. One has just been delivered and I’m still waiting for the remaining 3 to be delivered. I have ordered a large one for the living room and three smaller ones for the bedrooms.

There is central heating in the house, but it takes ages for it to really heat up the house. I know these additional heaters will come in really handy as the cold weather persists.

Bus Stops Closed Off

Travelling to and from work has become difficult recently. There are road works on the main roads around my neighborhood. The bus stops have been closed off. I have to walk to and from the tube station.

It takes around 30 minutes to walk to the tube station from my house. This is going to be really tough as the snow continues, causing icy roads resulting in freezing feet.

I usually put on a motivational audio track as I walk the 30 minutes to and from the tube station. I focus on my goals and dreams, I try to use my time constructively.

Even though I am used to the snow and the cold winter months in London, I would rather be on a tropical beach enjoying the sunshine.

My Dream Motivates Me

This dream of getting away from the cold weather in winter has motivated me to build up a passive income that will enable me to make it a reality.

I am working on this blog daily, the content may not be really interesting right now, but it can only improve as my lifestyle improves.

This blog is allowing me to focus on my dreams and work towards transforming them into my reality. I am sacrificing my sleep to work on this blog. If I don’t put in the effort, nothing will change for me.

I cannot expect things to change without putting in the work. I need to work towards starting the transformation and the path will start to show up as I make progress.

Extremely Difficult Winter

This winter is going to be really tough for people on low incomes, as the cost of living has increased rapidly. The cost of gas and electricity has increase exponentially along with the cost of food.

We are currently in a recession and things don’t look like getting back to normal for a long time. The cost of a 4 pint bottle of milk has gone up to £2.00 in the UK. The same bottle of milk used to cost around £1.00 before the pandemic.

The price of eggs has nearly doubled and also being rationed. Supermarkets are only allowing people to buy 2 packs of eggs at a time.

Previously everything was blamed on the lockdown, now the blamed is being shifted to the war in Ukraine. There is not less food or limited resources in the world, the elite are controlling supplies and making a profit from the masses.

Many people on low incomes will not be able to afford to heat their homes or feed themselves properly. The elderly and children from poor families will suffer as a result of the increase in the cost of living. This is happening in the UK, which is supposed to be one of the wealthiest nations in the world.

You Need To Take Action

We can complain as much as we want, but nothing will be done to resolve these difficulties. I have made a decision to try and build myself a passive income by blogging.

I know that this will take a lot of effort and the results will take some time to materialize. Once I have a substantial flow of passive income coming in from this blog, I will be in a position to build up other income streams.

With all the chaos and negativity around me, I still manage to focus on the possibilities and opportunities that are open to me. I cannot let this recession steal my dream away from me. I will do everything I can to build up a passive income stream using the internet.

Starting My Own Business

I had plans of getting out of my current job just before the lockdown kicked in. These plans had to be abandoned and new ones put in place.

Starting a bricks and mortar business was out of the question during the lockdown. I will have to build up a passive income source using the internet and use it to fund other ventures.

This online passive income source is not going to be 100% passive. I will have to continue carrying out research and writing blog posts to monetize them using affiliate marketing and advertising revenue.

Once this blog has been monetized, I would like to post only one update every week to maintain the earnings. Currently I am writing one post per day to build up traffic to my blog.

I hope to get it monetized in early 2023. I will be working on this blog during these cold months until it is generating a monthly income.

Thank You For Your Support

I know a few people are reading my posts on a regular basis. I really appreciate your support during this crucial stage in getting my blog established.

It is really encouraging to have support from a number of people at this stage. Blogging is a really lonely business, the small interactions I receive via comments and emails keeps boosts my level of motivation.

Let me know your thoughts after reading my blog posts. You can leave them in the comments section. If you have any questions, also leave them in the comments section. I will try and answer as many of them as possible.

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