I Am Still Focused On My Dream

I will not let minor setbacks get in the way of my dream. Sometimes things do not turn out as planned, but we still need to focus on the end goal.

I Need To Continue Working On My Dream

This blog has still not been monetized via adsense, as google has not indexed many of the posts. The traffic to the blog still remains relatively low after publishing close to 100 posts.

I will continue blogging until it is monetized, even if it takes over 1,000 posts. I have started on this journey and will not stop until I have reached my goal of getting this blog monetized via adsense.

It is the Islamic month of Ramadan, I have been fasting since Thursday 23rd March 2023. Today is the 3rd day of fasting and 27 more fasts remain.

This month of fasting will enable me to focus on the spiritual aspect of my life and also connect with the divine. It will get me to question the purpose of our existence and what really matters in life.

I will continue blogging through the month of Ramadan, but may have to reduce the frequency of my posts as I will be focusing more on my religious and spiritual aspects.

I Am Still Building My LiveGood Business

I am still building my LiveGood business by promoting it using the My Lead Gen Secret marketing system.

This business is growing slowly and I will keep on marketing it until I generate a substantial monthly income from the matrix compensation plan.

I have managed to reach Bronze Rank just my promoting the LiveGood business using My Lead Gen Secret.

This is a nutritional network marketing opportunity that only cost $9 monthly to stay active as a preferred customer and an affiliate. There are no ridiculous monthly qualification requirements and the products are not over priced.

LiveGood Opportunity
LiveGood Opportunity

My YouTube Channel Is Growing Steadily

I am documenting my daily marketing for the LiveGood opportunity and uploading the videos to my YouTube Channel.

I have set myself and 90 day marketing challenge to stay focused and consistent with my marketing activity.

I have uploaded the video for Day 70 of my 90 Day marketing challenge:

These videos are also helping to boost the public watch hours on my channel and also generating subscribers.

Currently I have 191 subscribers and approximately 500 hours of public watch time. I have set a goal of getting my YouTube channel monetized by August 2023.

Things are moving slowly, but I will not give up on my dream. I am willing to face the obstacles and road blocks, I know they are part of the journey.

I Need To Focus On The Good Things In Life

Currently, I have been facing a large amount of b#ll s#it from may people. My life is not progressing as I planned, I am trapped in by a multitude of obstacles.

My emotional state is not that great, the motivation is also draining away. Many times I have felt like throwing in the towel, but like rocky I know that I can win the fight as long as I continue hustling.

I have hit rock bottom, and the only way is up now. I cannot let external circumstances rob me of my dream. The employment situation is chaotic, as positions are being cut and the extra work is being passed onto us without any extra pay.

The only way out of this mess is building a business of my own. I need to work on building a monthly passive income whilst still at work.

The most viable solution is to build up a monthly passive income using the internet. The cost of living crisis is going to get much worse.

At this current state of things, I will need to build a monthly passive income of over $5,000 to enable me to meet my monthly expenses.

The government is allowing Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to increase their monthly charges. I have had a letter from my ISP stating that they will increase my monthly subscription by £9. This is a ridiculous amount considering the state of the economy.

ISP’s know that they have got most people hooked and can increase the monthly subscriptions.

In reality I will need to build up a monthly passive income of over $10,000 to take the worry of monthly expenses out of my mind.

I need to focus on the possibilities and take the necessary actions to build a monthly passive income that will free me from my current employment.

Are You Ready To Transform Your Lifestyle?

If you have had enough of these chaotic times and bowing to your employer’s demands and are ready to take control of your own destiny, join me and plan your route to freedom.

Join my team in the LiveGood Business and we can work towards building other passive income streams together.

The LiveGood business costs only $40 on-time to get started and there is an ongoing monthly fee of $9 to stay active as an affiliate and preferred customer.

You will earn $25 fast start commission from every member you refer and also earn from their activity. You also get to earn commissions from the 2×15 matrix.

In fact you have the potential to earn $2,047.50 monthly without ever referring any members yourself. This will come from the 2×15 matrix, but will take some time to build up.

There are 6 ways to earn from the LiveGood Business, take a FREE Tour to learn about the products and the pay plan.

I’m not going to promise you that you will earn start earning $2,047.50 monthly without referring any members, as it will take time to build up.

I’m not going to promise you that you will reach Diamond Rank within a few weeks, as this will take time to reach. Some people have reached Diamond Rank within a couple of weeks, as they already had access to massive email lists.

Don’t get distracted by these results, as these members are seasoned marketers with massive lists. You need to focus on what you will be able to achieve.

I have managed to many members using My Lead Gen Secret, 6 of them have upgraded. I have done this is 70 Day, I know this seems slow, but I have done this without have an existing list of my own.

My my upgrades have come from marketing the LiveGood Business using My Lead Gen Secret. As a complete beginner to internet marketing/network marketing you have the opportunity to duplicate my results.

You don’t need to be an experienced marketer to have success with this business. All you need to do is to follow the marketing system that I am using and pass on the system to the people that you refer. This will create duplication and growth in your network and gradually build up a substantial monthly income for you.

Don’t Give Up On Your Dream

I know we are living in chaotic times, but this is the best time to build up a business for yourself. Job security is a rare commodity in these challenging times. It is time to wake up your entrepreneurial side and take control of your future.

If you have a dream of building up a monthly passive income to enable you to quit your current employment, start working with me.

Don’t wait around for anyone to come to your rescue, you need to help yourself.

In the words of the legendary Bruce Lee “There is no help like self-help!”.

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