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I’m Still Working On The SEO For This Blog

I have installed the All In One SEO plugin to figure out the SEO requirements for the posts on my blog. It is going to take some time to get used to writing blog articles following SEO guidelines.

Why SEO Is An Important Consideration Whilst Writing Blog Posts

If you have not come across the term SEO it is short for Search Engine Optimization. It involves placing keywords and structuring the content of blog posts in a way that it gets picked up and ranked by Search Engines.

The largest search engine being Google, followed by Bing and other smaller search engines. The vast majority of people worldwide use Google, but Bing has recently started to up it’s game.

The best traffic to your blog is still free traffic from search engines, especially Google. When a person searches for something on Google and your posts are displayed in links in the search results, you will be getting highly targeted visitors once they click through to your blog post.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting your blog posts displayed in search results once a search has been carried out using specific keywords and key phrases.

I am looking at SEO in relation to getting my blog posts ranked, as this is what I’m interested in. It can take a while for blog posts to get ranked for specific keywords and key phrases. Sometimes it can take a few months to get ranked for specific keywords and key phrases.

The objective is to get your blog posts ranked high, so that they are listed on the first page of search results when a search is carried out for a specific term in your niche. If you are trying to rank for a keyword or key phrase that already has a large number of results, it can be difficult to do this with a brand new blog.

It is better to target keywords and key phrases that have lower number of search results associated to them. This will give you a greater chance of getting ranked for these specific keywords and key phrases.

My Blogs SEO So Far

My blog titles have been getting an SEO score of around 50 out of 100 (All In One SEO). they need to score over 80 to rank well. The blog body has been averaging a score of around 70 out of 100. This needs to go over 80 to rank well. It is still early days, I only have 3 posts live so far.

I have not focused much on SEO as I want to get the message out quickly, but this approach is not beneficial in the long run. I will have to take SEO into consideration so that my posts have a chance of getting ranked on Google.

I am sending over 200 visitors daily using paid traffic sources and social media. These are not highly targeted visitors, I will have to wait for my posts to get ranked to get highly targeted traffic.

It is difficult to write SEO compliant blog posts as I can only spend a maximum of 1.5 hours on building my online business. Most of this time is used to write blog posts. I will be using Jaaxy to carry out my keyword research for my blog posts in the future.

I will start writing blog post on the two online businesses that I am building, LiveGood and Nexus Rewards. This blog is going to document my journey from earning $0 to over $5,000 monthly in passive income using these online businesses.

Rain And Strong Wind In London

It has been raining all day in London with very strong wind along with it. The train that I take to get to work was delayed due to the weather conditions. The connecting train was cancelled due to trees falling on the tracks. I had to find an alternative bus route to get into work.

I usually get to work an hour before I start my shift, as there are usually delays on the trains and buses that I have to take to get to work. Travelling back and from work has become a nightmare, as the number of people using the trains and buses has increased rapidly, but the frequency of trains and buses has remained the same. In some cases, the frequency has been reduced without consulting the passengers that use these services.

Commuting back and from work puts a lot of stress on people. This journey to and from work has become an absolute nightmare for most people. The rent has increased exponentially in most parts of inner cities, forcing people to find accommodation nearly 2 hours travel away from work.

When you are working a 12 hour long shift, the 4 hours travelling to and from work can eat into the 24 hours you have in the day. Taking 16 hours away from 24 hours only leaves 8 hours. You need to eat, sleep, shower, cook, wash, shop in these 8 hours!

Life has really become difficult for people stuck in the trading time for money lifestyle. Just imagine what life would be like if you did not have to travel into work and you did not have to work for an employer. For most people this will just be a dream, whilst a small number of people will make it their reality.

If you are able to replace the earnings from your current employment with passive income streams, you will be able to quit your job and free up your time. You will be able to use this time to do the things that you really want, instead of trading it for money in a dead beat job.

Just imagine living in the neighbourhood that you want to live in, away from the high crime rate and toxic people. You will be able to relocate to anywhere you choose, as your income will be passive.

You can build up passive income streams using the internet to make this dream a reality. I am using LiveGood and Nexus Rewards to build a monthly passive income that will enable me to quit my current employment by 31st December 2024. I invite you to join me and also build yourself a substantial monthly passive income that will enable you to leave the trading time for money lifestyle.

Take Control Of Your Own Destiny

Most people are stuck in jobs that they hate, earning just enough to meet their monthly living expenses. Surely there must be more to life than this hand to mouth existence.

I am currently stuck in a trading time for money job, but I have made a decision to take action towards escaping this lifestyle.

There are a small number of people that are living life to the fullest. They don’t have to worry about where the money is coming from to pay for their monthly living expenses. They have built passive income streams that pay them money regularly.

Most of them have multiple sources of passive income coming in every month. The best way to get started on the journey towards this lifestyle is by building a substantial monthly passive income that enables you to quit the trading time for money environment.

Once you have time freedom, you will be in a position to build other passive income streams to create the level of financial freedom that you desire.

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and take action towards creating the lifestyle that you desire. You don’t need to invest a large amount of money or time to get started, but you need to believe in yourself and carry out the required marketing actions.

I will be building online passive income streams in the next 12 months to enable me to quit my current employment. I will be marketing the opportunities that I am working with by blogging, videos and I will also be using paid marketing tools.

I have made a decision to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 within 12 months. I am also willing to help others that are ready to help themselves. You need to have the desire to succeed, no one can give you this. I can provide you with the opportunities and the marketing knowledge, but you must be willing to put in the marketing work.

If you believe that you will be able to transform your lifestyle in 12 months and are willing to take the necessary actions, you will be able to do it. The only things that are holding you back are your belief in yourself and your lack of taking consistent action.

If you have a dream, you need to work towards transforming it into your reality. I can offer you the opportunity to work with me for the next 12 months to build yourself a substantial monthly passive income using LiveGood and Nexus Rewards.

Make a decision now and take action to transform your lifestyle. Take control of your own destiny, don’t let others dictate your income and your lifestyle.

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