I Need To Revise My Action Plan

My current plan of action has not produced the results that I had expected. I will not give up on the dream, I will need to revise my action plan.

Passive Income Still Remains A Dream

I have written many posts on this blog, but still it has not attracted the required number of visitors to enable it to get monetized via Adsense.

Some of the blog posts have started to get indexed by Google. There is not much traffic coming from Google searches currently.

The blog monetization process has been really slow. I have not given up on it, I will continue posting frequently.

The YouTube channel looks more promising. I am posting my marketing journey on it daily and it is attracting subscribers consistently. The number of public watch hours is also increasing gradually.

Earning a passive income from my blog and YouTube channel via Adsense still remains a dream. It will take some time to transform this dream into reality.

Looking At Alternative Ways To Generate Passive Income

I have started looking at other ways of generating a monthly passive income to replace the earning from my current employment.

Many positions have been cut within the corporate security team that I am working in. We are being made to do the work of the positions that have been cut without getting an increase in pay.

The company seems to hold an attitude of “If you don’t like it, find another job!”. This is not a healthy attitude to adopt. These has been no increase in pay for a long time and now we are being forced to do extra work for the same pay.

A quote that comes to mind is “If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”. Most corporate security companies have increased wages as a result of the cost of living crisis. It looks like my current employers are looking to make us do extra work without even bothering to match our wages to stay inline with other similar employers.

There is not much that can be done to convince my current employers to follow suit and increase our wages like the rest of the industry.

The only way out is to find another job or create a passive income to supplement and replace the earnings from my current employment.

Look For The Positive In Every Situation

Maybe I needed this unfair treatment at work to push me to get out of the comfort zone. I have got too attached to my current employment.

I will have to find alternative ways to supplement my income and gradually replace it. This crisis to I am facing currently has pushed me to the limit.

The earnings from my current employment is not enough to cover my monthly living expenses. The price of everything has increased significantly, but my wages have not increased.

Currently there is no money left at the end of the month. I am living payday to payday, this cannot go on for much longer. I don’t know how most of my colleagues at work have remained silent, when we are expected to take on more work and remain on the same wages.

I have decided take action to find a way out of this predicament. This job has become too comfortable, but the money I am paid is not sufficient to meet my needs.

I know things are going to get worse, I should have taken action earlier. Like the say “The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago, the second best time is today.”

I cannot occupy my mind with regrets from the past. I will take action now to create a brighter future for myself.

The current events at work are pushing me towards taking action to enable me to become the master of my own destiny. I have had enough of people dictating what I should do or not do, when to do it or not.

I don’t want to wait for some ill mannered so called manager to dictate when I can take the annual leave that I am entitled to.

The level of bull poop associated with this job has driven me to the limit… I need to take immediate action to get out of this mess, before it gets even messier.

I Need To Look Towards The Future

I have been occupying my mind with the past and the present too much. I have many regrets from the past that I need to let go of. I also need to stop focusing on my current circumstance, as it is not one that I want to carry into the future.

Whatever has happened in the past will have to stay there and not came and bother me anymore. The present difficulties need to be addressed. If I cannot fix them, I will need to accept them. I will work on the difficulties that I am able to fix.

I will need to shift my focus towards the future and on the lifestyle that I want to create for myself. I have been slacking lately, and maybe I needed these incidents at work to put me back on track again.

I know that I am wasting my talents by staying at my current employment, but the bills need to get paid. My current employment is not paying me enough to stay there much longer. I need to find a way out or make a way out.

I have started marketing the LiveGood Opportunity to build up a passive income stream to enable me to fund my other online ventures. This will allow me to build up some working capital to enable me to continue on my journey towards creating financial freedom.

Today is the 16th of March 2023, let’s see how far I get by the end of this year (31st December 2023).

Will be in a position to quit my current employment by the end of 2023?

Only time and my actions can answer the above question.

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